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L'Avion Jaune L'Avion Jaune - Full Profile

Founded 2005 by three associates, L’Avion Jaune started as a development and service company based on UAV technology. Reality and opportunities made it evolve to a full aerial imagery service company using manned planes and helicopters as well as UAVs. Since the beginning, our commitment to fulfill high resolution and high quality radiometric requirements has fueled our research and development department.

For its own surveying services but also for other professionnal-grade data providers, l’Avion Jaune company has created YellowScan, an ultra-light laser scanner intended for UAVs and other ultra-light aircrafts.

LA Video Drone LA Video Drone - Full Profile

LA Video Drone is based in Los Angeles, CA and provides Aerial Drone Video and Photography Services. We specialize in aerial cinematography using the latest technology in radio controlled multirotor aircrafts and Ultra HD 4K cameras. We can help showcase your projects from a whole new perspective that replaces expensive and limited helicopter operations.

With over a decade of experience in production, photography, video, media and audio visual editing, we rise above our competitors delivering phenomenal Ultra HD 4K seamless video that will instantly increase the production value of any project.

LaBarge Weinstein LLP LaBarge Weinstein LLP - Full Profile

LaBarge Weinstein LLP is a leading business law firm that has been successfully operating since 1997. With an emphasis on knowledge-based and technology companies, our areas of practice range from corporate finance to tax planning to mergers and acquisitions. Headquartered in Ottawa, we also have offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Waterloo.

LaBarge Weinstein is positioned to address the unique legal challenges and issues associated with the emerging fields of drones and robotics. Our Unmanned Aerial Systems and Robotics Practice Group provide strategic advice to a growing clientele of drones and robotics manufacturers and service providers. We advise on a variety of issues including pertaining to:

- Flight operation regulation and certification;
- Intellectual property;
- Privacy;
- Export controls; and
- Commercial contracts

Land Surveys Land Surveys - Full Profile

Land Surveys complements its traditional surveying services with affordable, rapid response aerial surveying with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), delivering spatial data to mining, construction, oil and gas and agriculture sectors for production, asset, environment and heritage management, infrastructure planning and greenfield exploration.

Land Surveys operates five fixed wing UAV systems and high end photogrammetric processing, analysis and surveying software to deliver orthorectified imagery and DEMs in all common CAD and GIS formats.

With UAVs based in most of our offices, we can deploy anywhere in Australia. Our UAV operators are all qualified surveyors or photogrammetrists, making Land Surveys your one stop solution for project planning, ground control, image acquisition, processing and reporting.

Land Surveys also consults to companies wishing to incorporate UAS Surveying into their reporting workflows and provides a transition service whilst those companies obtain technical knowledge, equipment, licensing and compliance.

Lappert Smith Technologies Lappert Smith Technologies - Full Profile

Over 25+ years experience in RC, UAS, and engineering. LappertSmith Technologies has a dedicated team developing and testing UAS everyday. Contact us for quality and innovation :).

Laser Navigation srl - Virtualrobotix Brand - Laser Navigation srl - Virtualrobotix Brand - - Full Profile

Virtual Robotix is an Italian tech start-up with the main purpose of integrating robotics and mechatronics to design, develop and produce high tech products for national and international commercialization. We are focused on unmanned aerial, terrestrial and subaqueous systems.

We develop and produce autopilot system for: multicopter , hely , plane , rover and boat . Gimbal control 2 and 3 axis, frame custom firmware and software for pc and mobile device.

For more info about our product see our shop

Lenslifters Lenslifters - Full Profile

The remotely piloted aircraft systems we use to do our job go by many names: drones, multirotors, UAVs, helicams, quadcopters, hexacopters and octocopters to name a few.

Whatever you know them as, they have changed the game in media production and aerial imaging. Putting cameras in high places could often be prohibitively expensive or risky.

The cutting-edge technology we use enables us to put cameras anywhere between the ground and high into the sky. We specialise in turning ambitious ideas into reality.

All members of the team are highly experienced and certified in using remotely piloted aircraft. We also have years of experience in operating the cameras our drones carry.

Lewanui Lewanui - Full Profile

Hawaiian owned and operated UAS firm that operates on the Big Island of Hawaii. Each operator is a high time commercial helicopter pilot each with over 20 years RC experience.

LIFT Technologies LIFT Technologies - Full Profile

LIFT Technologies is a UAV service company built from Clayco's internal research into UAV technology. We've navigated the regulatory, safety, and technological hurdles to add valuable aerial data to our everyday decisions. LIFT clears the path to flight.

LIFT helps you determine where and how to apply UAV technology, navigating the regulatory and legal environment allowing companies to implement UAV tech in their core business. We apply our expertise in AEC to the practical needs of pillar industries through a low-cost, reliable aerial platform. Planes, satellite technology and helicopters are costly platforms, subject to timing and availability. Our approach helps you see further, preparing your business for what comes next.

