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Mast & associati Srl Mast & associati Srl - Full Profile

Advanced UAV services: precision agriculture with UAV, aerial mapping & surveying, industrial Inspection, photography & video productions - Full Profile is a proven leader in the RC industry. Out of all the battery suppliers on the market, we were the first to offer LiPos for RC cars. We also build our packs here in the USA to order so that you don't get a pack that has been sitting on the shelf for months. You can order it any way you want including cells, plugs, taps, wire and configuration.

As far as safety goes, all LiPo packs are not created equal. I can assure you that since we build our packs here and we personally double check every pack before it goes out, our quality control is the best in the industry. We use very thick high-temperature kapton tape to cover every connection in the pack. This minimizes the risk of an internal short. Some manufacturers are using black electrical tape, masking tape, or no tape at all. We use a proprietary welding method to attach one cell to the next. This lowers the resistance of the connections between cells and insures the highest discharge possible. Other manufacturers are soldering the cells together or using a simple "spot weld" on each tab. This is inconsistent and can cause balance issues. It causes excess heat buildup and lowers the performance of the pack. Anyone who is telling you that their cells are "safer" does not have a good understanding of the technology. We pre-match all the cells in the pack with other cells of the exact same voltage to minimize future balance issues with the cells.

Our quality and service is hands down the best in the industry. We back it up with a lifetime warranty. There are thousands upon thousands of loyal customers out there that will not buy batteries anywhere else. Our customer service is second to none. We are always available to take phone calls and answer questions via email. We realize that our customers are our life-blood. We will do whatever it takes to make you a happy one before and after the sale.

We use our own cells in our packs. They have been race proven over the past 10+ years. They are superior in capacity/weight ratio, discharge voltage under load, and life cycles to any other cell on the market.

You can fast charge our packs at up to 5C if you use a quality balance/charging setup like the Hyperion chargers and balancers we offer on our site.

Investing in a pack will be the best battery decision you ever made. You will get better performance, more cycles, and more fun with

Best Regards,

Austin Else


McCrary Photography McCrary Photography - Full Profile

Miami Aerial, LLC Miami Aerial, LLC - Full Profile

We capture superior quality motion and still imagery for advertising, marketing and promotion of our clients' products or locations. As commercial image makers for over 30 years, we've added UAVs to our toolbox to enhance the scope of services we can provide. Miami Aerial flies a range of aircraft carrying differing camera options in order to furnish images of the quality required for our clients' distinct needs.

Micro Aerial Projects L.L.C. Micro Aerial Projects L.L.C. - Full Profile

Micro Aerial Projects L.L.C. provides cost-effective Geospatial Services and Solutions through the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems and the V-map System. Our services include aerial photography, surveying, mapping, close range remote sensing, photogrammetry, 3D modeling, GIS applications as well as International Development & Resettlement Action Plans . Small UAVs provide the ideal platform for live, rapid and real time monitoring of on-site inspections and data acquisition. Their use safely saves your business time and money, whatever your application. With over 40 years of surveying experience and a combined 10 years of experience using UAS in over 30 countries, Micro Aerial Projects L.L.C. is ready to help you get your projects off the ground safely and intelligently.

MicroPilot MicroPilot - Full Profile

With 850 clients in 70 countries, MicroPilot is the world leader in professional autopilots for UAVs and MAVs. MicroPilot is the first UAV autopilot manufacturer to bring to market a sub 30-gram autopilot, triple redundant autopilot, and full-function general purpose autopilot. MicroPilot offers a family of lightweight UAV autopilots that can fly fixed-wing, transitional, helicopter, and multi-rotor UAVs. One learning curve and you know them all.

In 2004 MicroPilot's MP2028g raised the bar around the world for functionality and value in small UAV autopilots. Paired with this full feature UAV autopilot, MicroPilot's HORIZONmp ground control software provides a user friendly point-and-click interface for mission planning, parameter adjustment, flight monitoring and mission simulation. MicroPilot also provides complementary products such as the XTENDERmp SDK, trueHWIL, payloads, and catapults.

MLB Company MLB Company - Full Profile

MLB Company manufactures a range of turn-key UAV systems. We have been selling UAV systems since 1999. Our aircraft are usually sold fully tested and ready to fly but we also perform R&D and build custom UAVs for customers. Our Super Bat UAV weighs 47 lbs and can carry a 7lb payload for 10 hours. Our V-Bat design (available 2015) is a VTOL UAV with 8 hour duration and 8 lb payload capability. MLB also provides UAV flight training, flight services, and filed support. We are located in the heart of Silcon Valley, California and all of our products are made locally.

MLV Drone MLV Drone - Full Profile

MLV Drone specializes in unmanned aviation expertise for aerial photography and video.
We are a member of the Techni-Drone® network in France - Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and offer customized solutions to your specific needs.
- Aerial still or video photography
- Events
- Advertising support
- Resorts, Real estate, Yachting or Corporate presentation
- Industrial and residential contruction inspection and project monitoring.
- Still Photography and thermography
- Drone sales and service
- Training
- Consulting and Regulatory support

MLV Drone is certified and fully insured.
Your vision is our mission.

Please contact us.

Mobile application development toronto Mobile application development toronto - Full Profile

Pyramidion Solutions is no doubt one of the top brands and service providers when it comes to mobile app development in Canada related to developing and launching classy and sophisticated iOS and Android mobile apps. We ascertain the fact that everything related to your needs and requirements are catered to in the form of a well functioning mobile app.

