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Flat Earth Inc Flat Earth Inc - Full Profile

Flat Earth specializes in end-user applications using Novelda’s XeThru Impulse Radar technology. Flat Earth develops applications for altimetery and proximity sensing, navigation and transportation, search and rescue, medical applications, scientific instrumentation, and other novel applications utilizing radar, GPS and information systems.

Flat Earth offers full service product design and development. We are capable of helping you take your application from the initial concept stage into a finished product. We respect the amount you have invested in your product and we ensure complete confidentiality throughout all phases of development.

Flat Earth is the North American distributor and value added re-seller of Novelda XeThru products. Novelda is a world leading design manufacturer of a complete CMOS impulse radar system on a chip (SOC). Contact us for more information on Novelda products or visit Novelda at

Flight-Cam Flight-Cam - Full Profile

Aerial filming of events, sports marketing and real estate. Specializing in surfing and various water sports. Video editing and web hosting.

Flite Evolution Flite Evolution - Full Profile

Flite Evolution builds, sells and services custom UAV and related systems. We offer premium battery powered Ready-to-Fly radio control fixed wing and multirotor aircraft platforms, ground stations, FPV equipment, and associated training. Our UAVs are offered as line of sight, FPV (First Person View) and fully autonomous which can be tailored to fit your needs, flight objectives and missions.Customers include police and fire departments, the US armed forces, farmers, ranchers, fisherman, facilities maintenance crews, the agriculture and mapping environment, private pilots, video production specialists and R/C hobbyists. Our systems can be operated by a wide range of persons and no previous UAV or RC experience is required. Usages range from situational awareness, tactical missions, reconnaissance, surveillance, and two-way airborne communications as well as simple recreation and hobby interests.

FloridaUAV FloridaUAV - Full Profile

FloridaUAV was founded by Damon Young, who has been building and flying all types of R/C aircraft since the early 80’s. Raised on a family farm in Virginia, Damon’s career path first led him to state, then Federal law enforcement before he moved on to private sector investigations. With 20 years of government and private experience, Damon fully appreciates the opportunities that lie ahead with the safe and responsible use of UAV technology.

While FloridaUAV is an online retailer, our goal is to create a website that you can use as your primary source of information. Most importantly, FloridaUAV will show you where to find the most up to date safety information and updates on the laws regulating UAVs. You should be able to go to to learn what products are new in our industry and see examples of people all over the world who are putting this technology to good use.

Please let us hear from you.We like nothing more than to chat about your current project, see your videos/pictures or help find solutions to any problems you’re having. If you’ve got a new product of your own, tell us about it! There are truly inspiring stories out there of lives being saved, young inventors coming up with revolutionary ideas and people simply finding new ways to create great shots.

Our pledge to you is to provide the best customer service, friendliest advice and the best products available. Our team consists of experienced R/C users who have each dealt with complacent customer service. FloridaUAV is the exception. With that, we ask for your support and very much look forward to working with you.

Flow Logic Ltd Flow Logic Ltd - Full Profile

Flow Motion Aerials Flow Motion Aerials - Full Profile

Flow Motion Aerials is an expert aerial photography and cinematography production company. We have mastered the technical skills and film knowledge necessary to capture the previously unachievable shots.

We offer Aerial Photography, Aerial Cinematography, Full Video Production and Industrial Drone Services.

Fly Robotics Fly Robotics - Full Profile

Fly Robotics is a Veteran owned company comprised of UAS Flight Instructors and Operators, dedicated to providing superior sUAS Training and Education.

Fly Robotics is proud to be the exclusive provider of sUAS Training and Education for the Academy of Model Aeronautics.

Flyboy Aerial Photography Flyboy Aerial Photography - Full Profile

Flyboy AP is a local Raleigh based company specializing in Aerial Photography and Videography using the latest in UAV/UAS hardware. We can provide photos or videos of any special event, real estate listing, or any other occasion where photographs are videos are used to document and memorialize the event.

FlyBy Marketing FlyBy Marketing - Full Profile

FlyBy Marketing strives to provide its partners with a stunning and polished product that has multiple benefits. Grabbing the attention of new customers, buyers, investors, fans, and many more audiences to assist in that journey from A to Z.

The possibilities for our low altitude aerial productions are endless. If you can conceptualize it, we can make that a reality.

In addition to our aerial capabilities, there are a large number of ground scenarios in which we can partner as well. From various types of virtual tours (interior real estate, neighborhood walking tours, future site tours) to time lapse projects (community development, building construction), we can exceed expectations.


Flyby Photography Flyby Photography - Full Profile

​Flyby Photography is based in Ashford, Kent, operating throughout the UK, and provides stunning 4K broadcast quality aerial filming and Stills offering a new perspective on your project.

We specialize in TV & Promotional Filming, and have a list of prestige clients, we come as a dual operator crew, with one pilot flying the craft, and the other solely focusing on controlling the camera gimbal for more accurate and cinematic shots.

