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Aerial Technology International Aerial Technology International - Full Profile

We formed ATI to provide UAS operators with a one stop shop and resource for their UAS needs. After spending many years operating within the UAS industry we noticed a lack of reliable equipment and technical support for end users. The technical complexities and logistics of safely operating UAS demand a high level of support and reliability from manufacturers, as well as highly skilled operators. ATI is here to provide you with the resources and expertise you need to help you succeed in this industry.

ATF Forklifts ATF Forklifts - Full Profile

ATF Forklifts has believe to build long lasting relationship with customer by accomplished their all business needs. ATF Forklifts is a one stop shop for all types of material handling equipment tools used in construction, agriculture and for various applications.


Construction and production of unmanned vehicles (fixed wing).

Drone Solutions Drone Solutions - Full Profile

Drone solutions nace con la finalidad de poder ofrecer soluciones integrales con drones al alcance de todos los públicos, para ello ponemos a vuestra disposición toda nuestra flota de multicopteros, dotados con la última tecnología en vuelo y navegación, equipados con las cámaras y estabilizadores adecuados a cada trabajo.

Entre nuestros clientes podemos encontrar empresas grandes y pequeñas del sector privado como pueden ser inmobiliarias, productoras cinematográficas, fotógrafos, periodistas, agricultores, seguridad privada, construcción de obra pública y privada, peritos….

Empresas públicas como ayuntamientos y organizaciones gubernamentales, servicios de emergencias.

Privados para video y fotografía aérea.

Para las empresas que precisen de un servicio continuado de vuelos, ponemos a vuestra disposición nuestro departamento de I+D que en constante evolución diseña y construye drones adaptados a las necesidades especificas de cada empresa. Realizamos el mantenimiento y nos encargamos de la formación al personal de la empresa en las instalaciones de Drone Solutions o en en sus propias instalaciones. Sin escatimar en seguridad y calidad ofrecemos los mejores precios del mercado.

DroneBoy DroneBoy - Full Profile

DroneBoy is based in the Toronto, Canada area, and we have a team of highly skilled drone pilots, camera operators and support personnel who are ready to help you get the shot you want right now. We have worked extensively throughout Canada and many locations worldwide.

Our passion is shooting high quality video and still images from a variety of flying platforms. We create spectacular aerial content for film and television, the corporate market, sporting events, industry and even private events. No job is too big or too small.

Behind the scenes we have a complete operations team who work hard to obtain the insurance, permits and all the paperwork required for this new realm of aerial filming. We carry $5 million in liability insurance specifically for film production work with drones. In addition to this we have a 'blanket' Special Flight Operations Certificate (S.F.O.C.) from Transport Canada. This is a huge advantage as it enables us to fly almost anywhere in Canada on very short notice. We can also obtain approvals to fly and film in most other countries as well. - Full Profile, is a webshop where we sell high quality drones for consumers. We sell all kinds of drones from DJI products till XIRO drones and all kinds of accessories which you can use to make that perfect shot with your camera.

We offer different kind of services such as repairs, rental and video editing services. If you have any questions then don't hesitate to visit our site at or send us an e-mail at - Full Profile

On, dutch people can compare prices for quadcopter vendors, we also support people in building their own drone and inform about our countrys set of rules regarding flying.

Event 38 Unmanned Systems Event 38 Unmanned Systems - Full Profile

Event 38 designs and manufactures drones, (unmanned aerial systems), specialized optical sensors, and a precision analytics data platform for small and medium sized businesses. Today we have customers in 49 countries using our products for agriculture, surveying, construction, environmental preservation, and other applications. For more information please contact us at

EZDrone EZDrone - Full Profile is a RC Multi-Rotor Drone Company. Whether you want professional aerial photography/video or you're a hobbyist, we're the company for you!!!
We are drone people. We are here to utilize this innovative technology to provide the highest caliber service for all your multi-rotor drone needs.
Description is a commercial and hobby drone company. We bring you the highest quality and most popular multirotors on the market today.

We offer professional aerial photography and video for all types of needs. We can promote your real estate, help you get that great action sports shot or you may just want unique shots for a wedding. Whatever your needs are, we can accommodate. Visit our website at for contact information.

Also, we are a multirotor dealer, assembler, programmer, and calibrator. We do the hard stuff so you just fly. If you want to be the one behind the camera, we can set you up with anything to suit your needs. Whether you are just starting out or looking for a high-end professional rig, we have you covered.

Visit today for more information!

