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kadet Defence Systems kadet Defence Systems - Full Profile

Kadet Defence Systems (P) Limited is a privately held company engaged in the business of aerospace products focused primarily on Unmanned Systems. Over the last decade Kadet has delivered over one hundred unmanned aerial vehicles to the Ministry of Defence in India under one of our prime production contracts and has also undertaken operations in countries outside India.
Kadet designs, develops and manufactures Aerial Targets and UAV’s and provides associated services for commercial, civil and defence applications.
Kadet is also pursuing opportunities as a product co development agency and to this extent has entered agreements with Airbus Defence and Space GmbH for cooperating, joint development and operation of Unmanned Systems (Aerial Targets) and also the National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore in the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Kaizen Kinetics International Kaizen Kinetics International - Full Profile

Kaizen Kinetics International (formerly North Guardian UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Services Canada) is a UAV/Drone manufacturing and service company that offers real-time video and high resolution aerial images on demand. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are the superior alternative to flying expensive traditional aircraft for aerial surveillance and rescue efforts. They provide images for aerial photography, exploration, disaster recovery, and a multitude of other uses.

Kaizen Kinetics International provides you with a pilot and spotter, handles all flight permits and drone liability insurance for all commercial drone services as required by Transport Canada. We have traveled around the world with our gear and have all required passports and travel documentations.

Kaspi Films Inc Kaspi Films Inc - Full Profile

Kaspi Films Inc provides aerial photography, cinematography, and production support. We offer stock footage and photography licensing. Based in the Greater Toronto Area, our team is one of the most experienced and trusted UAV drone cinematography companies in Canada.

Visit our website to see our latest demo reels.

KDE Direct KDE Direct - Full Profile

Founded in 2008, KDE Direct is the pioneer in industrial-quality components for sUAS systems. In a market comprised predominantly of overseas and low-cost brands, KDE Direct prides itself on excelling at our core values of invention, Research and Development, world-class customer service, and precision manufacturing. Now heading into our seventh year of business in Washington State, we have expanded our comprehensive product line for sUAS applications.

KDE Direct continually strives to develop new and innovative products, setting the brand far apart from our competitors. Emerging into a market enveloped in incomplete, non-Engineered solutions, KDE Direct is pleased to announce the newest game-changer to our family, KAGE Rotors. Designed for commercial sUAS and multi-rotor applications, KAGE Rotors encompasses the best in the market: from durable, custom and 100% U.S. produced carbon-fiber materials, to aerospace-grade titanium hardware and CNC machined components; all designed and manufactured for mechanical strength and optimized for your modern applications.

The KAGE Rotors Theory X-8 platform is designed for rugged durability, uncompromised quality, and vast installation options (industrial lifting) to encompass aerial photography, LiDAR mapping, GPS navigation, and a host of other needs. The options are almost limitless to your company’s needs, requirements, and imagination.
Our team leads the industry in product knowledge and setup configurations, with degreed Mechanical Engineers and highly-skilled CNC designers.
Offering complete ready-to-fly solutions, our team can make your goals a reality. Solutions tailored to fit your company, with training sessions that start at basic-level information, up to advanced in-field flight training and technology advancement. Our team has decades of combined experience, and provides quality maintenance and services for all of our industrial platforms and components.

Please contact us at for our turn-key solutions or a customized built-to order setup.
129 Pendleton Way #354, Washougal, Washington 98671

Kenneth J. Allen Law Group Kenneth J. Allen Law Group - Full Profile

Kenneth J. Allen Law Group is a personal injury law firm with offices in Illinois and Indiana. Call today for a consultation and visit our website to learn more about our practice areas.

Kinex Media Kinex Media - Full Profile

Kinex Media is a professional name in Toronto's top web design list as we have partnered with world leading brands Our highly engaging web developments can boost the rate of conversion and enhance your business visibility, productivity and sales.

Address: 25 Watline Ave #302, Mississauga, ON L4Z 2Z1, Canada

Phone:+1 416-907-4030

Kopterman Kopterman - Full Profile


We focus on aesthetic aerial footage from a unique perspective.
We use remote controlled helicopters to fly with professional HD cameras like Red Epic, Black Magic 4K and several DSLRs. Our aim is to deliver high-end aerial video shots for cinema, commercials, music videos and television productions. We also provide high resolution aerial photography with DSLR cameras and even with medium format digital backs like Phase One.


We take your inspection to the next level by using our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), whether it is for a close inspection of your building or infrastructure, any thermal image, a 3D terrain mapping or a wind turbine inspection. By flying carbon neutral it is stated that we operate in an eco-friendly way. Take advantage of innovative, cost efficient, unmanned aerial solutions. We take your inspection to the next level by using our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

Applications and inspections:
Aerial terrain mapping (3D)
Agriculture applications
Flare tip inspection
Infrastructure inspections
Oil and gas pipeline inspection
Solar panel inspection
Thermal analysis
Wind turbine blade inspection

Kopterworx Kopterworx - Full Profile

Kopterworx aerial solutions is a provider for all multirotor aerial video / photo or industry applications. Our online store offers the industries vastest selection of multi-rotor and aerial related products.

We offer configuration that can be ordered as complete builds (RTF) that include everything you need to start flying right out of the box, spare parts, parts to build your own multirotor, DIY kits ....

Our heavy lift edition Kopterworx Hammer x8 are designed from 6 to 15 kg payload with flighttimes from 10 to 15 min.

Kopterworx also builds and designs fully customized multirotor platforms for Military, EMS, Fire, Police, Search and Rescue and scientific applications. From FPV flying to advanced range RC, thermal imaging components or enhanced flight times, we are here to help!

Provide us with needs and we will provide you solutions. Give us a call, we are here to help!!!