We also offer services for the Insurance and Construction industries, including aerial asset inspections- a state of the art safe, and cost effective access solution., Site progress photography as well as site mapping.

Please go to to find out more

FlyCarbon FlyCarbon - Full Profile

We supply carbon fiber tubes for the UAV market, not only common sizes but custom made for the customers needs. We also offer custom cutting of our stocked tubing for your one time project or for prototyping. We can offer one on one customer service.

Flygfilm Trollhättan Flygfilm Trollhättan - Full Profile

Film and photo service using UAS

Flying Cross Aerial Productions Flying Cross Aerial Productions - Full Profile

For documentary, commercial, and reality TV, or if you're a developer, realtor, require site analysis and documentation, or close-in inspection of difficult to access areas, you've come to the right place. We fly full size helicopters with Tyler, Wescam and Cineflex mounts, and unmanned aerial multicopters (drones). Our aerial video drones carry a GH3/4 camera with a stabilized gimbal on an 8 rotor multicopter. This setup is capable of delivering stunning HD, 4K and Cinema 4K footage. Plus, our photo flight team has the experience, with more than 30 years in aerial video production plus FAA commercial fixed wing, aircraft maintenance and helicopter licenses. We are fully insured for commercial use of UAV's.

Flying Robots LLC Flying Robots LLC - Full Profile

Startup building drones and IP based telemetry systems for Pixhawk and APM Flight controllers.

Flying Tech Flying Tech - Full Profile

Flying Tech is a multirotor specialist based in the UK. We supply, build, manufacture and fly all things multirotor related. Not only do we stock the best multicopter products at a great price, we also offer, 3D printing, laser cutting, vacuum forming and CNC machining services so that you can build the ultimate multirotor! Whether you are just setting out in the hobby, or even if you require a custom build professional spec drone, our experience in the industry makes us well placed to help, so give us a call or send us a message. - Full Profile is a shop for professional drones, multi-rotors, UAV, sUAV, UAS and Aerial Photography platforms.

FlyMotion Media FlyMotion Media - Full Profile

Flyover Systems Inc Flyover Systems Inc - Full Profile

Utilizing the growing and exciting UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) market, Flyover Systems Inc. is on the forefront of the technology by offering our services to consumers and businesses. We pride ourselves on researching, testing and developing the latest hardware and software, producing the best quality images and video for our clients. Our ability to capture stunning 1080p full HD video makes us the leader in our industry.
Flyover Systems is based out of Charleston SC and with over 20 years of drone, photography and video editing experience our staff have seen it all. Our ability to take your property or event and make it stand out like never before makes us the leader in our industry. Providing breathtaking images is what we do, but safety is always our first priority. All of our unmanned aerial systems include GPS flight systems with live video feedback, and fail-safe safety features.
The applications for our aerial imaging are virtually limitless, if you have an idea or project you would like to discuss, please contact us today.

Flyral Imaging Flyral Imaging - Full Profile

Flyral is a content marketing company that specializes in aerial images. We use advanced tech and a creative skill-set to sell property, promote businesses, capture moments and more.

We are not only the first of our kind in the Mid-South, but we are raising the bar form the start. A professional approach, creative eye and personal interaction can be seen in everything we do.

We currently offer services for real estate, farming, tourism, advertising, film/cinema, sporting events/venues, general event promotion and consulting. Contact us today at 901-730-6113 to learn more about how Flyral can help or visit our website at

Flytem Flytem - Full Profile

Flytem est un service d'imagerie aérienne par drone. En simplifiant l'accès aux photos et vidéos aériennes nous mettons en valeur votre société, espace ou événement grâce à nos solutions drone photo et drone vidéo HD et en 4K.

Flyworx Flyworx - Full Profile

We have a very good solution for all your aerial footage requirements.
We operate on ours Multirotors a brushless gimbal (similar to Movi gimbal) with full HD footage from our Sony HDR 740, DSLR cameras and RED (Epic, Scarlet or Dragon). With a quick setup time and full wireless feed from the camera.
We also do Live Broadcast with HD link, to connect to your OB van.
Full camera movement control is granted by our experiment cameraman combined with our long time RC pilot.

We ensure you always get the shot you want!

FuGenX Technologies FuGenX Technologies - Full Profile

• FuGenX is the award winning Mobility Company, headquartered in Dubai with the sales offices in California and India.
• Developed more than 1500+ Mobile Apps and Games
• 200+ Creative Mobile Engineers
• Worked with many start ups to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 Companies across the Globe
• Developed many Award Winning Top 10 listed Apps and Games
• Awarded as India and Asia Pacific’s fastest growing mobility company by Deloitte
• Efficient Project Management model (Scrum) with specialized testing & QA team
• Work on iPhone / iPad (Objective C, Xcode), Android (Java, Android SDK), Blackberry (J2ME, RIM), Windows, Phonegap, Sencha Touch, Games in iOS / Android (Cocos2D, Unity 3D etc…)