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Varnum LLP Varnum LLP - Full Profile

Vayu, Inc. Vayu, Inc. - Full Profile

Vayu builds affordable unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for transport of vital goods over difficult terrain, designed for rural healthcare supply chain and post-disaster aid delivery.

Healthcare providers and disaster relief responders depend on costly, slow, and unreliable transportation by motorcycles, cars, and trucks to serve remote communities. One billion people live all or part of the year without access to all-weather roads. We are developing a UAV with vertical take-off and landing capabilities that can autonomously transport 2 kg over 60-km to provide affordable, fast, and reliable delivery of vital goods to isolated areas, both on a regular basis and in times of crisis.

We're currently expanding our team in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Check out open positions at

Our offices are in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA and New Delhi, India

VDOS Global VDOS Global - Full Profile

VDOS Global is a safety focused vertically integrated inspection service company providing the systems, software, personnel, and data for our clients. VDOS Global is the leader for unmanned inspection services and is approved by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in all 50 states. We are actively looking to incorporate generational leaps in systems and software enabling us to automate our processes and help our clients transition into the coming new technologies. VDOS Global LLC was founded in 2011 by CEO Brian Whiteside after a distinguished career in both the military and private aviation industry. The VDOS team travels to locations in the US and abroad to provide strategic UAV support through operations, data collection and consultation. VDOS Global has provided oil and gas inspections, environmental research, aerial surveying and other services using aerial robotics and remote sensing to clients in the Arctic, Middle East, Gulf of Mexico and more. US Headquarters in Oregon with offices in Houston, Lafayette. International Divisions: Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria

Vega Technology Group LLC Vega Technology Group LLC - Full Profile

Vega Technology Group LLC is a sales, consulting, and design engineering group specializing in digital imaging, optics, electro-optics, fiber optics, and illumination systems.

We sell, consult, and design the most challenging of imaging systems for military, aerospace, medical devices, science, UAV/UAS's, transportation, microscopy, telescopes, industrial machine & robotics vision, plus other markets.

In conjunction with our manufacturing partners we can delivery digital imaging systems far beyond the capabilities of off the shelf consumer and commercial grade systems.

Venture Visuals Venture Visuals - Full Profile

Venture Visuals is a boutique video production company based in Santa Barbara, California. Guided by our motto “Stories Matter,” we help our clients create the stories they share with the world. Our full range of services include project conception, pre-production, production and finally full post-production – editing, color correction, motion graphics and sound design.

We’re built on a foundation of diverse backgrounds in everything from indie production to action sports cinema to big-budget Hollywood productions. In our experience, budget doesn’t always dictate production value. We know how much value is added through listening, passion and hard work.

Ventus Geospatial Inc. Ventus Geospatial Inc. - Full Profile

Verge Aero Verge Aero - Full Profile

Tech start-up providing professional drone solutions for the entertainment and marketing industries. Our custom drone services can eleVate your brand!

Vertex Air Vertex Air - Full Profile

At Vertex Air, we understand the risks and limitations that can present themselves when you need to carry out an aerial inspection, roof inspection or land survey.

Victoria Air Photos and Survey Victoria Air Photos and Survey - Full Profile

Victoria Aerial Photos and Surveys is a new business in Victoria BC seeking to offer safe and professional UAV services to the general public, corporations and the government in a wide spectrum of applications. We use only the latest, state of the art UAV equipment for flight missions.

100% Canadian locally owned business in Victoria BC.

We seek to harness this new “drone” technology in a safe and responsible manner. Our goal is to use it to benefit individuals, the public and our corporate customers.

Professional, Certified, Aerial UAV/Drone Pilot. Digital Photography & Video Inspection Services in Victoria, BC We are Legal, Experienced, Licenced, and Fully Insured Commercial UAV/Drone Services in Victoria BC (2013)

UAV Services: Include, real estate aerial still photos and video, golf clubs, roof inspections, land/property survey, patrol and much more.

Victorian UAS Imageing Victorian UAS Imageing - Full Profile - Full Profile

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VidMuze Aerial Cinematography VidMuze Aerial Cinematography - Full Profile

Our entire team comes from producing films. With over 15 years of filmmaking experience, we’re able to capture the best cinematic and epic style shots from the air. With aerial video technology, we bring your productions to new heights.

We’re able to lift a whole array of the latest cinematic cameras with our “Heavy Lifter” Octocopter and Hexacopter ships. These cinematic cameras include Hollywood’s award winning Red Dragon/Epic, Canon C300/500, Sony FS700, Black Magic Cinema/Pocket, Canon or Nikon DSLRs and Panasonic’s GH2/GH3/GH4.

Shooting cinematically requires the best cameras along with the proper prime lenses. Shooting with longer focal length lenses, along with our piloting and gimbal operating skills, we capture professional footage ready for film. Having the best glass to capture your aerial imagery is critical so that we maintain clarity, detail, sharpness and rich color.

With over 7 years of RC flying experience, we have the ability to fly our multi rotors to capture the most epic and cinematic aerial video needed for films, commercials, industrial or corporate videos. From being filmmakers ourselves, working directly with the director or DP on set, puts us right at home so we’ll be able to communicate with your crew to be sure we capture the shots needed.

