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Eagle Eye Innovations Ltd Eagle Eye Innovations Ltd - Full Profile

Eagle Eye Innovations Ltd are a team of professional aviators who specialize in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Nationally or Internationally EEI can help your business utilize this exciting, growing new industry. Whether it is training, advice or consultation EEI can provide your company with the tools needed to operate UAV's effectively, safely and successfully.
Eagle Eye Innovations Ltd also offers a new concept in aerial photography and industrial inspections. Already award winning in this field, EEI use small unmanned air vehicles and state of the art digital cameras which material and footage can be used to design a bespoke promotional media package that will literally put you above your competitors. Using different technologies such as infrared cameras EEI also has the ability to film and analyze industrial sites such as wind farms, cellphone towers and oil installations to detect faults without putting anyone in harms way. In addition EEI can use its operational experience to create security and surveillance solutions.

Eagle UAV Services Eagle UAV Services - Full Profile


EAGLE-VIEW, a trade mark of PILGRIM TECHNOLOGY, design and developp drones (multi rotors & fixed wings) which can be used for inspection and security survey in different fields such as Energy (power, oil & gaz, renewable marine energy), civil works, building construction and mining.
We are specialized in photogrammetry and NDVI.
We can supply tailor made solutions with a range of drones which have been already approved / recognized by French regulations. and Ivory Coast regulations.

Our inspectors have experience in Marine & Oil & Gas fied as quality inspection and have been approved by major contractors (SHELL / TOTAL / EXXON / ...)

East Coast Jib and Aerial LLC. East Coast Jib and Aerial LLC. - Full Profile

East Coast Jib and Aerial provides film/television directors and producers the right operators and the right equipment to nail the shots they want. Over 20 years of production experience in all facets of the business, let us help you achieve the perfect angle and altitude for your show. Flying a state-of-the-art SkyJib 8 octocopter that can lift 15 lbs of camera and lens, we are leading the way in aerial cinematography. We also have 2 triangle Jimmy Jibs with all the bells and whistles. The best gear and the best operators... how can we help?

EasyUAV EasyUAV - Full Profile

Early in 2010 a group of guys came together sharing a deep belief that UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles) would fundamentally change society in much the same way as the car or personal computer did. Since then we have been developing, testing and delivering high end aerial systems that are easy to use. These systems are specifically aimed at a variety of relevant Southern African challenges

ECODRONES - Aerial Solutions ECODRONES - Aerial Solutions - Full Profile

ECODRONES is a small Brazilian company, a newborn startup and has a focus on providing air services making use of DRONES (or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - UAV). Having Pleased to meet the growing demand for such services in Brazil and worlwide.

The ECODRONES since inception had the know-how of enthusiasts, researchers, technicians, engineers and multidisciplinary team developing automated robotic systems in Brazil and abroad. Meeting the team capable of engineering solutions to the varied scenarios.

We support the use of global innovations in DRONES, to offer the best of this technology can bring to customers.

We are committed to offering the most usable and affordable DRONES to the widest audience, at affordable prices.

We want to hear from you, let us know how we're doing or suggest new features.

electricwingman limited electricwingman limited - Full Profile

Online retailer based in UK for supply of radio controlled multi-rotor and fixed wing aircraft components to trade and public. Motors, batteries, propellers - parts to fly the lot!


Embention Embention - Full Profile

Embention offers both, complete systems and high reliability components for UAV and Drones.

Veronte Autopilot is the ultimate Plug 'n Fly UAS/RPAS Flight Control System / Autopilot. Including main key features: RTK positioning, Digital video, Computer vision (See & Avoid), DO178B/C, DO254, DO160G, Adaptive control, Configurable phases & channels, Path tracking, FDR, 64 UAVs, FTS, Dual & triple redundant… Core of 1st European RPAS Airworthiness Certificate

Other Veronte components included on company catalog are: control station, brushless motor controller, DC/DC, gimbal, tracking antennas...

NM& is the ready to fly systems section on the company where highlights the W200 fixed wing aircraft, available for mapping and surveillance applications. NM& also manufactures custom systems, adapted to the most demanding requirements.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Full Profile

The Unmanned Aircraft Systems Science degree gives graduates the expertise they need for employment as operators, observers, sensor operators, and operations administrators of unmanned aircraft systems. The coursework covers several UAS applications areas, including hazardous operations, surveillance and data collection, secure operations, long duration operations, highly repetitive operations, and autonomous operations. Students also learn about the engineering aspects of these aircraft systems and the regulations governing their operation.

The Bachelor of Science in Unmanned Aircraft Systems Science degree is housed in the Department of Aeronautical Science in the College of Aviation.

