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Hampshire Aerial Photos Hampshire Aerial Photos - Full Profile

Hampshire Aerial Photos provides high quality and affordable alternatives to obtaining aerial photography or filmography. We provide aerial photography services to home owners, site surveyors, estate agents, media, advertisers and events (such as weddings, concerts or festivals). We also support property surveys and inspections of typically inaccessible or dangerous/hazardous areas (such as tall buildings, wind turbines and roofing).

Harmony Drones Harmony Drones - Full Profile

:: WWW.HARMONYDRONES.COM :: (NJ-DE-MD-PA-VA) We fly THERMAL - INFRARED - 4k - for Cinema-photography & Inspection services.

Harmony Drones provides low-altitude, aerial filming and photography using a remote-controlled multi-rotor camera platform.

We are experts at capturing stunning viewpoints and ultra-smooth tracking shots without the need for helicopters (and with far less noise intrusion) or dolly rails, and at a fraction of the cost. Our systems offer far more flexibility than the traditional methods for obtaining aerial or elevated vantage points and we can be airborne in a matter of minutes.

Providing broadcast quality HD film for a full spectrum of clients and applications including production companies, corporate promotional videos, property developers, sports, events, commercials, TV and viral films for brands on the Internet. To achieve a superior level of quality our clients are accustom too, we utilize Drone Cinema Pilots who are specifically trained in this modality in house.

Harris Aerial Harris Aerial - Full Profile

Harris Aerial specializes in custom heavy-lift UAVs capable of carrying a multitude of stand-alone payload packages for professional cinematography, geo-spatial surveying, search and rescue, thermal imaging, as well as architectural, construction and law enforcement applications. Powered by our PowerPack Lithium Polymer batteries, our custom ready-to-fly UAVs are fitted with the best components on the market. In-house CNC and 3D printing capabilities fill in the gap for unique application-specific modifications.

We offer our clients custom solutions for rapid response on-site aerial capture and heavy payload manipulation capabilities. Additionally, we offer consultation for this cutting-edge technology and its direct impact on your current or prospective business model.

Hawkeye UAV Hawkeye UAV - Full Profile

Helco Aerial Helco Aerial - Full Profile

Helco Aerial offer aerial imagery services nationwide, Our Drones can deliver powerful results at a fraction of the cost of a full sized manned aircraft and more versatile than aerial mast imaging.

If you need aerial filming or photos, look no further... with the Helco Aerial's agile UAV fleet and experienced pilots, you can be confident you’re getting the best service around.

Aerial photography and aerial filming play a vital role across a variety of disciplines, whether it is publicity, environmental, policy planning, or site analysis, now more than ever it's part of everyday life through online mapping portals, and extensive use in both printed and digital media. Look at our list of UAV Applications.

Whatever your application, we have your area of interest covered. We are specialists in the acquisition and processing of aerial photography, and aerial filming. We are committed to investing in the latest capture and production technologies, and by doing so we ensure our aerial products and services are market leading.

Helco Aerial can offer a view of the world never before seen without big box office movie style budgets. Our multi-rotor UAVs can operate up to 400ft giving you a unique view of the world below. Nothing else gives you the scale and perspective for your project quite like photography or video footage from above. We can provide the shots and footage that are impossible to get using conventional methods. We can get close to the action flying through buildings, under bridges, along river valleys and in fact virtually anywhere it is legal to do so, low level shots, that were previously unimaginable. This means we can get the most amazing shots for you and all at a fraction of the cost.

We have a large fleet of UAV craft from small quadcopters to large heavy lift octocopters and are therefore able to provide the optimum craft for your requirements. Our fleet are capable of flying any camera from a the small but brilliant GoPro Hero Range right up to high spec Red Epic, we can also capture data using LIDAR and NDVI imaging devices.

Heli Flight Center Heli Flight Center - Full Profile

Heli Flight Center is a retailer / manufacturer of remotely piloted airframes including Aerial Photography platforms, UAV's both multirotor and fixed wing, RC hobby vehicles and supplies.
We offer kits, custom builds as well as flight and technical training. We design and build our own line of products as well as offer other commercially available systems.

