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Bakehouse Aerial Bakehouse Aerial - Full Profile

Bakehouse Aerial work with a wide range end clients and production houses - if you're looking for a unique aerial perspective we can help you to achieve it. Aerial film & photography adds production value to film, and offers new and creative ways to help to tell your story. There are two crucial things you need to know right now...

We are 100% legal, operating under the stringent legal guidelines set down by the Civil Aviation Authority. We're insured and have the required Permission for Aerial Work.

Foremost we're photographers and filmmakers, we understand the grammar and aesthetics of film production. Our work reflects this - aerial footage should look beautiful and help to tell stories.

If you have a project which you feel would benefit from aerial images, please get in touch with us today. We're based in Yorkshire, UK and can travel.

Bangkokvideoproductions Bangkokvideoproductions - Full Profile

Thailand Aerial Drone Filming Service, Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chang Mai

Thai Royal Airforce accredited Federadtion Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) Licensed Pilots. Thailand Film Office Coordinator License for foreign film production companies. Professional & highly experienced Aerial Cinematographer. Wide choice of Drones from Spreading Wings with Panasonic Lumix GH4 Cameras to the Inspire 1 with fully integrated 4K camera. Contact:

Aerial filming Thailand, aerial filming Bangkok, aerial filming Pattaya, aerial filming Phuket, aerial filming Chang Mai, Unmanned aerial vehicle services, aerial filming Thailand, drone filming Thailand
FAI License no: THA1540

Baykar Technologies Baykar Technologies - Full Profile

Baykar Makina pioneers the design, development, and production of innovative solutions in Turkey’s aerospace and defense sector. With our multidisciplinary, dynamic, and young engineering team, our activities span a multitude of domains from R&D to production and from system integration to subsystem development. We carry production level systems through the entire development lifecycle from prototyping to production to support. Baykar is proud to provide our customers the most cost-effective and game-changing technologies available on the market.

History & Culture

Established in 1984 as a CNC precision machining supplier subcontractor, “Baykar” is a portmanteau of the words “Bayraktar Kardesler” (Bayraktar Brothers), who founded the company with the conventional machining of automotive parts with NC and later CNC machines.

Baykar has since expanded its expertise with our team of highly motivated engineering teams, focusing today on aerospace, robotics, and control systems specifically housed within our Unmanned Aerial Systems. Our core capabilities include:

- Design & Analysis of Aerial Platforms
- Electronic Hardware Design
- Embedded Software Development
- Object-Oriented Software Development
- Composites Manufacturing
- Multi Axis CNC Machining
- Electronics Manufacturing
- Cable Harness, and
- Hardware Test & Integration
- Baykar culture asserts a hierarchy of knowledge and merit above a hierarchy of status and titles, and this attitude translates to robust, precision-engineered systems that serve our customers’ most critical needs.

Belcan Corporation Belcan Corporation - Full Profile

Belcan Corporation provides engineering, staffing, and other flexible workforce solutions to clients around the globe. A dedication to the success of our clients and employees, along with a commitment to a core set of beliefs that start with integrity, has led to over 50 years of growth and success. From jet engines to electronics, heavy equipment to pharmaceuticals, and distribution centers to manufacturing, Belcan takes a partnering approach to provide customer-driven solutions that are flexible, scalable, and cost-effective. Our extraordinary technical expertise, process excellence, and unmatched customer dedication have made Belcan the most trusted and respected name in our business. In summary, we give our clients a competitive edge through innovation in how work gets done.


Law firm. Focus in law of drones and unmanned vehicles on contracts and export controls/ITAR in international commerce.

BeyondHD Aerial Cinematography BeyondHD Aerial Cinematography - Full Profile

BeyondHD Aerial are one of the most successful Drone Aerial Filming companies in the UK, with credits including film, tv, commercials, live sports, Outside Broadcasts.
Flying the Black Armored Drone, which is the worlds most advanced 12 rotor drones, capable of flying with cameras such as Red Epic, Dragon, Sony F55, Arri etc, all with PL lenses and up to 3 lens motors, with HD monitoring and broadcast transmission capable.
Credits include major Hollywood movies for Disney, Marvel, commercials and prime time documentaries for terrestrial tv
Our highly experienced pilots, gimbal operators and technicians have served many years in film and tv and understand the importance of working as part of a team in highly challenging environments and on large sets. The most advanced aircraft, cameras and crew available.

Big Mountain Robotics (aka Big Mountain Robotics (aka - Full Profile

Precision, geo-referenced orthomosaics, digital elevation models (DEMs), digital surface models (DSMs), calibrated, normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) produced from your imagery through a web-based service. We also offer consulting and support for UAS operations and flight planning, sensor selection and set-up, GIS services, BigData and custom algorithm, hardware, software development.

Bionic Eye Bionic Eye - Full Profile


Using our bespoke aerial, ground and cable remote control vehicle technology THE BIONIC EYE undertakes unique 360 degree survey data capture and visual inspection in the most hazardous environments with specialist knowledge of Rail and Construction needs.

THE BIONIC EYE approach avoids costly infrastructure closures, reduces Health and Safety constraints and speeds data gathering with 100% availability surveying.

