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S.A.V. (Springfield Aerial Videography) S.A.V. (Springfield Aerial Videography) - Full Profile

Sagetech Corporation Sagetech Corporation - Full Profile

Sagetech Corporation has been a disruptive innovator in miniature avionics since 1998. Their tiny aviation transponders transformed how small unmanned aircraft are employed by making them visible to ATC radar. Sagetech’s Clarity ADS-B receivers provide unprecedented integration for the general aviation marketplace. Sagetech operates out of four facilities in Hood River, Oregon and White Salmon, Washington.

Kelvin Scribner, founder and president of Sagetech Corporation, has been designing aircraft systems since 1996. Scribner is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, holding Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in both Aeronautics and Astronautics. He served 24 years in the Air Force Reserve and Army Reserve, piloting CH-47D Chinooks, HH-60G Pavehawks, and KC-135R Stratotankers.

Samhams Technologies Samhams Technologies - Full Profile

Samhams Technologies, A growing company started by two friends with ambitions for co-relating our Mind reflection in Real world. Our objective is to become one of the main game changer in the future world. We wants to be Technical Revolutionary, we are taking part in to various recently glimpsing fields.

Samhams Technologies directly concentrated to UAV's and we are going to Implement Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in different areas e.g.: Intelligence Mission Support, Aerial Photography, Defense and Home Land Security, Emergency Response Systems, Cinematography Services e.t.c.., Samhams Technologies have its own Manufacturing Unit. Where we are Manufacturing all types of U.A.Vs and Custom made Engines according to the weight of U.A.Vs.

Sardinia Multirotors Sardinia Multirotors - Full Profile

Authorized Operator - ENAC Reference Number n°3460

Executables Aerial Works

Aerial Imaging Photo and Video capture
Cinematography and Documentary
Aerial Surveillance
Aerial Photogrammetry
Environmental Monitoring
Infrastructure Inspections
Activity support for Public Security
Activity support for territorial security
Reconnaissance Flights
Aerial surveying and geo-mapping
Inspection of high voltage power lines
Inspection of Windmills
Inspection of photovoltaic systems
Inspection of bridge facilities
Inspection of Oil and Gas pipelines
Inspection of train paths
Thermal analysis with thermal imaging camera
Overviews of Hazards and Disasters

Satya Aerospace Private Limited Satya Aerospace Private Limited - Full Profile

Satya Aerospace Private Limited, is a dynamic young company with vastly experienced staff providing superior, customised data management solutions, both off-shore and on-shore for UAS OEMs, Integrators and component manufacturers .
Our Team of tech writers and Illustrators have vast experience in creating maintenance manuals for world's leading airplane OEMs complying to aerospace standards like ATA 100, Ispec 2200, S1000D and ASD STE 100 Simplified Technical English.
Satya Aerospace is committed to, deliver best in class tech data services on time and every time, keeping “more for less” as our mantra and “Right First Time” as our motto.
If your vision is to have global customer base Our documentation solutions add great value to your product.

sbionlinesbi sbionlinesbi - Full Profile

SBI Online SBI is the Private blog which provides the information regarding the SBI net Banaking and SBI Online information. link is ...

ScanPro ScanPro - Full Profile

Sci.Aero Sci.Aero - Full Profile

We believe in safety, efficiency and the beauty of flight. We believe drones will play a significant part in the future of our lives. They'll provide access, info, support, transport and much more. By innovating an intrinsically safe, aerodynamically optimised aircraft and being first movers in commercial Drone operations we're key players in this emergent market.

Our strategy is simple: deliver amazing value, be the leaders and inspire.
We seek to partner, align and secure further support. We seek to ensure commercial operators have a fantastic value proposition that helps them do safer work and achieve more.

Awesome, highly capable Aircraft (not toys - and no dangerous exposed rotors) that provide a strategic, safe and highly valuable, innovative service for our clients.

Quality, ISO9001 accredited for the Design, Manufacturing, Service, Operation, Training and Sale of Robotic Aircraft, Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Drones.

Secure In Air Secure In Air - Full Profile

Secure In Air Bv is a company that specializes itself on GIS software solutions for UAS.

SempMira SAS SempMira SAS - Full Profile

Our core competency is the operations, maintenance and training for Unmanned Systems – air, land and sea based systems. We can provide “turn-key” solutions for our customers including – helping them decide (and acquire) the platform they need for their mission, provide operator to do those missions and technical engineering expertise to reduce the cost of operating these systems over their projected life time.