Heli Video Pros Heli Video Pros - Full Profile

HeliCam Aerial Media Services, LLC HeliCam Aerial Media Services, LLC - Full Profile

HeliCam offers Truly Stunning Aerial Cinematography from Custom Built Multi Rotor Systems that are combined with Brushless Direct Drive Gimbals custom made by Wayne Mann. Wayne is the Head Pilot/ Designer of all our UAV Systems and was a paid Consultant/ Designer for Futaba, Miniature Aircraft, Kyosho and Thunder Tiger! He has won 5 World Championship Titles in team competition with RC Helicopters and has over three decades of hands on experience. One our Camera men has been the past US National Champion and the other two are very well know DP's and Crane Operators. With this experience you can expect the best results possible. We are also glad to give references upon request!

We have been in business for over 10 years flying , promoting and designing UAV systems. We have a perfect safety record.


HeliCam Aerial Media Services is comprised of three individuals who are very skilled in their respective fields. Wayne and Richard are both highly skilled and accomplished Remote Control Helicopter and Airplane pilots. They have both been flying remote control aircraft since 1975 and competing in competitions since 1981. They have both won numerous competitions in precision aerobatics with airplanes and helicopters. Wayne has been on every US World Championship helicopter team since 1991 with a highest finish of 2nd and three 1st place World Championship team titles.

When it comes to piloting these aerial platforms and camera mounts our acquired skills are hard to duplicate. I only mention this because just like full scale aircraft models can be very dangerous in inexperienced hands, especially considering the tight places we sometimes have to operate in to get the desired shot. Unfortunately there are many people around the world who do this type of work who do not possess the high level of skill necessary to get the desired shots without pushing their skills to the very limit which greatly compromises safety.


Helicam Co Ltd Helicam Co Ltd - Full Profile

Helicam Co Ltd, Based in Thailand since 2003 have provided imagery for Developers, Real Estate, Hoteliers, Marine Companies, Events & Authorities.
Types of imagery can include: Aerial & other types of photography, Production movies, Interactive property Virtual Tours from sky & ground.
Clients include:
*Major Developers
*5 Star International Hoteliers
*Private Property Owners
*Marine Companies
*International Brands

HELImetrex Pty Ltd HELImetrex Pty Ltd - Full Profile

HELImetrex is Australia's most experienced UAV surveying and mapping specialist. CASA approved since 2002 with over 40 years experience in precision aerial surveys providing complete GIS data sets and complex 3D modelling. HELImetrex was the first Australian Certified UAV operator in Australia in 2002

HelioMap HelioMap - Full Profile

Solar energy is a $10B market and growing 30% a year. HelioMap makes it easy to generate leads, quotes and installs for solar panel systems using a proprietary web platform and UAVs.

Helix - Aerial Drone Videography and Photography Helix - Aerial Drone Videography and Photography - Full Profile

Professional Aerial Drone Photography and Videography Company Service in Southern California, Orange County and Los Angeles County.

Drone services, capture aerial photography, aerial videography, and cinematography for any occasion. From real estate listings to events, HELIX will promise to produce high quality professional work at an affordable, cost-efficient price.

hexadrone SAS hexadrone SAS - Full Profile

La société Hexadrone SAS, société de « mécatronique », est un concepteur de drones à part entière. Nous réalisons nos machines à partir de composants entièrement conçus et assemblés par nos soins dans nos ateliers en France. La partie électronique est assurée par des composants DJI (contrôleur de vol, iOSD, TX/RX vidéo et groundstation). Nous travaillons avec une sélection de plusieurs fournisseurs de moteurs, contrôleur brushless, pâles et batteries.

Plus qu’un simple constructeur, nous avons également plusieurs années d’expérience sur le terrain. Nous avons participé à un nombre conséquent de tournages réalisés en France et à l’étranger (reportages et documentaires TV, publicités et films). Fort de notre expérience, nous vous proposons aujourd’hui des services professionnels de prises de vues aériennes dans de nombreux secteurs d’activité.

