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RapidMade Inc. RapidMade Inc. - Full Profile

RapidMade is a 3D Printing, Engineering and Manufacturing company that helps clients create products, accelerate development, reduce costs, improve quality and increase sales.

We excel at rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, product design, low-volume production and tooling, sales and display models, and customized promotional items.

Using 3D scans and CAD files, we custom print parts, prototypes, tools, models and molds, with turnarounds as short as one day.

Unlike traditional manufacturers and online service bureaus, our personalized service and broad range of 3D technologies allow us to be rapid and responsive.

RaptorUAS RaptorUAS - Full Profile

RaptorUAS manufactures unmanned solutions with a strong emphasis on airframe robustness and aerodynamic performance.

Using state of the art composite design and manufacturing techniques we make systems to last harsh field operations, because we think even the best avionics can have a bad day.

RC Aerial Cam RC Aerial Cam - Full Profile

RC Aerial Cam is a close range aerial video company that specializes in commercial, sports, entertainment, and any other aerial needs. The use of remote controlled aerial video equipment such as rc helicopters, multi-rotors, and smaller GoPro aerial equipment, provides a cost effective solution for customers of all sizes.
RC Aerial Cam utilizes remote controlled helicopters to capture some of the best aerial video in the industry. Our company has worked on countless productions over the past 6 years we have been in the aerial video business.

RC Aerial Platforms LLC RC Aerial Platforms LLC - Full Profile

RC Aerial Platforms has over 25 years of Remote Control experience and 18 years of flying manned helicopters with a combine total flight time of 4500+ hours. We have worked with SF Bay Area News agencies such as KGO, KPIX, KTVU, and KNTV. Our services include but are not limited to Drone and Gimbal building, servicing and repair (of equipment made by RC Aerial Platforms), Aerial Photography and Videos, Survey and Mapping, as well as Consulting and Training. We strive to make your experience with us the best that it can be.

RCHeliCam RCHeliCam - Full Profile

Founded in 1999, RC HeliCam provides cost effective low altitude aerial photography and video services in places where a full-size aircraft cannot legally or safely fly. Our aerial platforms are purpose built state-of-the-art systems designed specifically for aerial photography and video. We have a perfect safety record and believe our experience, quality, professionalism, and safety are the best in the industry.

rebotnix Technologies rebotnix Technologies - Full Profile

rebotnix technologies develop Wireless HD for UAV or other broadcast events. Our wireless HD modules are working in NONE-line of sight as well in line of sight setup. We are one of the european leader the field of wireless transmission technologies. Our radios have FCC-ID and CE Certificates. The output power are configurable from 10 MW up to 1.600 MW (Milliwatts). Our modulators are working in licensed band in the 900 MHZ frequency band as well in 2.4 GHZ or 5GHZ. On top on that, we developed the encoder HD capture module as well. These HD boards are using H.264 compression with low latency transmission mode, from 10 MS to 100 MS (Milliseconds). The cost effective encoding modules supports 1080p or 1080i resolutions.

For infrared visual night inspection, we have developed an wireless camera Infrared module that uses our long range modulators and supports a infrared detector of 640x480 pixel, up to 60HZ.

Redcopters Ltd Redcopters Ltd - Full Profile

Redcopters Ltd offers professional aerial photography services using the latest generation of radio controlled unmanned aircraft. This allows us to shoot stunning high quality still photographs and video from the air in locations never previously possible.
We offer aerial capture for photography, industrial survey, roof inspection, filming for promotion, drama, publicity, archaeology, land survey, and many more, in fact limited only by your imagination.
Flexible and versatile, yet a fraction of the price of taking photographs from a full-size aircraft, we offer the ideal cost-effective solution for your imaging needs.
We use high-definition still and movie cameras, controlled by the operator on the ground, who can also see the image on a video ground station and direct the camera.
We pride ourselves on our professional approach to our flying and imaging. We are licensed by the CAA (BNUC-S) and we carry full 3rd party insurance.
Based in London, we operate in all parts of the UK, including South East England, Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey and more.

Remote Pilot Remote Pilot - Full Profile

Remote Pilot Aerial Systems & Services.
Design and build of custom remotely piloted aircraft - Fixed wing and Multirotor.

Lightweight aerial filming/photography services coming soon.

Remote Sense Remote Sense - Full Profile

We are an Australia based unmanned technology company, founded on years of experience in the UAV industry, specializing in consultant work, product development and engineering.

Remote Sense UAV experience, combined with advanced engineering & design practices, takes the guesswork out of integrating UAS technology into new and existing workflows.