Flite Evolution Flite Evolution - Full Profile

Flite Evolution builds, sells and services custom UAV and related systems. We offer premium battery powered Ready-to-Fly radio control fixed wing and multirotor aircraft platforms, ground stations, FPV equipment, and associated training. Our UAVs are offered as line of sight, FPV (First Person View) and fully autonomous which can be tailored to fit your needs, flight objectives and missions.Customers include police and fire departments, the US armed forces, farmers, ranchers, fisherman, facilities maintenance crews, the agriculture and mapping environment, private pilots, video production specialists and R/C hobbyists. Our systems can be operated by a wide range of persons and no previous UAV or RC experience is required. Usages range from situational awareness, tactical missions, reconnaissance, surveillance, and two-way airborne communications as well as simple recreation and hobby interests.

Harris Aerial Harris Aerial - Full Profile

Harris Aerial specializes in custom heavy-lift UAVs capable of carrying a multitude of stand-alone payload packages for professional cinematography, geo-spatial surveying, search and rescue, thermal imaging, as well as architectural, construction and law enforcement applications. Powered by our PowerPack Lithium Polymer batteries, our custom ready-to-fly UAVs are fitted with the best components on the market. In-house CNC and 3D printing capabilities fill in the gap for unique application-specific modifications.

We offer our clients custom solutions for rapid response on-site aerial capture and heavy payload manipulation capabilities. Additionally, we offer consultation for this cutting-edge technology and its direct impact on your current or prospective business model.

Heli Flight Center Heli Flight Center - Full Profile

Heli Flight Center is a retailer / manufacturer of remotely piloted airframes including Aerial Photography platforms, UAV's both multirotor and fixed wing, RC hobby vehicles and supplies.
We offer kits, custom builds as well as flight and technical training. We design and build our own line of products as well as offer other commercially available systems.

HY Innovations, Inc HY Innovations, Inc - Full Profile

HYInnovations is committed to helping enthusiasts and professionals find the right Unmanned Aerial Vehicle product. Learn more about us at

HYInnovations is a resell/distributor of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle products. Our commitment is to cater towards our customer's needs and satisfaction. We dedicate ourselves to ensure that all our customers receive a satisfying experience through our products. Finding you the right Unmanned Aerial Vehicle product to fit your needs is only the first step in our commitment to you. - Full Profile is a proven leader in the RC industry. Out of all the battery suppliers on the market, we were the first to offer LiPos for RC cars. We also build our packs here in the USA to order so that you don't get a pack that has been sitting on the shelf for months. You can order it any way you want including cells, plugs, taps, wire and configuration.

As far as safety goes, all LiPo packs are not created equal. I can assure you that since we build our packs here and we personally double check every pack before it goes out, our quality control is the best in the industry. We use very thick high-temperature kapton tape to cover every connection in the pack. This minimizes the risk of an internal short. Some manufacturers are using black electrical tape, masking tape, or no tape at all. We use a proprietary welding method to attach one cell to the next. This lowers the resistance of the connections between cells and insures the highest discharge possible. Other manufacturers are soldering the cells together or using a simple "spot weld" on each tab. This is inconsistent and can cause balance issues. It causes excess heat buildup and lowers the performance of the pack. Anyone who is telling you that their cells are "safer" does not have a good understanding of the technology. We pre-match all the cells in the pack with other cells of the exact same voltage to minimize future balance issues with the cells.

Our quality and service is hands down the best in the industry. We back it up with a lifetime warranty. There are thousands upon thousands of loyal customers out there that will not buy batteries anywhere else. Our customer service is second to none. We are always available to take phone calls and answer questions via email. We realize that our customers are our life-blood. We will do whatever it takes to make you a happy one before and after the sale.

We use our own cells in our packs. They have been race proven over the past 10+ years. They are superior in capacity/weight ratio, discharge voltage under load, and life cycles to any other cell on the market.

You can fast charge our packs at up to 5C if you use a quality balance/charging setup like the Hyperion chargers and balancers we offer on our site.

Investing in a pack will be the best battery decision you ever made. You will get better performance, more cycles, and more fun with

Best Regards,

Austin Else


MULTIROTOR EUROPE Sp. z o.o. MULTIROTOR EUROPE Sp. z o.o. - Full Profile

MyFPV MyFPV - Full Profile

My FPV provide drones and other RC equipment.