SempMira SAS can provide assistance to develop Concept of Operations for UAS flight services. Maximize usefulness of UAS platforms. If other UAS platforms are a better fit, SempMira can present alternatives that may be better suited to specific missions:
• Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR)
• Communication repeater node – great for operating in mountainous environments
• Area mapping; erosion & environmental monitoring
• Agricultural, farming & commercial fishing management
• Border, facilities, harbor & canal security
• Convoy, road & population protection
• Pipeline monitoring (In land and sea); power line inspection
• Releasable, intelligent wing-mounted payload applications
• Research, biological studies and sampling
• Anti-submarine warfare (ASW)
• Rapid environmental assessment (REA)
• Maritime Surveillance
• Search & recovery
• Port security
• Specialized payloads & research

senord senord - Full Profile

Everything looks better when they are viewed from the top. It is going to provide a different perspective – one that people could not normally have when they see a place personally. With this, at Senord, we are offering our expertise in aerial photography. Whether it is for boat photography or video drone, you can trust us! Our guarantee is to provide you with stunning shots that you can use to promote your business or for whatever purpose it may serve. We are focused on real estate photography. With our photography services, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

senseFly senseFly - Full Profile

senseFly is a Swiss manufacturer of autonomous ultra-light mini-drones (UAVs), including the eBee, eBee Ag, eBee RTK and swinglet CAM.

The technology behind senseFly’s products originated in 2001, when a team of robotic researchers at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) began investigating the control and navigation strategies of flying insects. This pioneering research led to the development of a highly integrated autopilot system, which employs smart control strategies similar to those employed by flies and bees. senseFly was then founded in late 2009, launching its first commercial product - the swinglet CAM - shortly afterwards. In 2012 senseFly joined the Parrot Group and continues to pioneer the field of mini-drones for mapping and GIS applications.

To find your nearest senseFly distributor please visit:

Sensenich Technologies Sensenich Technologies - Full Profile

Sensenich Technologies is a new division of Sensenich Propellers, created to take our experience in machining and composite processing and apply it to other aerospace and commercial applications.

As a company, we have been making the "ultimate primary structural part", better known as a propeller, for over 80 years. We started with wooden propellers over 70 years ago, added aluminum propellers during the 1940's, and jumped into prepreg carbon propellers in the late 1990's.

With our CAD/CAM capabilities and various composite processes, we can approach virtually any demanding application and take it from concept, to prototype development, all the way to production.

Our specialty is working in prepreg composites. Prepreg composites offer more stiffness and strength with lower weight, higher temperature resistance and more complex molded geometry.

We do internal pressure molding at 100 psi, compression molding on various different foam cores, high temperature vacuum bagging and resin infusion, as well as generate 3D models and build most of the tooling in-house.

Sensors Unlimited - UTC Aerospace Systems Sensors Unlimited - UTC Aerospace Systems - Full Profile

Sensors Unlimited - UTC Aerospace Systems offers a complete line of shortwave infrared (SWIR) imaging and detection cameras for commercial & defense applications. Our innovative InGaAs-based cameras and systems include fast framing and high-resolution infrared cameras. The imagers feature easy-integration, use standard glass optics, and require no cooling. Applications include biomedical, machine vision, solar cell/silicon boule inspection, OCT, scientific applications & airborne surveillance.

Sentinel Air LLC Sentinel Air LLC - Full Profile

Sentinel Air is a group of highly experienced former military aviators now able to offer their skills to your tasks. Formed in 2013 by retiring military aviators, Sentinel Air LLC is able to offer customers the benefits of years of military training in large unmanned and manned platforms.

As a full service aerial support company, we offer our services to Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Environmental Inspection and to the Media. In addition our staff can provide a complete package of training and consultancy services for all aspects of operating both manned and unmanned (UAV) aircraft. With a vast range of skills honed across the world, on a variety of platforms, there is a no more experienced company in offering commercial aerial support services and none able to offer it at these costs.

From our time operating both manned and unmanned platforms we saw advantages and disadvantages of each and so elected to build a platform using a hybrid of technologies. The use of a very cost effective manned aircraft, able to operate within FAA rules anywhere, combined with UAV sensors controlled from the ground or air. Using commercial secure video streaming technology, our down linked video can be viewed across the world. Our remote sensor control allows face to face liaison with the sensor operator, able to put the camera where you need it instantly, all from your own operations center. We can train your staff to operate our camera, maintaining continuity within your service. View our video down link on-scene and remotely at your operations center.

Increased situation awareness drives efficiency and safety, saving costs well beyond the expense of operating our platform. Unlike current civilian UAVs our hybrid platform can operate anywhere, without FAA prior clearance. Being a larger flying platform we can cover large areas, rapidly gaining eyes onto any incident, something no current commercial UAV can achieve.

This hybrid allows legal, safe, large UAV technology to be available years before FAA rules permit their commercially use. Our aircraft are able to deploy at short notice, anywhere. Their removable wings allow them to be trailed or air freighted within 30 minutes. Reassembled in 45 minutes it can be up and flying and streaming live video anywhere within an hour of arrival.