High Eye Aerial Imaging Inc. High Eye Aerial Imaging Inc. - Full Profile

HIGH EYE AERIAL IMAGING Inc operates a Full Range aerial imaging service, providing Low altitude, High Definition Photo and video images. We operate TWO state of the art Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems: A multi rotor VTOL system for video and HD photography, and a fixed wing long endurance UAV.
We offer a cost effective alternative to manned aircraft for a variety of applications; Engineering, Construction, Aggregates & Mining, Environmental planning/monitoring, Agriculture, Forestry, Archeology, as well as general photo and video requirements…
We can provide a variety of imaging options: 2D & 3D ortho mosaics, DEM/DSM images, Aerial Surveying, Geo Referenced Mapping, Aerial Photogrammetry, Aerial Topographical Mapping, Low angle obliques, and HD aerial photos and aerial video from and angle. We can work with your technicians to provide images compatible with your GIS and CAD systems
Provide you with exactly the images you want, either unedited video footage or photos, or completed video productions.
• HIGH EYE AERIAL IMAGING Inc. operations are conducted within the requirements of the CARS and Transport Canada SPECIAL FLIGHT OPERATIONS CERTIFICATIONS
• HIGH EYE AERIAL IMAGING Inc. Is fully insured for commercial aerial operations, maintaining a two million dollar liability insurance policy.

HigherUpPhotography LLC HigherUpPhotography LLC - Full Profile

Aerial cinematographers . We provide a new perspective for photography when used for real estate, movies and commercials. We also participate in search and rescue operations. We can provide still, 360 panoramas and movies up to 4K resolution. The product can be given to the client as is or RAW or we can produce a complete ad or commercial.

Hintze Bros. Hintze Bros. - Full Profile

Hintze Bros. Aerial services provides customers with a wide array of aerial photography and cinematography. We use state of the art equipment to capture a unique perspective for your project, business or organization.

HomeJab HomeJab - Full Profile

HomeJab is the largest producer of real estate real estate marketing Photography. We provide the best HDR & Drone Aerial photography for real estate properties. We offer the affordable packages for photos and videos.

Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC (HSE) Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC (HSE) - Full Profile

Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC is a leader in "Made in America" remotely piloted Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Drones. We strive to ensure that Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) platforms include the most sophisticated features, are manufactured to be durable and the easiest to use systems on the market. Additionally, Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC strives for innovative power cell technology with improved power, performance, longevity and superior weight standards for UAV drones.

Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing the best remotely piloted Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for law enforcement agencies, military operations and first responders in the market place. Our UAS helicopter drones are revolutionary products designed for high and low altitude surveillance, photography and sensor management. Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC UAV drones have state-of-the-art autopilot navigation systems and software that allows for simple flight and easy to use operation

Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC UAV helicopters are designed for maximum flight time with minimum down time. Our team of professionals stand ready to design the right UAV and platform to meet law enforcement and first responder needs, as well as complete training and a maintenance package to keep the UAV ready when the need arrives. Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC UAV helicopters are the perfect choice for search and rescue, crowd control, SWAT team operation, traffic investigation and commercial applications. Contact us for a FREE Consultation on how our "MADE IN AMERICA" UAS Drones can help keep our Homeland safe with hi-tech UAV from Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC.

HoneyComb Corporation HoneyComb Corporation - Full Profile

HoneyComb is an Oregon-based company focused on drone based aerial imaging solutions for precision agriculture and forestry. Since inception, agriculture has been our #1 market with all of our products, services, and values reflecting that. As a company we believe in innovation and supporting traditional values. We do this by supporting our community, rural development, and providing technologies and services that have a direct impact on efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

In the spirit of innovation we also strive to promote a healthy research atmosphere by partnering with Universities, extension services, and service providers around the world to develop advanced solutions that solve real-world problems. This spirit of collaboration has lead to numerous breakthroughs enabling HoneyComb to offer products and services that consistently grow translating into real value for you, your community, and family.

