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Galaxy Media Co. Galaxy Media Co. - Full Profile

Galaxy Media Co. is the South Florida and Orlando areas' premier real estate aerial photography and video production company that focuses on enhancing traditional marketing strategies. Our interior and exterior photography, and videos have been proven to attract more customers and increase sales. We utilize HD 4K aerial drones, top of the line cameras and equipment, and will be the one-stop shop for any real estate brokerage, resort, or country club. We have served customers in Miami, Orlando, Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and many more beautiful Florida cities!

Game of Thrones Season 7 Live Stream Game of Thrones Season 7 Live Stream - Full Profile

Game of Thrones Season 7 Live StreamGame of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created by show runners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. It is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels, the first of which is titled A Game of Thrones.

The series is based on the fictional continents Westeros and Essos, the story revolves around the times of civil war, which broke out between several noble families in Westeros. The children of former rulers try to gain power. Meanwhile, a forgotten race, bent on destruction, want to return after thousands of years in the North.

Currently, Game of Thrones season 6 is airing on TV; the show has attracted record number of viewers and has made a lot of buzz on social media. The show won huge number of Emmy awards and other awards too, also it has got tremendous ratings from critics.

The performances of the large British and Irish cast have been widely praised. The soundtrack, makeup, locations, outfits, drama, lines, etc all make it a perfect entertaining show.

But sometimes it is not possible to watch all the episodes of your favourite show. So there are various streaming apps that will allow you to be in touch with the show. There are sites like SideReel, Directv, Xfinity TV,etc .

But one of the most famous app and site is, when entertainment come to mind Hotstar is the answer.

Garuda Robotics Garuda Robotics - Full Profile

Garuda Robotics is building a complete enterprise-grade solution for anyone who can make use of aerial robots to get things done faster and cheaper. Our solution consists of both hardware and software that dramatically simplify drone fleet operation and are tailor made for the specific needs of the clients.


What is Geeetech?
Geeetech, found in 2011, has been devoted in the integrating R&D, production and distribution of EDB (Embedded development board), MCU, as well as open source hardware,we advocate making electronics easy and economical. We are hoping that every enthusiast can get access to the wonderful electronic world.

What helps to build Geeetech?
In virtue of the one of the largest electronic market, seg & huaqiang market,a fully equipped chain of electronics industry in china, even in the world, we are trying to integrate all the resources here to render you a wide range of electronics parts and components. We can provide you an assembled 3D printer, as well as a screw.

In addition to the good external condition, Geeetech has established a complete manufacture system and strict quality management line, a sound logistic department, along with a professional technical team; we are capable to provide high-end electronic products that can be a market in Europe, North & South America, south Asia and many other countries and areas.

Who are Geeetech's target customers?
Our customers are from all over the world, all walks of life and across all age brackets; from Asia to Europe to North & South America, from individual electronic enthusiastic to researchers of big project to distributers and foreign trade company of large scale; from pupils to senior citizens.

We have established coordinating projects with Shenzhen University; we are giving corresponding technical instructions to schools which provide cause of open hardware. Motivated by a desire make every transaction rewarding, we have established a long-term cooperation relationship with our distributers, and was well received by our customers in the past years and will always be in the future.


GEN2 ROBOTICS Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS), are manufactured with high-quality standards and leading edge technology. Our Small Unmanned Aerial Systems are turn-key, and deliver; real-time video and high resolution aerial images. As a result, they are a cost effective alternative to traditional aerial imaging and analysis methods; airplanes and helicopters

The embedded Autopilot and Ground Control software, deliver precise GPS way-point autonomous navigation and flight planning. Autonomous take-off and landing are also provided by the on-board firmware and GCS, making our systems stable and easy to use.

The markets we service include; Unmanned Systems, Ground Control, Education, and R&D.

GEN2 ROBOTICS is a proud re-seller of Team Black Sheep products, the undisputed champions of Aerial Photography and video.

GeoID - Virtual Surveyor GeoID - Virtual Surveyor - Full Profile

GeoID is the company that builds Virtual Surveyor software: Software for Easy Visualization and Analysis of UAV Data. With Virtual Surveyor you can easily create virtual environments from your UAV data. Virtual Surveyor offers easy functions to edit terrains, calculate volumes, create survey plans and export those surveys to CAD or GIS. Virtual Surveyor allows you to enrich the virtual environment with additional 3D models and create stunning interactive presentations and videos with the presentation tools.

Gerber Injury Law Gerber Injury Law - Full Profile

At Gerber Injury Law, we have been successful in recovering more than $45 million in verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients since 2001. With more than 22 years of legal experience, we have proven that we can be trusted to protect the rights of our clients with even the most complex of cases.

GetFPV GetFPV - Full Profile, your world-wide supplier of quality FPV gear. GetFPV retails the finest in RC parts and specifically focused on FPV flight (First Person View).

Global Aerospace, Inc. Global Aerospace, Inc. - Full Profile

Global Aerospace is a leading provider of aerospace insurance with a worldwide portfolio of clients who are engaged in every aspect of the aviation and space industries. Headquartered in London, we have offices in Canada, Cologne, Paris, Zurich and throughout the United States. Across the world we employ over 350 people. With experience dating back to the 1920s, the company’s underwriting is backed by a pool of high quality insurance companies representing some of the most respected names in the business. For additional information on Global Aerospace, please visit To learn more about the company’s SM4 safety program, please visit

Go Fan Yourself Go Fan Yourself - Full Profile

Go Fan Yourself was established in 2014 to address the shortcomings of conventional HVLS fans in the industry. To truly be different and be cool, we needed to design and manufacture our own products. This allowed GFY to be proactive at the highest level and create solutions for inherent gaps in conventional HVLS fan design that our customers were brought to our attention. Four major problem and opportunity areas have surfaced that our revolutionary Z Tech™ technology addresses.


