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X-craft Enterprises X-craft Enterprises - Full Profile

Specialists in custom solutions to difficult challenges. Design, development and operation of robotic craft, launch and recovery systems. X-craft contains a specialist division called X-spex for Advanced Sensor Surveys. Craft designed and built for operational zones from Antarctica to the tropics. Special consideration of environmental and humanitarian missions.

Xamen Technologies Xamen Technologies - Full Profile

Xamen Technologies is an innovative company with headquarters located in Pau, Pyrenees Atlantiques (64), Aquitaine Region, French bastion of UAV industry.

Our company designs and develops unmanned aircraft in strict compliance with the legislation of the industry (DGAC, Ministry of Transport).

As a manufacturer, we sell two types of UAV (D and E, based on French categories), in France and abroad.

We train customers on our systems in our certifed training center. Finally Xamen Technologies is a member of several representative aeronautical organizations.

The company now consists of 5 people and should see its workforce grow very quickly


Team XFLY shares a common belief; Our systems will fundamentally do great things for the Spirit of Creativity and Flight.

The XFLY fabric consists of aerial media professionals, UAV contractors, academic R&D departments, resident experts, and really smart clients. Our innovative advantages far exceed the plethora of new outfits just entering this emerging market. Our customer care obsession exceeds that of typical Hobby providers.

Our advanced knowledge of Cinematography, Film Production, Aerospace mechanics, Data Science, UAV Engineering, Micro autopilots, and Sensors advances our thinking and that notion certainly fuels our innovation.


Aerial Photography Drones.
Aerial Mapping Production.
UAV Training and Certification.
UAV Commercial Applications.

Xizmo Media LLC. Xizmo Media LLC. - Full Profile

Xizmo Media is a comprehensive video production company dedicated to capturing our client’s vision with a unique and modern approach. With 10 years in the media industry, our experience includes producing and shooting for network, commercial and syndicated television programming. With the ability to shoot aerially, using professional pilots and outstanding aerial videography, Xizmo Media can take your project to new heights. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

● Broadcast and Cable TV News and Entertainment

● Feature Films and Documentaries

● Music & Web Videos

● Media PR campaigns

● Commercials

● Pitch & Pilot Production

● Corporate Videos

XMobots XMobots - Full Profile

XMobots is a Brazilian company that develops and operates Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) since 2007. The company was the first to obtain permission of the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) to perform experimental flights with RPASs in the country. In 2012, XMobots launched Nauru 500A, an RPAS of 15 kilos, robust and with a high performance for the mapping and inspection of areas up to 10 thousand hectares. In 2013, XMobots launched its third product, the Echar 20A, the first RPAS developed in Brazil with automatic launch and landing. With only seven kilos, the RPAS was designed for the mapping and inspection of areas up to 3 thousand hectares. With continuous investment on innovation and a team of highly qualified professionals, XMobots is one of the most important Brazilian companies specialized in the development and manufacturing of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.


Based in Portland, Oregon, Xray Airframe Design & Development, LLC., uses laser cut aluminum for multi-rotor frames. Our patent pending designs are the strongest, safest, and lightest multi-copter airframes on the UAS/UAV market today. Learn to fly without breaking hundreds of dollars in parts. Upgrade your platform to a fully autonomous, mission essential, FPV, UAS/UAV. Inquire about custom frames and parts, to fit any of your mission critical needs.