Sentinel air offers short term, short notice contracts and long term, enduring contracts on its aircraft.

SG Power Enterprise SG Power Enterprise - Full Profile

SG Power Enterprise, we provide solutions - Energy and Power solutions - for aeronautical application.

We know exactly how specific and demanding your need can be and that is why we believe in customizing, integrating and developing a solution that is precisely addresses your challenge.

From the air, to the sea or on the land, our PowerCard design is robust, low-noise, very high efficiency and light-weight. They are designed and tested fully in-house and further proven by independent accredited test facilities to ensure we meet all the standards required.

Couple with our Amicell's High Energy LiPO solutions, we deliver the longest performance duration possible.

At SG Power Enterprise, we empower your flight!

ShadowAir Ltd. Airborne ISR Solutions ShadowAir Ltd. Airborne ISR Solutions - Full Profile

ShadowAir Ltd. focused on providing state-of-the-art leasing, sales, consulting and operational services regarding airborne Image Defined Measurement and Signature Intelligence (IDMASINT) & Intelligence / Surveillance / Reconnaissance (ISR) platforms.

We integrate equipment to provide turnkey asset systems including aircraft, storage, transportation and communication systems to each Customer and Client. Our particular area of expertise is utilization of manned and dual mode Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in engine-off glider mode for highly covert surveillance and interdiction missions.

Very discreet missions can be made (in engine-off "glider mode") as our 5-second engine re-start capability and electric backup propulsion system provide ample safety margins for silent glider ops. We maximize and capitalize upon the element of surprise to provide a better, safer and more cost-effective solution to address airborne IDMASINT, ISR, and weaponized interdiction needs.

One very unique feature of our aircraft is that they can be quickly disassembled, shipped or airlifted via standard container, and rapidly redeployed at destination.

Our group includes other highly experienced personnel with similar military and law enforcement backgrounds. We have direct access to a pool of former/retired SOG, military and law enforcement professionals who are available for deployment worldwide.

The group provides leasing, sales, consulting and operational services for state-of-the-art Image Defined Measurement And Signature Intelligence (IDMASINT) and Intelligence / Surveillance / Reconnaissance (ISR) assets.

Our 2 Manned and "Dual-Mode" Aircraft Systems Include:

1- ShadowAir Observer:

The ShadowAir Observer comes equipped with a dual-sensor, belly-mounted, stabilized camera system that is easily removed for mounting on other fleet aircraft. Observer can be equipped with microwave, Wi-Fi, or SatCom links. Observer is ideal for those budget-conscious airborne law enforcement agencies and news media networks seeking to cut expenses or replace an aging aircraft fleet.

2- ShadowAir Talon:

The ShadowAir Talon is a "Dual-Mode" aircraft system capable of manned or Optionally-Pilot Vehicle (OPV) & Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) flight.Talon comes equipped with hard points that can carry two 60Kg loads. Talon is equipped with state-of-the-art sensor packages designed to meet all mission requirements. It is the platform of choice for clients who require persistent situational awareness for maritime and border patrolling or military missions.

The HAVOC System:

HAVOC is a turnkey system comprised of three ShadowAir Talon UAVs and one Ground Control Station (GCS). HAVOC is designed to meet the need for persistent situational awareness along a border, above an ocean or overhead a battlefield. HAVOC can be upgraded for conducting conventional or asymmetrical threat interdiction missions.

The GCS can be upgraded to withstand repeated assaults from RPGs, LAAWS rockets, C4 Plastic Explosives, 50 pounds of military-grade TNT and .50 caliber armor-piercing rounds.

The WAASS Technology (Wide Area Aerial Surveillance Systems):

We offer special WAASS (Wide Area Aerial Surveillance System) cameras for each base airframe: the S10-VT and S6-RT.

WAASS coverage area: Single Band EO Day-time Operations = 25 square miles for tracking people and 36 square miles for tracking vehicles. Dual-Band EO/MWIR Night-time Operations = 4 square miles coverage.

WAASS pixel resolution: Day-time = 192 megapixel, 1 image per second, orthorectifed and time-stamped recording for real-time and forensic analysis. Dual-Band Day & Night Operations = 16-64 megapixel MWIR and 88 megapixel EO Visible (Monochrome) resolution.

Level 1 overnight analysis provides complete subject tracking info. Level II analysis (1-3 days) determines subject's contacts and provides tracking information regarding all parties concerned. Level III Network Analysis (1 Week) provides complete tracking information regarding the subject and all associates recorded during the entire time period of the aerial surveillance coverage.

We design for your success!

Our Special Services Division (SSD) provides covert air/ground surveillance teams for deployment worldwide. SSD also acts as liaison for executive protection and transportation services furnished by our select group of service providers.

