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360Heros 360Heros - Full Profile

At 360Heros, our goal is to provide individuals and organizations with affordable virtual reality and 360 degree video solutions. Our products and services make it possible for professional producers and hobbyists alike to create fully spherical and interactive 360 video content. Whether you are interested in filming 360 video, taking panoramic photos or creating 3D content for virtual reality, our software and hardware offer quality and reliability.

abc abc - Full Profile

ADVIZOR Solutions ADVIZOR Solutions - Full Profile

ADVIZOR Solutions is unique in offering business analysis software with integrated predictive modeling. Our customers are able to understand their data and analyze information without relying on others to prepare or interpret the results. Let ADVIZOR transform your data to help you track the progress towards your goals. Visit our website today!

Bionic Eye Bionic Eye - Full Profile


Using our bespoke aerial, ground and cable remote control vehicle technology THE BIONIC EYE undertakes unique 360 degree survey data capture and visual inspection in the most hazardous environments with specialist knowledge of Rail and Construction needs.

THE BIONIC EYE approach avoids costly infrastructure closures, reduces Health and Safety constraints and speeds data gathering with 100% availability surveying.

Combining high definition imagery or cloud point LiDAR capture along with our rail industry knowledge, THE BIONIC EYE’s provides an fully immersive software environment allowing surveyors and contractors unprecedented interaction with the asset be it for visual inspection to BIM integration via our scan-to-BIM solutions.

By combining the best cameras, bespoke rigs and image technology, unmanned vehicles (aerial, cable and ground based) and our own pin point modelling technology we produce 3D visualisations of infrastructure to construction accuracy.

Our approach, our technology and our deliverable to you is unique within the rail industry. Please read our case studies to see examples of how we have worked and/or register to experience BE.3DAM.

As you would expect we are both BNUC and CAA licenses but were invited to work with Network Rail back in mid 2013 to test and develop the use of UAV technology for use within the Rail Sector

Branex Branex - Full Profile

First and Foremost, Branex is the preeminent IT company from the New York, USA. Branex provides all types of design and marketing solutions such as website design, app development, SEO, PPC etc always done by the experienced professionals having the excellent experiences from topmost creative digital agencies in USA

CATUAV CATUAV - Full Profile

CATUAV is a private company dedicated to Earth Observation and Remote Sensing using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), also known as drones. Our multidisciplinary and experienced team has developed proprietary technology that has proven their effectiveness and reliability in a wide range of applications. Since 2003 we offer our customers comprehensive and flexible solutions that allow them to get the most out of UAV technology. - Full Profile

On, dutch people can compare prices for quadcopter vendors, we also support people in building their own drone and inform about our countrys set of rules regarding flying.

Embention Embention - Full Profile

Embention offers both, complete systems and high reliability components for UAV and Drones.

Veronte Autopilot is the ultimate Plug 'n Fly UAS/RPAS Flight Control System / Autopilot. Including main key features: RTK positioning, Digital video, Computer vision (See & Avoid), DO178B/C, DO254, DO160G, Adaptive control, Configurable phases & channels, Path tracking, FDR, 64 UAVs, FTS, Dual & triple redundant… Core of 1st European RPAS Airworthiness Certificate

Other Veronte components included on company catalog are: control station, brushless motor controller, DC/DC, gimbal, tracking antennas...

NM& is the ready to fly systems section on the company where highlights the W200 fixed wing aircraft, available for mapping and surveillance applications. NM& also manufactures custom systems, adapted to the most demanding requirements.

Event 38 Unmanned Systems Event 38 Unmanned Systems - Full Profile

Event 38 designs and manufactures drones, (unmanned aerial systems), specialized optical sensors, and a precision analytics data platform for small and medium sized businesses. Today we have customers in 49 countries using our products for agriculture, surveying, construction, environmental preservation, and other applications. For more information please contact us at

EYE Remote Solutions SA EYE Remote Solutions SA - Full Profile

EYE Remote Solutions is an Unmanned air - ground - maritime systems integrator and provider for operations, data and leasing services. Our mission is to enhance business efficiency and reduce job risks by supporting field operations and inspections with unmanned technologies.