We consult world-wide to UAV companies & develop some of the most cutting edge UAS solutions and products available today.

Contact us now!

Resource Group Unmanned Aviation Services (UAS) Resource Group Unmanned Aviation Services (UAS) - Full Profile

Resource Group's Unmanned Aviation Services (UAS) division has been accredited by UK CAA as a National Qualified Entity (Small Unmanned Aircraft) - NQE (SUA). This approval permits us to assess for pilot competency and verify that organisations meet the UK CAA requirement for Permissions For Aerial Work (PFAW).

We are proud to announce a new initiative in Remote Pilot Aircraft Systems (RPAS) training. The Remote Pilot Qualification-programme (RPQ-p) is designed to reduce those risks inherent in operating RPAS to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP). This is achieved by providing Remote Pilots with the Airmanship skills, the underpinning knowledge, the procedures and processes required in operating any RPAS (regardless of its weight classification) in todays’ demanding operating environment, with a magnitude of differing requirements, in testing situations and potentially against considerable resource constraints. All courses within the RPQ Programme are developed and taught by professional, specialist RPAS instructors with extensive experience of emergency service, security, military and commercial operations.

We offer market leading training provision and service delivery to the RPAS industry in both the military and commercial sector. We utilise state of the art technology including a portfolio of RPAS platforms and simulation technologies to deliver the effect our customers require. Our staff have many years of experience operating RPAS platforms both in emergency service, security, civilian and military arenas. Harnessing this experience has allowed us to offer manufacturer and bespoke training development to meet a specific customer requirement and all training is developed within an ISO 9001 framework and in accordance with the Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT).

Resource Group UAS have the ability to deliver optimum training and service delivery solutions that give our customers the edge in a competitive world.

Results Results - Full Profile

<a href=""> AP EAMCET Results 2017 </a>:
EAMCET is conducted in the AP and Telangana states. There are almost lakhs of people will be there who are going to attend the EAMCET.
<a href="">TS EAMCET Results 2017.</a> This exam is for entrance into Engineering, Agricultural and Medical courses in the colleges.

Revered Cinema (Vancouver) Revered Cinema (Vancouver) - Full Profile

RVRD is North Americas premiere remote aerial company; 30+ years film experience, “OPEN PERMITTED” throughout Canada by Transport Canada, fully insured, longest flight times, heaviest lifting capacities, in-house RED camera gear and we custom design our UAV-Drones / Remote Stabilized Gimbals / Specialized RC.

Revered Cinema specializes in heavy-lifting / low-altitude aerial cinematography with remote UAV-Drones & handheld stabilized gimbals for commercial, feature film, industrial & government applications. We are “OPEN PERMITTED” by Transport Canada, our gear is top of the line, lifts more & flies longer than others (Red Dragon, 2000ft+ wireless HD transmitter, remote focus w/ wheels, anamorphic lenses). We have designed 5 UAV-Drones for 2014 to suit any application. Not only do we design & use our own UAV-Drones but also sell them worldwide to others that demand only the best in performance! So when you are looking for a team, choose Revered Cinema; one of the most experienced & knowledgeable professionals around.

RevPart RevPart - Full Profile

RevPart is a custom rapid prototyping and volume manufacturing services company. Our specialties include: CNC machining, 3D printing, plastic injection molding, and more.

Please contact us or visit our website today to learn more about our services.

Rexi Video Rexi Video - Full Profile

Rexi Video is specializing in Aerial Photo and Video editing services, photography and video of premium luxury properties, commercial and personal services. Rexi Video offers high quality pictures and videos by implementing cutting edge technology with our state of the art digital equipment. Pictures and videos taken by us will bring your object to life and deliver an image that conventional photography can't.

Rhinehart Finishing Rhinehart Finishing - Full Profile

Rhinehart Finishing is a world-class contract finishing company that offers a variety of painting and coating options in diverse industries such as automotive, military, aerospace, and more. We specialize in phosphate treatment, powder coating and liquid spray coating.

RJS Electronics Inc. RJS Electronics Inc. - Full Profile

Let RJS Electronics quote your custom electronic engineering and electronic assembly requirements. Our expertise includes circuit design, electronic prototype development, PCB layout, microcontrollers, FPGA, embedded code development, prototype assembly, low volume assembly.

ROAVR Unmanned Aviation Specialists ROAVR Unmanned Aviation Specialists - Full Profile

Unmanned Aviation Specialists:


RoboFlight RoboFlight - Full Profile

We are a team of highly skilled experts that turn GPS referenced aerial imagery into actionable information. We collect, process and manage imagery from unmanned aerial systems (UAS), piloted aircraft and earth orbiting satellites to provide intelligent decision making resources for a variety of industries including agriculture, livestock, environmental, wildlife, utilities and insurance.