Combining high definition imagery or cloud point LiDAR capture along with our rail industry knowledge, THE BIONIC EYE’s provides an fully immersive software environment allowing surveyors and contractors unprecedented interaction with the asset be it for visual inspection to BIM integration via our scan-to-BIM solutions.

By combining the best cameras, bespoke rigs and image technology, unmanned vehicles (aerial, cable and ground based) and our own pin point modelling technology we produce 3D visualisations of infrastructure to construction accuracy.

Our approach, our technology and our deliverable to you is unique within the rail industry. Please read our case studies to see examples of how we have worked and/or register to experience BE.3DAM.

As you would expect we are both BNUC and CAA licenses but were invited to work with Network Rail back in mid 2013 to test and develop the use of UAV technology for use within the Rail Sector

Birdeye Birdeye - Full Profile

We carry all kinds of photo and video work - specializing in aerial photography and video with drone at low altitude. We guarantee high quality images and video.

Birdeye is a photographic business. We take pictures in a whole new dimension and in a price range that is extremely attractive compared to other airborne platforms. We solve the tasks using the latest technologies - and so we do all our aerial photography and video with drones.

Birds Eye Productions, LLC Birds Eye Productions, LLC - Full Profile

Our Phoenix based production company utilizes the most advanced and elite equipment in the industry; the same equipment that National Geographic, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel and others use to capture their breathtaking shots are now available for your productions.

Birds Eye Productions’ pilots have extensive RC backgrounds in mechanical and operational procedures. We are constantly learning about new advances in this cutting edge industry so that we can provide our clients with only the best and latest. We have even adapted and invented in-house equipment to get the smoothest, crispest shot possible. We are very flexible and have the ability to work around certain restraints. (If a shot is unsafe, or unobtainable from one method or angle, we will come up with alternatives.)

Aerial videography and photography can be described in one word: precision. It takes a lot of coordination between the pilot, the camera operator and the director to be harmoniously synchronized. The elevation, speed and pace of the copter has to be precise while simultaneously the camera tilt and pan movement has to be perfect.

Our inventive, passionate and dedicated team of professionals has over 25 years of combined experience, so you can be assured that BEP will get you the shots you need and that the precision and quality will be unmatched.

We thrive off taking our clients’ projects in the real estate, feature films, commercials, surveying, panoramic pictures and inspections industries to new heights. In today’s competitive world, every project needs that special something; that edge to get ahead and to stand out. BEP is dedicated to giving your project that edge!

Peruse through our site to learn more about our company and our services and make sure to visit BEP’s Team page to get to know our talented pilots and the rest of our team.

Joshua Lambeth

Birdseye Video, LLC Birdseye Video, LLC - Full Profile

Birdseye Video imagines and continuously provides the most creative aerial perspective media, making our clients more productive, more profitable, and able to move ahead of their competition. Birdseye Video was founded by a FAA certified commercial pilot with nearly two decades of experience in the aviation industry. Our team is comprised of professional players, each bringing a wealth of knowledge, a dedication to customer success, and a tenacity to deliver absolute excellence. Our unrelenting focus on safety, creativity and customer satisfaction allows us to craft the right aerial solution for you.

Black Sky Drone Black Sky Drone - Full Profile

Connecticut drone photography and professional aerial video production service, focused on creating cinematic aerial content with the highest production value attainable for news, film production, real estate, marketing, construction & more. This is achieved through proven flight techniques and the world’s most advanced unmanned aircraft systems.

● Real Estate

● Marketing

● Film Production and Documentaries

● News and Entertainment

● Music & Web Videos

● Commercials

● Corporate Videos

Black Swift Technologies Black Swift Technologies - Full Profile

Black Swift Technologies designs and deploys specialized small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) for user-specific, customized applications. BST offers a complete flight management solution, called the SwiftCore, that includes an advanced autopilot, ground control station, and an intuitive tablet based interface.

Black Swift Technologies Black Swift Technologies - Full Profile

Black Swift Technologies is an engineering firm specializing in the development of next generation small unmanned aircraft platforms and technologies. A suite of proprietary modular products have been optimized for rapid customization to meet customer requirements for any usage scenario.

Founded in 2011, Black Swift Technologies is working towards providing innovative data gathering solutions to optimize process management in a host of end-user applications such as large scale agriculture, livestock ranching, and disaster relief. Our vision is to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs for end-users by providing targeted information that can be gathered via aerial surveillance without the need for skilled pilots or expensive conventional aircraft.

Blackbird Aerial Blackbird Aerial - Full Profile

Aerial photography and cinematography services.

Blue Square Aerospace Inc. Blue Square Aerospace Inc. - Full Profile

The Blue Square Aerospace division includes the licensing of two products— a drone technology for commercial application and an obstacle detection technology for aircraft.


Construction and production of unmanned vehicles (fixed wing).

Branex Branex - Full Profile

First and Foremost, Branex is the preeminent IT company from the New York, USA. Branex provides all types of design and marketing solutions such as website design, app development, SEO, PPC etc always done by the experienced professionals having the excellent experiences from topmost creative digital agencies in USA

Bulldog Aerials Bulldog Aerials - Full Profile

Bulldog Aerials specializes in aerial cinematography/photography for real estate, school campuses, golf courses and landscape. My 15 years of experience in network news gives me the advantage of know what broadcast and viewers are looking for in your videos.