EZDrone EZDrone - Full Profile is a RC Multi-Rotor Drone Company. Whether you want professional aerial photography/video or you're a hobbyist, we're the company for you!!!
We are drone people. We are here to utilize this innovative technology to provide the highest caliber service for all your multi-rotor drone needs.
Description is a commercial and hobby drone company. We bring you the highest quality and most popular multirotors on the market today.

We offer professional aerial photography and video for all types of needs. We can promote your real estate, help you get that great action sports shot or you may just want unique shots for a wedding. Whatever your needs are, we can accommodate. Visit our website at for contact information.

Also, we are a multirotor dealer, assembler, programmer, and calibrator. We do the hard stuff so you just fly. If you want to be the one behind the camera, we can set you up with anything to suit your needs. Whether you are just starting out or looking for a high-end professional rig, we have you covered.

Visit today for more information!

GeoID - Virtual Surveyor GeoID - Virtual Surveyor - Full Profile

GeoID is the company that builds Virtual Surveyor software: Software for Easy Visualization and Analysis of UAV Data. With Virtual Surveyor you can easily create virtual environments from your UAV data. Virtual Surveyor offers easy functions to edit terrains, calculate volumes, create survey plans and export those surveys to CAD or GIS. Virtual Surveyor allows you to enrich the virtual environment with additional 3D models and create stunning interactive presentations and videos with the presentation tools.

Google play store App Google play store App - Full Profile

Download the Google Play Store (official market of Android , or what is the same, Google Play ) is not common, but if one day you need it , simply follow're small steps detailed below, especially if you need download play store for android . If you already have a smartphone or tablet, but it does not have the permission of Google, do not worry, it is still possible to download it.

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Remember that it is the store where all Google services are grouped in the cloud as: Applications and Games, Play Music for music, Play Books for electronic books, Google Movies for movie rentals and ultimately where you can download free android applications .
Let's see how to download the market for tablet, smartphone and any device you will use.
In any case, you can download this file directly from your PC, so you will save space. If you want to download it from your device, we recommend that you connect to a Wi-Fi network. Well, you already have the file, and what you are going to do now is to insert the microSD card into your play store
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Hawkeye UAV Hawkeye UAV - Full Profile

Kinex Media Kinex Media - Full Profile

Kinex Media is a professional name in Toronto's top web design list as we have partnered with world leading brands Our highly engaging web developments can boost the rate of conversion and enhance your business visibility, productivity and sales.

Address: 25 Watline Ave #302, Mississauga, ON L4Z 2Z1, Canada

Phone:+1 416-907-4030

Mobile application development toronto Mobile application development toronto - Full Profile

Pyramidion Solutions is no doubt one of the top brands and service providers when it comes to mobile app development in Canada related to developing and launching classy and sophisticated iOS and Android mobile apps. We ascertain the fact that everything related to your needs and requirements are catered to in the form of a well functioning mobile app.

MooringAerospace MooringAerospace - Full Profile

MooringAerospace develops a wide range of leading edge sUAS and UAS platforms across a broad and diverse customer base. We have platforms suitable for Aerial Photography, Photogrammetry, Aerial Mapping, Real Estate, Agriculture Crop Analysis, Aerial Surveillance, Search and Rescue, Fire and Emergency Services and Law Enforcement. Our Platforms are the marriage of the best commercial and proprietary technologies available today in the sUAS & UAS field. We focus on bringing the best price performance to market for our customers by utilizing a broad partner and IHV ecosystem of products available across the globe by strong Industry leaders. Our sUAS & UAS Systems utilize state of the art Open Source & Commercial Autopilots & Stabilization Solutions provided from a multitude of providers such as 3DR Robotics APM, Paparazzi, Piccolo, Feiyutech, OpenPilot, AutoQuad, Zero UAV, DJI Naza and we utilize and customize many OpenSource GCS solutions from Mission Planner for APM and QGroundControl as well as OpenPilot and uGCS. All our sUAS and UAS Systems come with Telemetry solutions, GCS - Ground Station Command and Control solutions, Integrated IMU and Inertial Navigation, Fly By Wire and Point to Navigation as well as different Sensor solutions packages such as Sonar, Lidar, Optical Flow Sensors, Barometric Sensing, FLIR Day/Night Camera Gimbal Platforms and Multiple GPS options.

MooringAerospace is active with the AUVSI organization as well as AOPA. We are a locally owned company in Washington State and we have over 37 years of Remote Control experience between our team and over 20+ years of computer science and software development and marketing excellence having many of our team leaders coming from Fortune 100 - 500 companies. To learn more give us a call, let us help you along your path to utilizing sUAS and UAS Systems in your industry. Together we can achieve great solutions and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your company.