Google play store App Google play store App - Full Profile

Download the Google Play Store (official market of Android , or what is the same, Google Play ) is not common, but if one day you need it , simply follow're small steps detailed below, especially if you need download play store for android . If you already have a smartphone or tablet, but it does not have the permission of Google, do not worry, it is still possible to download it.

It's simple, you can only install Google applications on devices that have exceeded compatibility requirements, which obviously determines Google. To do this, manufacturers must buy a license and pay to install the app store in their terminals and as you can imagine, Chinese mobile and tablet brands prefer not to pay the license to further lower the price of the terminal

Remember that it is the store where all Google services are grouped in the cloud as: Applications and Games, Play Music for music, Play Books for electronic books, Google Movies for movie rentals and ultimately where you can download free android applications .
Let's see how to download the market for tablet, smartphone and any device you will use.
In any case, you can download this file directly from your PC, so you will save space. If you want to download it from your device, we recommend that you connect to a Wi-Fi network. Well, you already have the file, and what you are going to do now is to insert the microSD card into your play store
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Got Heli RC LLC Got Heli RC LLC - Full Profile

Got Heli RC is dedicated to the hobby of RC rotor-craft.

We got your MultiRotors needs, with the biggest selections of Propellers, Gimbal motors and much more.

Brand: Laheli, Rotorshape Autogyro, Y-UFO, DJI Innovation, Walkera, Elite Power, Tarot, FlySight, Gaui, Hitec, IFlight Motor/Esc custom brushless gimbal motors, Brushless Gimbal for Sony Nex. Graupner, GemFan, APC propellers, HQProps. FPV FatShark, Immersion and much more...

Green Aviation Ltd Green Aviation Ltd - Full Profile

We are at the cutting edge of modern aviation technology. Using high tech avionics and the latest in EO/IR, night vision, thermal imaging, corona imaging, LIDAR and various environmental sampling payloads, Green Aviation offers the most comprehensive aerial survey service today.

Green Card Status Green Card Status - Full Profile

USCIS Green Card Status Check green card status by sharing green card application details with other applicants or View case status online using your receipt number, which can be found on notices that you may have received from USCIS. Also, sign up for myUSCIS to
Track, Analyze and Estimate Your Green Card Application Status
• Receive automatic case status updates by email or text message
• View your case history and upcoming case activities
• Check the status of multiple cases and inquiries that you may have submitted to USCIS

GT Nix Construction GT Nix Construction - Full Profile

GT Nix Construction is large enough to offer the range of services needed, but small enough to deliver projects with personal attention to our clients’ quality standards, schedules, and budgets. Our skilled crews take pride in guiding a project from conception to successful completion. GT Nix Construction partners with clients from the very beginning to listen to their needs and develop a clear and shared vision for a project. This interactive approach ensures quality workmanship and attention to detail every step of the way and a finished project you can be proud of.

GT Nix Construction would like all of our clients to know that we have started a UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) division. Through this division we will be able to provide our clients with accurate aerial imagery, topography, digital surface models and orthomosaic images at a competitive price.

Our unmanned aerial vehicle is one of the top brands in the industry and is a true survey grade mapping system. Our UAV has the RTK Option to increase productivity and accuracy. We are also able to process our data in house to maintain quality, that is sometimes lost by third party data processing services.

We have been training with and testing our system since June of 2015, in eager anticipation of receiving our FAA 333 Exemption. In the middle of February 2016 our exemption came through and we are now legal to offer our services commercially.

More Recently we have trained and became certified by Blue Marble Geographics on the use of their GlobalMapper software. This will allow us to provide our clients many unique features in their aerial data if needed.


GyroFly develops the Gyro 500 quadrirotor for hover flights, using advanced technologies and methods of flight control. Its technical characteristics combine control software, structures with composite materials and high performance electric motors, making a high technology and balanced relationship of flight performance and operational benefits.

About the Company
GyroFly is an aeronautical technology company focused on engineering and product development of RPAs (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems), on-board aerial systems design and programming, as well as support for multiple market applications that utilize the handling and interpretation of images and information registered in flight.
Gyrofly specializes in the design and production of small controlled aerial platforms that address the growing demand for reception of local images and research on information certain visual geographical areas. Located in São José dos Campos, Brazil’s national center of the development and aerospace production, Gyrofly delivers a line of products that specifically designed to different control needs and aerial surveillance requirements including chassis, transmission and reception systems, as well as, custom on-board components cameras of videos, sensors and GPS navigation systems. Conceived by industry professionals, Gyrofly offers a wide set of services directly to users looking for to increase adoption of this new technology in various industries and applications: science, surveillance, reconnaissance, publicity and patrimonial and human safety.

What is Gyro 500?
The system GYRO 500 is new RPAs with autonomous flight and navigation capabilities and modular payloads designed to perform tasks in the field of documentation, coordination, exploration, surveying, communication, inspection and observation. It is equipped with first-class MEMS gyros, GPS and other high quality sensors. The Gyro 500 is lightweight and ready to deploy within minutes by one operator. With vertical takeoff and landing capabilities, there are no limitations as where as to use the unit, even in confined or complex terrain.