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QuadH2o QuadH2o - Full Profile

QuadH2o - we make waterproof multirotors! We currently have 2 machines in our fleet, the QuadH2o and the HexH2o. Visit our website for more information.

The QuadH2o is a lightweight, streamlined hull enables 9+ minute flight times and great manoeuvrability, whilst its water resistant, strong and well thought out design delivers a professional 'over water' quadcopter suitable for FPV flight and capturing Video/Photography.

The HexH2o is a waterproof hexcopter, it houses the Zenmuse-h3-3d gimbal and Gopro allowing awesome stabilised footage both above and below the waterline! With up to 25mins flight times the HexH2o will open a vast range of opportunities to both professional and amateur videographers, researchers and hobbyists around the world!

QuadroPix, LLC QuadroPix, LLC - Full Profile

QuadroPix is a low altitude aerial video and photography service that utilizes state of the art unmanned aerial vehicles

Quest Innovations Quest Innovations - Full Profile

Quest Innovations is a high tech camera producer of hyperspectral and multispectral cameras and software. Quest cameras have been at the forefront of doing research in precision agriculture and vegitation monitoring. Applications vary form crop monitoring, plant desease research, fire control, golfcourse and park monitoring, etc.

QuestUAV Ltd QuestUAV Ltd - Full Profile

QuestUAV Ltd is a UK manufacturer of small modular fixed-wing drones that are designed to carry multiple airborne sensors and payloads for surveying, precision agriculture, and research applications.

QuestUAV have developed Q-POD UAV technology – an ultra- tough, high endurance and accurate, multi-sensor solution. Hot-swappable sensor pods carry up-to 2kg payloads that may include single or multiple sensor options such as high resolution RGB cameras, NDVI solutions, multispectral and thermal sensors. Combining class-leading sensors, with intuitive flight planning + control, plus powerful image-processing software powered by Pix4D, this complete, fully autonomous solution is built around quality of data and ease of use.