NMotion UAS, LLC NMotion UAS, LLC - Full Profile

NMotion UAS was founded by Public Safety Professionals & Veterans who saw a need for improving the safety and situational awareness of First Responders. With our field experience, we have uniquely designed systems that focus on ease of use, practicality, durability, and an affordable price tag. We have since tuned into the developing FAA Regulations & engineered a hassle free COA Process which enables Public Agencies to be operational quicker than anyone else.

Our services include consulting, proper FAA documentation & and required training, certification, maintenance, and a hassle free program unlike the rest. Our mission is to decrease unnecessary risk while improve situational awareness of First Responders.

NMotion UAS is committed to quality and affordability for Public Safety Agencies & Municipalities. Our UAV’s are engineered and customized by uniquely qualified personnel with experience and industry knowledge. Our systems require minimal training and are easy to use in the field. With a highly modular design, they adapt with technology and don’t get left behind like other systems.

PMG Multi Rotors & Gimbals PMG Multi Rotors & Gimbals - Full Profile

*Professional Gimbals and Cine Equipment
*Complete Professional Aerial Platforms
*Aerial Photography and Cinematography Solutions
*Search and Rescue, Police and Fire
*Consultation, Sales and Rentals

PMG is extremely pleased to announce release of a series of octo-copters that blow the competition away.
Our Cinematic Stabilization Drones (UAV’s) can now fly any camera, longer than any other rival boasts for a fraction of the cost.
We also have interchangeable arms and props to customize each bird’s size, flight time, speed and payload.
Our new gimbal, as well, is super lightweight (about 6 lbs.) and can carry almost 20 lbs.
Lastly, we have now released the Tyto M, which is a one-handed gimbal for a smart phone or Go-Pro.

Space City Drones Space City Drones - Full Profile

Space City Drones is an easy to use, online store to purchase anything and everything UAV related. We are located in Houston, Texas, but distribute our products wherever mail can reach. We are friendly, informational, and love all things Drone!

TaylorMadeUAS, Inc. TaylorMadeUAS, Inc. - Full Profile

Heavy Lift Helicopter's. TAGUS. Agricultural,Government,Security,Cinema

Troy Built Models Troy Built Models - Full Profile

Troy Built Models in Sarasota Florida, builds, customizes, services, repairs, warehouses, distributes, markets, sales, leases, finances, insures and provides certified factory training for global manufacturers of commercial, public and industrial sUAS.

UAV Experts UAV Experts - Full Profile, a division of renowned RC and UAV Company, is one of America’s fastest growing and most respected suppliers of unmanned aerial systems and aerial photography equipment for commercial, agricultural, governmental, and industrial applications. UAVExperts combines the decades of experience and legendary customer service of long-established with a focus on the needs of professionals, providing design, manufacture, consulting, training, and service of UAVs and equipment for a multitude of applications.

Based in Cumming, GA, combines American know-how with a comprehensive product line to provide a fully customizable solution for businesses, state and local governments, and agricultural professionals across the United States.

VOCADEMY - The Makerspace VOCADEMY - The Makerspace - Full Profile

FIRST: We are a "makerspace." A place that teaches many different fundamental "hands-on" skills and practical knowledge through affordable and easy to understand classes. The classes will be taught by those who have years of experience, and lean heavily toward the practical knowledge with minimal "theory." Shop Class for everyone! 13 different subjects: CNC machine shop, 3D printing, welding/fab, laser cutting, CAD/CAM, sewing/textiles, woodshop, plastics and composites, and more. Pick what YOU want to learn, how much to learn and when! But that's half the story....

SECOND: A dream workspace where you can use these new skills to make, fix, or build anything you desire. It's like a gym, but instead of exercise equipment and weights, we have all machines, tools and instructors to help you. They are there to teach you, guide you and help with your projects! A business incubator, an R&D lab, a co-working space and a dream workshop, all in one! Membership is only $99 a month!

Come build your UAV, UGV, UUV, or robotic system with us!


Team XFLY shares a common belief; Our systems will fundamentally do great things for the Spirit of Creativity and Flight.

The XFLY fabric consists of aerial media professionals, UAV contractors, academic R&D departments, resident experts, and really smart clients. Our innovative advantages far exceed the plethora of new outfits just entering this emerging market. Our customer care obsession exceeds that of typical Hobby providers.

Our advanced knowledge of Cinematography, Film Production, Aerospace mechanics, Data Science, UAV Engineering, Micro autopilots, and Sensors advances our thinking and that notion certainly fuels our innovation.


Aerial Photography Drones.
Aerial Mapping Production.
UAV Training and Certification.
UAV Commercial Applications.