Modi-Fly Modi-Fly - Full Profile

Modtronics Australia Modtronics Australia - Full Profile

We sell range of ISM band radio modules based on the very popular HopeRF series of RF modules. These are ideally suited for use in UAV applications and our modules are used by numerous UAV enthusiasts the world over.

Monarch Inc. Monarch Inc. - Full Profile

Monarch, Inc., manufactures unmanned aircraft and develops commercial systems for the agriculture, energy and land survey industries. We use a combination of robotic aircraft, unique cameras and advanced software to render detailed and measurable maps of land and objects below. We are located in Ridgecrest CA, the home of major aerospace milestones since 1940.

Monterey Drone inc. Monterey Drone inc. - Full Profile

FAA Exemption:
Exemption No. 11271
Regulatory Docket No. FAA-2014-0919
Agency: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Parent Agency: Department of Transportation (DOT)

Monterey Drone aerial video platforms are state-of-the-art UAV/Drones and built for hi-resolution video and photography. In the air at 400ft and on the ground at eye level, our aerial platforms and pilots will get the shots you need to promote your business, organization, or event. We have the ability to save your production both time and money.

If you want unique, breath-taking dynamic aerial video and images for your next production or marketing campaign, Monterey Drone can get you what you want. While still being able to deliver shots similar to traditional methods, Monterey Drone can go further to get your shots from angles previously thought impossible. Our innovative technology built into our aerial video platforms provides several advantages over traditional aircraft.

MooringAerospace MooringAerospace - Full Profile

MooringAerospace develops a wide range of leading edge sUAS and UAS platforms across a broad and diverse customer base. We have platforms suitable for Aerial Photography, Photogrammetry, Aerial Mapping, Real Estate, Agriculture Crop Analysis, Aerial Surveillance, Search and Rescue, Fire and Emergency Services and Law Enforcement. Our Platforms are the marriage of the best commercial and proprietary technologies available today in the sUAS & UAS field. We focus on bringing the best price performance to market for our customers by utilizing a broad partner and IHV ecosystem of products available across the globe by strong Industry leaders. Our sUAS & UAS Systems utilize state of the art Open Source & Commercial Autopilots & Stabilization Solutions provided from a multitude of providers such as 3DR Robotics APM, Paparazzi, Piccolo, Feiyutech, OpenPilot, AutoQuad, Zero UAV, DJI Naza and we utilize and customize many OpenSource GCS solutions from Mission Planner for APM and QGroundControl as well as OpenPilot and uGCS. All our sUAS and UAS Systems come with Telemetry solutions, GCS - Ground Station Command and Control solutions, Integrated IMU and Inertial Navigation, Fly By Wire and Point to Navigation as well as different Sensor solutions packages such as Sonar, Lidar, Optical Flow Sensors, Barometric Sensing, FLIR Day/Night Camera Gimbal Platforms and Multiple GPS options.

MooringAerospace is active with the AUVSI organization as well as AOPA. We are a locally owned company in Washington State and we have over 37 years of Remote Control experience between our team and over 20+ years of computer science and software development and marketing excellence having many of our team leaders coming from Fortune 100 - 500 companies. To learn more give us a call, let us help you along your path to utilizing sUAS and UAS Systems in your industry. Together we can achieve great solutions and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your company.

Mowery & Schoenfeld Mowery & Schoenfeld - Full Profile

Mowery & Schoenfeld is a certified public accounting firm offering their services in Chicago, Illinois. Contact us today for a consultation and visit our website to learn more.

MRL Eye Limited UK MRL Eye Limited UK - Full Profile

MRL Eye provides constant airborne imaging or data transmission while hovering and flying, or from the ground while perching. It has a unique, autonomous self-positioning and self-stabilizing flight management processor that allows non-pilot operators to use the unit quite safely. It is lightweight and ready to deploy within minutes by one operator. With vertical take off and landing capabilities, there are no limitations on where to use the unit, even in difficult terrain.

MRL Eye is affordable, responsive, easy to operate, simple to learn and use, providing forward observer presence without placing the operator at risk. It can carry a range of payloads including a colour video camera, a low light black and white video camera, a high-res stills camera, and an infrared thermal imaging camera.

MRL Eye is available for hire now. MRL can also offer a full training package and consulting support on the ways in which the unit can be used to best effect by the client.

MTC MTC - Full Profile

For over 35 years MTC has designed, developed, customized and manufactured highly accurate motion control components and sub-systems for our customers in the Aerospace, Defense and Industrial sectors. We have gained unique technical expertise through close collaboration with leading industries. Through our highly-experienced R&D and Engineering divisions, our products continually evolve to meet new challenges faced by our customers.

All MTC products undergo tough environmental and ageing tests to ensure exceptional quality reliability and robustness. MTC is AS9100 Rev C certified, ISO 9001:2008 accredited, conforms to MIL-STD and is a Ship-to-Stock supplier to major customers. MTC is currently pending a NADCAP audit.

MTC develops and customizes Thermal Spray Coatings for the overhaul, enhancement and repair of mechanical components and assemblies.

Complete Solutions Under One Roof from Design through Manufacturing, Reviews and Testing to the Final Product.

MULTIROTOR EUROPE Sp. z o.o. MULTIROTOR EUROPE Sp. z o.o. - Full Profile


Our multirotor aircraft are industrial-grade and mission-proven in Europe with over 400 of them in demanding commercial operations. If applicable, we can provide an OEM version of any of copters to exactly meet specific application requirements and private labeling.

MultiRotorCam MultiRotorCam - Full Profile

aerial photography & videography services

MyFPV MyFPV - Full Profile

My FPV provide drones and other RC equipment.