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Aerial Peek LLC Aerial Peek LLC - Full Profile

Using the latest in Unmanned Aerial Systems Technology (UAS) we have the ability to safely fly indoors, outdoors even over a crowd in virtually any location. Aerial Peek is a limited liability Company and fully insured. We are FAA compliant and our Drones employ numerous failsafe features to ensure the safety of people and property. Services are tailored to the unique needs of each client. Working closely with you, we obtain the maximum impact with stunning aerial imagery for your home, boating or sporting events, weddings, real estate marketing, ..…the possibilities are endless. Our team at Aerial Peek prides itself on delivering personal professional service.

Bangkokvideoproductions Bangkokvideoproductions - Full Profile

Thailand Aerial Drone Filming Service, Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chang Mai

Thai Royal Airforce accredited Federadtion Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) Licensed Pilots. Thailand Film Office Coordinator License for foreign film production companies. Professional & highly experienced Aerial Cinematographer. Wide choice of Drones from Spreading Wings with Panasonic Lumix GH4 Cameras to the Inspire 1 with fully integrated 4K camera. Contact:

Aerial filming Thailand, aerial filming Bangkok, aerial filming Pattaya, aerial filming Phuket, aerial filming Chang Mai, Unmanned aerial vehicle services, aerial filming Thailand, drone filming Thailand
FAI License no: THA1540

CATUAV CATUAV - Full Profile

CATUAV is a private company dedicated to Earth Observation and Remote Sensing using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), also known as drones. Our multidisciplinary and experienced team has developed proprietary technology that has proven their effectiveness and reliability in a wide range of applications. Since 2003 we offer our customers comprehensive and flexible solutions that allow them to get the most out of UAV technology.

Doheny Drones Doheny Drones - Full Profile

Doheny Drones sells, rents and rents to purchase the most advanced drones for commercial use. We also offer custom drone solutions in the form of custom ground control stations, custom vehicles for easy drone and ground station transport, and custom sensor options.

Drone Solutions Drone Solutions - Full Profile

Drone solutions nace con la finalidad de poder ofrecer soluciones integrales con drones al alcance de todos los públicos, para ello ponemos a vuestra disposición toda nuestra flota de multicopteros, dotados con la última tecnología en vuelo y navegación, equipados con las cámaras y estabilizadores adecuados a cada trabajo.

Entre nuestros clientes podemos encontrar empresas grandes y pequeñas del sector privado como pueden ser inmobiliarias, productoras cinematográficas, fotógrafos, periodistas, agricultores, seguridad privada, construcción de obra pública y privada, peritos….

Empresas públicas como ayuntamientos y organizaciones gubernamentales, servicios de emergencias.

Privados para video y fotografía aérea.

Para las empresas que precisen de un servicio continuado de vuelos, ponemos a vuestra disposición nuestro departamento de I+D que en constante evolución diseña y construye drones adaptados a las necesidades especificas de cada empresa. Realizamos el mantenimiento y nos encargamos de la formación al personal de la empresa en las instalaciones de Drone Solutions o en en sus propias instalaciones. Sin escatimar en seguridad y calidad ofrecemos los mejores precios del mercado. - Full Profile, is a webshop where we sell high quality drones for consumers. We sell all kinds of drones from DJI products till XIRO drones and all kinds of accessories which you can use to make that perfect shot with your camera.

We offer different kind of services such as repairs, rental and video editing services. If you have any questions then don't hesitate to visit our site at or send us an e-mail at

SkyMedia Productions SkyMedia Productions - Full Profile

SkyMedia Productions is a video production studio. We specialise in aerial videography. We are CASA Certified Australian UAV Operators.We offer services to clients in Film & TV, Tourism, Real Estate and property developments,Live Events and more. We are Sydney based and operate throughout Australia as well as overseas.

Tire rack services Tire rack services - Full Profile

The trail Central Lakes to Osakis is headed by the former elevator Osakis, now property of Panther Distillery. (Photo of echo file Press)
of new improvements are underway for the Trail Central Lakes to Osakis.

Dan Wessell of the Chamber of Commerce of the region of Osakis revealed plans to the municipal council at its meeting of 3 January.

One of the ideas is a repair station of bicycle where bikers could do basic repairs and maintenance, such as fixing a punctured tire, the adjustment of the brakes and shifters or filling of a tire bottom.

Another convenience would be 10 or 12 bikes available for visitors and residents to use on the track. This would probably be an honor system. People could use the bicycles, then the return to a support of bicycle when they are finished with their turn.

Wessell said that the bicycles would be painted red and that the door-bicycles would be silvery, reflecting the colors associated with Osakis.

The House would cover the total cost of the repair station, bicycles and racks, said Mr. Wessell.

"We must continue to do things to improve our community," said Wessell to the Council. "This is another thing that people can do here."

The bikes and the repair station would be placed on a slab of cement of 6 by 10 feet with a short boardwalk leading to the track. A place which has been discussed would be close to where the clock of the historic city center was.

The Council has also talked about other ideas to improve the Trail - A display panel or a kiosk, similar to that of Alexandria, which would show the route of the trail through Osakis; providing access to bathrooms located on the inside of the Information Center of Osakis, which could be open throughout the year; adding a "getter to grocery store" shopping cart as another people of bike could access from the runway; the movement of the clock of history, is in stock now, therefore, it is in close proximity to the new amenities; and the possibility of giving a small corner of the land to the Department of Natural Resources for the improvements.

Justin Dahlheimer, member of the municipal council,
[url=]Tire rack [/url]

UMILES Group UMILES Group - Full Profile

Unmanned Miles Group presenta el mayor grupo de empresas relacionado con los sistemas aéreos no tripulados. Dedicados principalmente a la operación en diversos sectores, ofrecemos todo tipo de servicios en el territorio peninsular y en países de América, África y Asia.

Gracias a la integración de las diversas empresas que componen el grupo, U Miles Group presesenta una dilatada experiencia y calidad operativa en todas sus vertientes. Nuestro objetivo es ofrecer un excelente servicio a nuestros clientes mediante soluciones innovadoras presentando un coste disruptivo en cualquier parte del mundo.