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New Drone Leasing Plan

  • Troy Built Models announced a new leasing program for any UAV they sell. This is a lease to own program which allows businesses to hold on to their capital to invest in other areas of their business. The reasons that TBM is able to offer leasing on sUAS are:


    • TBM has a strong business history for over 12 years. Leasing is contingent upon TBM being in business when the leases are up, thus being able to purchase the equipment back at fair market value.
    • TBM has the ability to resell products at the end of the leasing period on the secondary market
      TBM only offers high quality products which function well so that the customer remains satisfied with the product for the length of the lease and thus pays the monthly payment.
    • TBM offers high trade in values for leased equipment because the equipment is of high quality to begin with and is maintained per factory specifications which lead to high resale value on the secondary market.
    • TBM offers parts, repairs and warranty services at low, reasonable rates.
    • TBM has a strong relationship with insurance companies who provide the best rates for TBM lessee’s. Insurance is required for any lease.
    • TBM provides quality certified factory training which leads to safe, low risk operation which reduces the frequency and severity of incidents, which lowers insurance rates and increases resale value.
    • TBM has a guarantee with the leasing company that should a product be taken back by the leasing company before the end of the lease period that TBM will purchase the product at a fair market value to reduce any losses incurred by the leasing company.

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