Lifted Pixels Lifted Pixels - Full Profile

Lifted Pixels delivers exceptional aerial photography for the following industries in NC, VA and SC

Commercial Property Investors, Owners & Developers
U.S. Real Estate Agents
Resort Properties
General Agricultural & Equestrian Farm Use
Private Property Owners
Golf Courses
Gun Ranges
Athletic Stadium Venues
Industrial Applications
Private Event Venues

Litigation Services Litigation Services - Full Profile

Litigation Services is very unique in its focus on creating exceptional value and cost efficiency through centralized discovery management for complex litigation matters. Litigation Services is a rapidly emerging industry leader, providing services that include: - Document processing - Court reporting - Legal video - Trial services - Complex case management - ESI collection, processing and production - eDiscovery - Transcriptions

Little Goose Multimedia Little Goose Multimedia - Full Profile

Little Goose Multimedia lives at the intersection of technology and the West. We capture the wide open spaces in all their glory. We specialize in difficult locations and ranch properties. FAA certified and will travel.

Loiter Systems Loiter Systems - Full Profile

Loiter SyStems provides R & D services to all companies that are constantly adapting their business through integranción and technology development, thereby achieving automate and optimize their production processes.

*Hi-Tech UAV Solutions:
Loiter Systems extend the UAS (Drones) applications with Hi-Tech product development. Such as the following products:

GimbalCAM - Academics is a testing and development giro-stabilized and robotic platform, with 2 degrees of freedom (DOF), equipped with a video camera to capture images in real time.
IISFL designed system for learning in the field of imaging and remote sensing.

GimbalCAM - UL is a stabilized, robotic, lightweight and compact Gimbal, designed to equip all types of aircraft, EO, NIR, IR, camera-based.
ZCAM - Drone Zoom is a video camera developed for users who need real time anti-jittering while applying optic zoom during UAV (Drone) operation.

*Aerospace Engineering Services:
Loiter Systems provides professional services to define the UAS you require for your business model. We provide a strategic professional service for your business, under confidentiality and ongoing support, we take care of the complex technical issues from the technological point of view, leading to a high level decisions that will define your investment and concluded in success of its business model. This company integrates a specialist team in Aerospace Engineering, Electronics, Control and Mechanics, who face the challenges of each project based on knowledge, experience, commitment, professionalism and excellence.

LORD MicroStrain Sensing Systems LORD MicroStrain Sensing Systems - Full Profile

LORD MicroStrain® Sensing Systems makes tiny sensors and systems that are used in a wide range of applications, including advanced manufacturing, off-highway vehicles, commercial and military manned and unmanned vehicles, civil structures, and down-hole tools. Our sensors have won numerous awards and we pride ourselves on being both innovative and responsive to our customer's unique requirements.

LORD Corporation is headquartered in Cary, North Carolina and is a privately held corporation that was founded in 1924. Our MicroStrain® Sensing Systems business is based in Williston, Vermont and began in 1987. Our early development focused on producing micro-displacement sensors for strain measurement in biomechanics research applications. Our first sensors were designed for arthroscopic implantation on human knee ligaments; since then, we expanded our product line through continual product improvement and expanded our market reach.

We introduced a broader line of micro-displacement sensors that could withstand extreme temperatures, hundreds of millions of cycles, and complete submersion in saline. The aerospace and automotive industry found our sensors met their requirements, and we've worked on many groundbreaking projects in these markets.

As our customer base expanded, we continued to innovate by combining multiple sensors along with advanced micro controllers to enhance system performance. We were one of the first sensor companies to add wireless capability so that low power, miniature digital sensors could communicate easily with personal computers and send data to the internet.

Our inclinometer product line was initially developed to measure angles of limbs to help re-animate the limbs of paralyzed individuals. The tiny, lightweight gyro-enhanced orientation modules that resulted from this effort found immediate acceptance for navigation and control of unmanned systems in the military, exploratory robotics applications and measurement feedback for down-hole tools.

Sensors are literally changing our world; we're inspired to work with our customers to introduce advanced sensing technology that will enable the next generation of smarter and safer machines, civil structures, and implanted devices.

Lumenier Lumenier - Full Profile

Lumenier was announced in June of 2013. The Company consolidates all of the high-end FPV products produced by FPV Manuals LLC including the QAV400, QAV500, and QAV540G fpv airframes. FPV Manuals was created as a blog to consolidate fpv information and manuals. Out of the passion for FPV the first fpvmanuals products were designed and brought to market. With the creation of Lumenier, we will consolidate these products under the Lumenier brand and are going to release many more innovative fpv products in the coming months from motors to cameras, lipos, accessories, airframes, and a lot more.


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