EpicJib Aerial Media EpicJib Aerial Media - Full Profile

We offer low level aerial photography and videography by means of a radio controlled UAV (Unmaned Aerial Vehicle) Quad or Octocopter with the very latest in camera, camera gimbal, and flight controller technology.
Our DJI S1000 Octocopter will allow us to fly where no full sized helicopter or airplane could travel due to flight speeds and minimum altitudes. We fly the Panasonic GH4 4K ultra HD camera and the Canon 5D mark3.
We can give you lower level and specific aerial shots based on your needs and wants.
Because these are electrically powered, environmental and noise concerns are at a minimum.

We operate under the strict guildelines set by Transport Canada and operate with a blanket SFOC(Special Flight Operations Certificate) which allows us to operate within days of booking a job.

We are fully insured for 5 million liability

Eurolink Systems Group Eurolink Systems Group - Full Profile

Eurolink Systems Group has been founded since 1993. His first mission and core business have been and still are the electronic solutions for mission critical applications like, radars, sonars, ECM, SDR systems. Since 2009 the Group diversified his activities in the Unmanned Robotics, also called "DRONES" design, research and development, mainly in micro and mini classes, even if the skills are available for bigger systems.
Today, Eurolink Systems Unmanned Robotic solutions , aerial and ground ones, are used by the Italian Army in operative theaters as well as from Police, Carabinieri and Special Forces.
Eurolink just delivered the first micro tethered/towed VTOL on the market, called COBRA ( ), as well as is offering a wide product portfolio:
UGV: Leopardo A, wheeled light weight mini UGV for urban security and cIED applications;
Leopardo B, wheeled or tracked for cIED applications;
Leopardo BEE.R, tracked for research Labs, Universities and mainly for swarm/authonomous applications;
PRIAMO, soon released....for cIED and Urban security;
Custom robots on request;
UAV-VTOL: X1, rugged light micro VTOL;
EKSI family, 6,6,12: mini VTOL up to 10Kg Payload
UAV-VTOL Wired: Cobra family
Custom VTOL on request;
UAV: Bramor-I : Improved version of the Bramor with 3hrs endurance/30Km LOS <4Kg take off weight;
Maveric: A micro UAV from Prioria Robotics;
Colibrì family: low cost mini UAV for commercial applications
Custom UAV on request;
Trainings, pilots school, simulation, services based on Unmanned Robotics for any field

Event 38 Unmanned Systems Event 38 Unmanned Systems - Full Profile

Event 38 designs and manufactures drones, (unmanned aerial systems), specialized optical sensors, and a precision analytics data platform for small and medium sized businesses. Today we have customers in 49 countries using our products for agriculture, surveying, construction, environmental preservation, and other applications. For more information please contact us at

Experience Above Experience Above - Full Profile

Based in Miami, Florida – Experience Above specializes in creating high-impact, high definition aerial videos for businesses. With over 6 years of experience in both the film and radio controlled industry, our team has the expertise to capture any shot.

We specialize in using state of the art aerial drone systems to capture unique movements in revolutionary ways. With the ability to obtain shots that wires, cranes, and full size aircraft simply can’t achieve.

Experts Innovation Experts Innovation - Full Profile

Welcome to Experts Innovation​
​ Experts Innovation is a Domain which creates imaginary link between Education System and Professionals. The main focusing Era of this Domain is newly booming Unmanned Aircraft system field. We believe in Real Condition rather than Ideal Condition. Our Experts Innovation gives Priority to that Folks who have thinking out of box. We divided domain in to different parts from Training up to Career where new comer can Judge about this New Creative Era that ‘is it worth or not?”

Extreme UAS Extreme UAS - Full Profile

EYE Remote Solutions SA EYE Remote Solutions SA - Full Profile

EYE Remote Solutions is an Unmanned air - ground - maritime systems integrator and provider for operations, data and leasing services. Our mission is to enhance business efficiency and reduce job risks by supporting field operations and inspections with unmanned technologies.

EZDrone EZDrone - Full Profile is a RC Multi-Rotor Drone Company. Whether you want professional aerial photography/video or you're a hobbyist, we're the company for you!!!
We are drone people. We are here to utilize this innovative technology to provide the highest caliber service for all your multi-rotor drone needs.
Description is a commercial and hobby drone company. We bring you the highest quality and most popular multirotors on the market today.

We offer professional aerial photography and video for all types of needs. We can promote your real estate, help you get that great action sports shot or you may just want unique shots for a wedding. Whatever your needs are, we can accommodate. Visit our website at for contact information.

Also, we are a multirotor dealer, assembler, programmer, and calibrator. We do the hard stuff so you just fly. If you want to be the one behind the camera, we can set you up with anything to suit your needs. Whether you are just starting out or looking for a high-end professional rig, we have you covered.

Visit today for more information!