NMotion UAS, LLC NMotion UAS, LLC - Full Profile

NMotion UAS was founded by Public Safety Professionals & Veterans who saw a need for improving the safety and situational awareness of First Responders. With our field experience, we have uniquely designed systems that focus on ease of use, practicality, durability, and an affordable price tag. We have since tuned into the developing FAA Regulations & engineered a hassle free COA Process which enables Public Agencies to be operational quicker than anyone else.

Our services include consulting, proper FAA documentation & and required training, certification, maintenance, and a hassle free program unlike the rest. Our mission is to decrease unnecessary risk while improve situational awareness of First Responders.

NMotion UAS is committed to quality and affordability for Public Safety Agencies & Municipalities. Our UAV’s are engineered and customized by uniquely qualified personnel with experience and industry knowledge. Our systems require minimal training and are easy to use in the field. With a highly modular design, they adapt with technology and don’t get left behind like other systems.

Parcel Tracking Parcel Tracking - Full Profile

Parcel Courier Features Features
Security :- Security accessed by Parcel has a very good security and the information of each and every customer will be kept very personally.By the Parcel will also verifies the customer identity so that they are genuine or not. The company accepts only genuine customers.
Manage Notifications :- You can easily manage the notification by using the Parcel. So that you will get the notifications directly to you. Based on your choice the notification can be send to mobile and email.
Track and Trace :- Parcel has a track and trace facility in which the customer will know the delivery status of the package. So it will send the tracked information to the customer.
Re delivery Facility : If there is nobody to receive the package at the location specified by the customer. Then the Parcel will take the responsibility to redeliver the shipment to the desired location safely.
Best Customer Care support :- Parcel provides good customer support so that they will know each and everything very clearly.The customer care is available 24 by 7 to help the customers.

Pix4D Pix4D - Full Profile

Need to measure volume extractions or stockpile volumes for the mining industry? Create NDVIs from multi-spectral sensors for the precision agriculture sector? Generate contour lines and manage environmental changes of natural resources? Produce precise and timely maps and models for construction, cultural heritage or archaeology sites?

Pix4Dmapper automatically processes terrestrial and aerial imagery acquired by light-weight UAV or aircraft using its innovative technology based purely on image content. And converts your images into highly accurate, precise, customizable and timely results for a wide range of GIS and CAD applications.

PrebuiltML PrebuiltML - Full Profile

Precision Drone Precision Drone - Full Profile

Our agriculture drones and Precision Vision™ NDVI technologies are built by farmers, for farmers. Our passion to build and implement this technology grew out of our own desire to make farming more productive and efficient. Today's crop scouting methods are outdated and quite simply, inefficient. Crop scouting hundreds or thousands of acres was impossible through the old methodologies of lacing up your boots and walking. We developed this technology so farmers across the globe could manage their fields efficiently in an effort to be more productive.

QuestUAV Ltd QuestUAV Ltd - Full Profile

QuestUAV Ltd is a UK manufacturer of small modular fixed-wing drones that are designed to carry multiple airborne sensors and payloads for surveying, precision agriculture, and research applications.

QuestUAV have developed Q-POD UAV technology – an ultra- tough, high endurance and accurate, multi-sensor solution. Hot-swappable sensor pods carry up-to 2kg payloads that may include single or multiple sensor options such as high resolution RGB cameras, NDVI solutions, multispectral and thermal sensors. Combining class-leading sensors, with intuitive flight planning + control, plus powerful image-processing software powered by Pix4D, this complete, fully autonomous solution is built around quality of data and ease of use.

Secure In Air Secure In Air - Full Profile

Secure In Air Bv is a company that specializes itself on GIS software solutions for UAS.

TaskQue TaskQue - Full Profile

TaskQue has some of the best online task management tools that can maximize your productivity without overburdening resources. With our intelligent Queue feature, you can easily automate task allocation and management and get the best out of all your resources. Create your own workflows or customize workflows to suit your business needs. You do not have to download and install anything to use TaskQue because it is a cloud based software and completely free to use. If you want to unlock more features, you can opt for a premium version, unlock the world of opportunities, and take your productivity to new heights.