HoodTech Vision HoodTech Vision - Full Profile

HoodTech Vision ( - Hood River, OR), designs and manufactures stabilized EO/IR camera turrets for long-range imaging from moving platforms, such as small unmanned aircraft, manned/unmanned ground and marine systems. The company’s team of experts and vast experience in sensor integration, vibration isolation, disturbance rejection, and dedicated video processing has made HoodTech the preferred supplier of highly mass-efficient, low SWaP, small UAV ISR imaging payloads. For more information about HoodTech Vision’s family of innovative stabilized EO/EO-IR imaging platforms for small manned and unmanned systems, please visit:

Horizon Aerial Photography Ltd Horizon Aerial Photography Ltd - Full Profile

We’re a highly skilled team, with over 8 years combined experience in remote aerial systems and services. All the systems we use are built in-house. This means that, unlike many operators, we can adapt very quickly to suit specific shoot requirements, that could be flying a Red Epic, waterproofing a system to fly under a waterfall or any other crazy ideas that may come up! It also means we have the knowledge and experience required to keep them flying – even in the remotest of locations (we’ve been known to re-build an entire system, from the back of a truck in the middle of the Kenyan Savannah).

We hold a full CAA permission for aerial operations along with all necessary qualifications and insurance. Its also worth noting that we have a good relationship and understanding with the CAA that allows us to get ‘exemptions’ to operate outside of the normal constraints when needed, this can be anything from flying in built up areas (such as central London), to flying at night or above 400ft.

Our International experience means we can be relied upon to take our systems anywhere. We are confident we can deal with transport, customs and the general logistics of getting our systems to locations and making sure we can legally fly them once there. Legislation varies greatly from country to country, so this kind of experience is very important when working internationally.

We are also now LIVE Aerial HD capable, allowing us to film live events and provide an HD stream that can be cut to instantly.

We are on the BBC preferred suppliers list and have a framework agreement with English Heritage

Hover Visions Hover Visions - Full Profile

Professional low altitude aerial video and photos. Working in the media, industry, agriculture and production fields. We will work with you to find a solution for your needs.

Hovercams LLC Hovercams LLC - Full Profile

Providing remote controlled aerial photography to West Michigan and beyond utilizing low-altitude small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) or 'drones' with on-board high-definition professional digital camera equipment.

Hovershotsapv Hovershotsapv - Full Profile

Our Team combines over 25 years of Flight experience (Kevin Haley, Pilot/Owner), with over 10 years of Production & Design experience (Brandon Haley, Creative Director) to bring you vision to life! Our skilled Flight Ops Team and our Social Media & Marketing Team (Shari Haley & Lindsay Tester), will provide you with a fantastic final product, as well as help to promote your project. Contact us today to find out how we can help YOU!

We Have The Technology
Our Technology is “State of the Art” – Lets find out why!

Our main camera ship, Hov-X1 is capable of performing precision flights with total GPS accuracy.
We have outfitted this quad copter with a gyroscopic camera stabilizer, allowing for vibration and tilt free capture, as well as a live video feed to our portable ground station.
Capable of altitudes between 2-400 feet, and speeds of up to 60 mph, This lightweight, compact-able quad copter is perfect for filming most everything.
Hov-X1 boasts a long range flight time of over 10 minutes per battery.

Our secondary camera ship, Hov-SX is perfect for filming in small spaces because of it’s compact size.
This copter brings everything to the table that it’s bigger brother does, but makes filming interior spaces a breeze.
Equipped with the gyroscopic camera stabilizer for capturing flawless images.
The Hov-SX is compact, agile, and incredibly responsive in any small environment.

Our flying wing platform, Mostly used for long range mapping, surveying, or large properties, this system is capable of full GPS autonomous flight from launch to landing, and can be monitored by our portable ground station during flight.
Equipped with special near infrared cameras, as well as high resolution time lapse cameras, which can be used for 3D Mapping, NDVI Imaging, and Ortho-topographical mapping.
The Hov-Jet is perfect for Agricultural & Industrial applications, as well as filming vast properties.

HY Innovations, Inc HY Innovations, Inc - Full Profile

HYInnovations is committed to helping enthusiasts and professionals find the right Unmanned Aerial Vehicle product. Learn more about us at

HYInnovations is a resell/distributor of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle products. Our commitment is to cater towards our customer's needs and satisfaction. We dedicate ourselves to ensure that all our customers receive a satisfying experience through our products. Finding you the right Unmanned Aerial Vehicle product to fit your needs is only the first step in our commitment to you.