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Zeus Weather Zeus Weather - Full Profile

Zeus Weather offers a tool for aviation and Unmanned Aerial Systems that produces worldwide pinpoint hourly forecasts and custom weather reports to ensure your launch is successful. We use your launch site coordinates and customizable parameters to provide unique “GO” / “NO GO” forecasts for your launch site locations. Our subscription prices vary depending on number of launch sites. We also provide launch site recommendation services and historical data subscriptions.

ZM Interactive, Aerial Cinematography ZM Interactive, Aerial Cinematography - Full Profile

ZM Interactive, San Francisco based, Aerial Video and Photography, for featured films, documentaries, TV and more.
Our 3 divisions:
Cinema - Focuses on Aerial Cinematography and photography and Video Production;
Systems - Specialized in developing professional unmanned aircraft platforms systems, from fixed wing UAVs, single to multi-rotor remote controlled and autopilot driven systems;
Interactive Media - Web Design, Ecommerce, Flash, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation