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Drone Logbook

  • Drone Logbook has upgraded their offerings to help UAV operators track flights and operations. The latest release includes incedent reports, allowing for multiple pilots to be tracked on a single flight and more.  


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    Drone Logbook is a simple and convenient tool to log and save your Drone activities data: flights, drones, places, equipment and maintenances. Goals for user are to bring all necessary logs and statistics to follow legal regulations (Flying times, Battery log, Equipment maintenance). 

    ·        Log your flights info: drone, duration, place, equipment,...etc

    ·        Check your total flying times.

    ·        List your equipments and their maintenance tasks.

    ·        Create battery log book to manage all charges history.

    ·        Attach any external media urls to a flight.

    ·        Create a PDF report of all your data for a given period.

    ·        Map your flying places and their regulations.

    ·        Log file analyzer: review all flight parameters, map trace and graph altitude; directly from your drone log files.

    ·        Our website is designed to work well on desktop, smartphone and tablets.



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