Rogue State Media Ltd Rogue State Media Ltd - Full Profile

Broadcast quality HD video based in the UK. CAA licensed and insured. See our portfolio to gain an insight into our experience:!portfolio/c1rs8

Rotor Air Cam, LLC Rotor Air Cam, LLC - Full Profile

Rotor is a provider for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) services that offers superior, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) compliant aerial solutions for the oil and gas, renewable energy, mining, environmental, construction and general industrial use.

We provide a wide range of solutions for industry needs for aerial data acquisition, such as inspections of right-of-ways, well-pads, substations, work-progress surveys and aerial mapping products to include 2D orthomosaics and 3D point cloud modeling, digital surface models and topographic maps. With our professional and collaborative team, we continuously and strategically partner with companies to develop best-in-class solutions in the unmanned aerial services space.

Rotor Works Rotor Works - Full Profile

Rotor Works is a fully CASA Certified Sydney Australia based operator.

Hire our Aerial Video Drones for:
Film and TV projects,
Aerial asset inspection
Real estate video and photography
HD Broadcast; or
Any other aerial video and photo project.

Rotor Works specialises in low altitude Aerial Cinematography for Film and TV projects. We fly Cinema Cameras for rapid hard-to-get takes.

We can get all the shots you need in a fraction of the time with our RC Octocopter for hire, and with far more creative scope.

Our RC aerial video copters carry the ultimate in 3 Axis stabilised gimbals, capturing the smoothest aerial video available.

We are based in Sydney, and available for assignments around Australia and around the World for filming for TV, Film and documentaries and other aerial assignments.

Our Video drones have been used in some of the countries best musicians videos, Car commercials, Sport coverage and Film.

RotorRash RotorRash - Full Profile

Royal Mail Tracking Royal Mail Tracking - Full Profile

Welcome to Royal Mail TrackingTracking Track Royal Mail TrackingCouriers & Parcels By Entering the Royal Mail TrackingTracking Number Track Royal Mail TrackingCourier Online
Royal Mail TrackingCourier Features Features
Security :- Security accessed by Royal Mail Trackinghas a very good security and the information of each and every customer will be kept very personally.By the Royal Mail Tracking will also verifies the customer identity so that they are genuine or not. The company accepts only genuine customers.
Manage Notifications :- You can easily manage the notification by using the Royal Mail . So that you will get the notifications directly to you. Based on your choice the notification can be send to mobile and email.
Track and Trace :- Royal Mail Trackinghas a track and trace facility in which the customer will know the delivery status of the package. So it will send the tracked information to the customer.
Re delivery Facility : If there is nobody to receive the package at the location specified by the customer. Then the Royal Mail Trackingwill take the responsibility to redeliver the shipment to the desired location safely.
Best Customer Care support :- Royal Mail Trackingprovides good customer support so that they will know each and everything very clearly.The customer care is available 24 by 7 to help the customers.

RPX Technologies - DynaVibe RPX Technologies - DynaVibe - Full Profile

RPX Technologies is the developer and manufacturer of DynaVibe vibration analyzers and propeller balancers.

Rubicon Cinema Ltd. Rubicon Cinema Ltd. - Full Profile

Based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Rubicon Aerial Cinema specializes in remote aerial photography and cinematography. Utilizing 8-rotor UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), the Rubicon team is capable of flying below 400 feet – the “sweet spot” for capturing breathtaking aerial imagery.

Rubicon Aerial Cinema is the collaboration of two internationally award-winning photographers and cinematographers, Shawn Talbot and
Jan Vozenilek.

Jan (Rubicon’s camera operator) has been passionately telling stories with his camera for almost twenty years. He has created a vast collection of documentaries, travel films, music videos and corporate films for an array of clients worldwide. Jan loves capturing stunning images!

Shawn (Rubicon’s pilot) is one of the busiest advertising photographers in Canada and has won numerous international awards. He has been recognized for his exceptional work by Macleans Magazine, the Globe and Mail and National Geographic. Shawn frequently travels the world with his photography and is the subject of a new documentary series about travel photography being released in 2014.

Operating the world’s most advanced UAVs, this highly-trained team works with precision to capture shots that are nothing short of stunning. Each of their custom-built state-of-the-art UAVs utilize a 3 axis gyro-stabilized camera head. Whether it’s real estate, tourism, energy production, infrastructure surveying or an epic shot for a feature film, our team is there to capture imagery with altitude.