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NMotion UAS, LLC NMotion UAS, LLC - Full Profile

NMotion UAS was founded by Public Safety Professionals & Veterans who saw a need for improving the safety and situational awareness of First Responders. With our field experience, we have uniquely designed systems that focus on ease of use, practicality, durability, and an affordable price tag. We have since tuned into the developing FAA Regulations & engineered a hassle free COA Process which enables Public Agencies to be operational quicker than anyone else.

Our services include consulting, proper FAA documentation & and required training, certification, maintenance, and a hassle free program unlike the rest. Our mission is to decrease unnecessary risk while improve situational awareness of First Responders.

NMotion UAS is committed to quality and affordability for Public Safety Agencies & Municipalities. Our UAV’s are engineered and customized by uniquely qualified personnel with experience and industry knowledge. Our systems require minimal training and are easy to use in the field. With a highly modular design, they adapt with technology and don’t get left behind like other systems.

North Guardian UAV Services Canada North Guardian UAV Services Canada - Full Profile

Kaizen Kinetics International (formerly North Guardian UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Services Canada) is a UAV/Drone manufacturing and service company that offers real-time video and high resolution aerial images on demand. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are the superior alternative to flying expensive traditional aircraft for aerial surveillance and rescue efforts. They provide images for aerial photography, exploration, disaster recovery, and a multitude of other uses.

Kaizen Kinetics International provides you with a pilot and spotter, handles all flight permits and drone liability insurance for all commercial drone services as required by Transport Canada. We have traveled around the world with our gear and have all required passports and travel documentations.

Northern Virginia OmniVersatile Solutions Northern Virginia OmniVersatile Solutions - Full Profile

Northern Virginia OmniVersatile Solutions, LLC (NVOS) is a service providing, veteran owned small business. Our US management team partners with local national firms around the world who work directly with forward deployed US citizen NVOS employees. Our senior leadership staff has over 120 years of combined success in contracting, managing and creating value. NVOS also has extensive executive leadership experience in corporate and government service. NVOS is rapidly deployable and able to operate in the most austere environments.

NVOS is a manufacturer of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) which are affordable, long duration, and easy to use. NVOS UAS systems are used for first responders, border security, disaster relief, search and rescue, law enforcement, infrastructure (power lines and pipelines) inspections, and precision agriculture. , Stribog Media LLC , Stribog Media LLC - Full Profile

UAV Aerial Photo and Videography, specialized in Real Estate, Corporate, and Event videos. Full line of services: filming, editing, media management, hosting.


Set up in 2006, NOVADEM has been developping for 8 years micro-UAVs intented for military and civilian market.

NOVADEM has a full mastery of its solutions, the company ensures the design and manufacturing of each part of its UAVs: from the autopilot to the propellers, the ground control station and the associated softwares, the batteries, charger, transport solutions.

In the military market, Novadem has been working for several years with the French Defense Procurement Agency, the Technical Section of the French Army, Sagem Defense & Security, Thalès.

In the civilian market, Novadem has equipped major players of the french industy with its U130 UAV model: Spie Batignolles, Diades (SETEC group), EGIS Géotechniques. But also land surveyors, renowned winegrowers (Domaine Bernard Magrez, in Bordeaux).

Novadem has recently equipped the french firemen of Marseille with the NX110.

NuvAero Flight Systems NuvAero Flight Systems - Full Profile

NuvAero Flight Systems is the premier Western Canadian UAV flight service provider to the Western Canadian energy industry. We deliver Aerial Survey, Aerial Video, and Aerial Photo to the worlds largest energy companies. Our fleet of aircraft is custom designed and built in-house for the specific challenges faced in the Northern Alberta oilpatch.

NVdrones NVdrones - Full Profile

NVdrones offers a drone software development platform that is the simplest and most powerful way to create, deploy, and manage drone applications. Its development board, the NVextender, is a plug-n-play add-on that communicates with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices, and is compatible with top platforms such as DJI, 3D-Robotics, and more. Modeled after Arduino, the offered development kit is made for all levels of developers, from hardware experts to novices, and was built to support B2B and B2C applications. Currently supported libraries include Arduino, Android, and Javascript, with more coming in the future.

NW UAV Propulsion Systems NW UAV Propulsion Systems - Full Profile

Northwest UAV Propulsion Systems: high-volume production & management solutions for UAVs

NWUAV provides cost effective solutions for our client’s specific air, land and sea unmanned applications. COTS solutions, custom design, or build-to-print engine systems are available. Since inception in 2005, NWUAV has delivered thousands of propulsion systems which have amassed over 900,000 combat flight hours.

NWUAV was established to meet the demand for high-volume production and management solutions required for UAVs. NWUAV offers a wide variety of on-site expertise in engineering, R&D, state-of-the-art testing, production and manufacturing capabilities. These competencies are vertically integrated within the company, producing quick-turn results for our clients. NWUAV provides assistance from design through production within our AS9100/ISO9001 Certified, DCAA compliant operation.

NyCalKid, llc NyCalKid, llc - Full Profile