ViewPoint Aviation ViewPoint Aviation - Full Profile

ViewPoint Aviation and ViewPoint Unmanned Aerial Systems is an industry leader in the development, deployment, training, and maintenance of unmanned aerial systems. We offer a number of services that can be tailored to our client's individual needs. Our most in demand specializations are aerial photography / videography and agricultural solutions. We also provide customized training for UAS operators and develop industry best practices checklists and operations specifications. Please Contact Us with additional questions or for more additional information. or (508) 955-0735

Virtuair Virtuair - Full Profile

Vision Services Group, LLC Vision Services Group, LLC - Full Profile

And we are encouraged by the adoption of technology in our target industries to change the way they do business. To do more, produce more, achieve more with less. We are excited to be at the forefront of utilizing technology to make our world a better place. To help feed the growing population, to reduce chemical use and make smarter use of our scarce resources, to make more effective use of our renewable resources and to meet the growing demand for land, power and commodities in an environmentally and economically conscious manner. We are not afraid to get our boots a little dirty to find a better solution to our clients’ needs. We are Vision Services Group and we are committed to providing decision-enabling information through the collection, processing and analysis of timely, accurate and relevant data. We are VSG-Unmanned.
VSG-Unmanned carries a Section 333 exemption for both fixed-wing and multirotor aerial data collection. Vision Services Group was formed in Atlanta in 2013 and currently has offices in Norcross, GA and Tifton, GA serving clients throughout the southeastern United States.

Vistasoar Limited Vistasoar Limited - Full Profile

We are a low altitude remote aerial imaging company with over 15 years experience within the tv/film industry . We use heavy lift uas/uav's for most photographic needs and we are able to shoot up to 4k resolution on our state of the art brushless gimbal's , giving you the smooth high quality footage you need .
We are fully insured and licensed .

Vivid Aerial Media Vivid Aerial Media - Full Profile

Our fleet consists of custom built, top of the line quad, hexa and octo-copters. These Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) each have a specific use and state of the art brushless gimbals to carry the latest cinema and still digital cameras. Our camera mounts rival footage from a manned helicopters, yet have the advantage of flying at low altitudes and ability to maneuver with ease in close proximity around objects.

Our aerial platforms allow our cameras to move independently of the UAS. Live video downloads allow our ground control operators to view and manipulate footage during flight. The maneuverable cameras can pan, tilt, zoom and roll axis. We use precise IMU gyroscopic stabilization, perfectly tuned to a particular camera and lens. Video capture from 1080 to 5k.Editing and postproduction is also available.Call for more information.

• Hollywood/Independent Films
• Documentaries
• Television/Commercials
• Real Estate Aerial Photography
• Virtual Tours
• Aerial Inspections
• Development/Construction
• Sports And Recreation
• Weddings And Corporate Events And So Much More…

VOCADEMY - The Makerspace VOCADEMY - The Makerspace - Full Profile

FIRST: We are a "makerspace." A place that teaches many different fundamental "hands-on" skills and practical knowledge through affordable and easy to understand classes. The classes will be taught by those who have years of experience, and lean heavily toward the practical knowledge with minimal "theory." Shop Class for everyone! 13 different subjects: CNC machine shop, 3D printing, welding/fab, laser cutting, CAD/CAM, sewing/textiles, woodshop, plastics and composites, and more. Pick what YOU want to learn, how much to learn and when! But that's half the story....

SECOND: A dream workspace where you can use these new skills to make, fix, or build anything you desire. It's like a gym, but instead of exercise equipment and weights, we have all machines, tools and instructors to help you. They are there to teach you, guide you and help with your projects! A business incubator, an R&D lab, a co-working space and a dream workshop, all in one! Membership is only $99 a month!

Come build your UAV, UGV, UUV, or robotic system with us!

VOLAIR VOLAIR - Full Profile

Professional UAS/UAV Builders & Operators in Kirkland, Washington USA.

Volant Productions Volant Productions - Full Profile

Volaverunt Group S.L Volaverunt Group S.L - Full Profile

Volo Composites & Engineering Ltd. Volo Composites & Engineering Ltd. - Full Profile

VOLO is an advanced composite part designer and manufacturer located at Turkey. In depth expertise about UAS part design and manufacturing is available in VOLO. Our main field of technology is the structural design and composite manufacturing. For many complex engineering problems, some simple formulas would be enough. In Volo, we recommend you simplicity and hand calculations to many problems.

If your problem is sophisticated;
​>> Finite element analysis (FEA) for composites
>> Wide-ranging material database
>> CAD / CAM for composites
>> Re-design of your product with composite materials
​are common tasks in Volo. Our capabilities offer an exact solution to the nature of your design criteria.

Volo engineers are experts in composite design;
>>Composite lay-up design
>>Composite drafting
>>TOOL, RTSH and JIG design for composites
>>Linear elastic analysis of composite materials

With 10 years of experience in advanced composite materials, VOLO has an in-depth understanding of composite manufacturing details. In our well-equipped facilities, VOLO experts are capable of producing your parts by using the most suitable production methods and materials.

Prepreg curing
Vacuum infusion
Vacuum bagging
Hand lay-up

​are the available alternatives at VOLO facilities.

Volt Aerial Robotics LLC Volt Aerial Robotics LLC - Full Profile

Volt Aerial Robotics is a consultancy based in St Louis Missouri. Our core business is the development and sale of small autonomous aerial systems for academia, agriculture, environmental services and industry

VT MÄK VT MÄK - Full Profile

We simulate your world: VT MÄK offers a complete line of software to address your simulation challenges. We simulate UAV vehicle dynamics and sensor packages so you can experiment with innovative ways to use UAV Systems and to train operators in UAV deployment.

Vulcan UAV Ltd Vulcan UAV Ltd - Full Profile