ShadowAir can provide complete Security & Surveillance to Nuclear Power Plants, Refineries, Atomic Reactors Sites, Gas Pipelines and many other Sensitive Areas for Civilian & Borders Intelligence as well as Environmental Monitoring, Patrolling, Research, Development & Geographical Mapping are most prominent expertise of us.

Our motto perhaps says it best of all: "To Protect & Serve From Above". We will deliver, what we commit !

Please request for complete brochures if you are interested in our Joint-Venture / Partnership Offers for all Oil & Gas Operations regarding Leakage Detection, Pipelines Surveillance, Monitoring, Anti-Poaching, Wildlife Conservation, etc.

ShadowAir LTD.
Airborne ISR Solutions
300 Center Street, Suite G-214
Superior, CO 80027

Tel No. +1-888-731-3092 (Toll-Free)
+1-303-731-3092 (Direct)
Fax No. +1-888-731-3092

SightFlight SightFlight - Full Profile

SightFlight provides low-altitude, aerial filming and photography using a remote-controlled multi-rotor camera platform. We capture stunning viewpoints and ultra-smooth tracking shots without the need for helicopters and with far less noise intrusion or dolly rails, and at a fraction of the cost. Our system offers far more flexibility than the traditional methods for obtaining aerial or elevated vantage points and we can be airborne in a matter of minutes.

SightFlight’s Pilots and Camera Operators are FLYSAFE Ground School and Flight School Certified. We are also insured with public liability to fly at altitudes of up to 400ft (120m).

Using a motion stabilizing gimbal and video ground station system, smooth images from the air can be viewed in real time, enabling the Pilot, Cameraman, Client or Director full control of the filming angles and framing.

Providing broadcast quality HD Motion and high resolution Stills for a wide variety of clients and applications including production companies, corporate promotional videos, sports, events, commercials, along with search and rescue tasks. SightFlight also has full design & video editing capabilities.

Please contact us if you would like to take your films and photography above the ordinary.

Signpost Surveys Signpost Surveys - Full Profile

Signpost Surveys are a Topographical Survey and Precision Agriculture company. Signpost Surveys specialise in high resolution aerial imagery and video.

Silicon Designs, inc. Silicon Designs, inc. - Full Profile

Silicon Designs manufactures low noise, high stability, industrial-grade capacitive MEMS accelerometers with integrated amplification for zero-to-medium frequency applications. SDI’s accelerometers are ideal for inertial navigation; flight & flutter monitoring; vibration & noise testing; simulator controls; and distance & position calculation. SDI is the preferred choice for the US Military, NASA, and numerous military, commercial, and industrial aerospace manufacturers.

SimActive Inc. SimActive Inc. - Full Profile

SimActive is the developer of Correlator3D™ software, a patented end-to-end photogrammetry solution for the generation of high-quality geospatial data from satellite and aerial imagery, including UAVs. Correlator3D™ performs aerial triangulation (AT) and produces dense digital surface models (DSM), digital terrain models (DTM), orthomosaics and vectorized 3D features. Powered by GPU technology and multi-core CPUs, Correlator3D™ ensures matchless processing speed to support rapid production of large datasets. SimActive has been selling Correlator3D™ to leading mapping firms and government organizations around the world, offering cutting-edge photogrammetry software backed by exceptional customer support.

SKM Studio - Airscape Aerial Photography SKM Studio - Airscape Aerial Photography - Full Profile

SKM Studio has been providing Aerial views of your properties using our Elevated mast System for many years. During 2009 we acquired RC Helicopters, the latest addition to the range is the new T-Rex 800 Trekker camera Ship. This is powered by powerful Lipo batteries giving enormous lift and power, we can now shoot even better quality images due to no vibration from the petrol / nitro engines of our other helis. The result is we can now shoot HD Video footage as well as the high quality stills that we have captured up till now.

Sky Aerial Solutions Sky Aerial Solutions - Full Profile

We specialize in low altitude aerial imaging via our unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Our UAV platforms enable us to acquire and provide our clients with high quality unique photo, video and mapping images.

Sky Bandit Pictures Sky Bandit Pictures - Full Profile

Sky Bandit Pictures provides aerial perspectives for motion pictures and still images. By utilizing electric powered multirotor UAV's, we're able to offer clients dynamic footage captured in a safe and affordable way that was previously impossible or cost prohibitive.

Our team is comprised of camera professionals with active membership in the International Cinematographers Guild and Society of Camera Operators who not only know how to operate the gear and frame shots, but understand how to work on sets and with a variety of clients.

Enjoy our demo reel, learn about our equipment and capabilities, and feel free to contact us any time with questions.

Sky concepts and photography Sky concepts and photography - Full Profile

Aerial photography, videography,survey, real estate,photography,events.