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Aerial Technology International Aerial Technology International - Full Profile

We formed ATI to provide UAS operators with a one stop shop and resource for their UAS needs. After spending many years operating within the UAS industry we noticed a lack of reliable equipment and technical support for end users. The technical complexities and logistics of safely operating UAS demand a high level of support and reliability from manufacturers, as well as highly skilled operators. ATI is here to provide you with the resources and expertise you need to help you succeed in this industry.

AerialMetric AerialMetric - Full Profile

Topography and aerial imagery in Madagascar, Eastern Africa and Indian Ocean

Airborne Robotics GmbH Airborne Robotics GmbH - Full Profile

Developer & Manufacturer of Flying Robots
and Drones for Professional use

Automated flights for film production, industrial applications, photography, measurement and much more

Flying robots are drones used in industrial applications and professional film shoots. They fly pre-programmed routes, saving the pilot a lot of extra work. Automatic flight control is a sensible solution when, for example, identical areas must be regularly inspected from the air to create documentation or measure changes (as in raw materials extraction, agriculture, and environmental applications).

Since 2005, AIRBORNE ROBOTICS has been focused on developing and manufacturing sophisticated flying robots, and today our aircraft are used by a growing number of satisfied customers.

AIRBORNE ROBOTICS drones are delivered worldwide as a complete package, including all the relevant software as well as flight training. The moment one of our customers receives his new AIR6 or AIR8, he can immediately get down to business. The carrier system of an AIR6/8 can accommodate a variety of cameras: Film and photo, thermal imaging cameras, infrared, and diverse measuring sensors for environmental analysis. The system can therefore be adapted to the widest array of applications. Designed as an open platform for developers, specialists from many different fields can program an AIR flying robot for their own purposes and flight jobs, since the interfaces and software are freely accessible.

AltiGator AltiGator - Full Profile

AltiGator provides a wide range of RPAS, from fully integrated professional solutions to DIY kits as well as a multitude of spares and accessories to enhance their possibilities.

Above our expertise and advice, you will find at AltiGator’s everything you need to realize your project in areas like: aerial photography and filming for cinema or television, terrain mapping and topography, geomatics, 3D cartography, photogrammetry, orthophotos, orthoimages, architecture and civil engineering, real estate, heat balance and energy performance, inspection and monitoring of industrial sites, pipelines (gas, oil, etc.), road and rail infrastructure, inspection of geotechnical and construction engineering structures, inspection of historical sites, archeology, counting and observing livestock, agricultural and scientific research, environmental survey, public safety and rescue...

AltiGator offers complete technical solutions for any type of application.

We are a devoted team of enthusiastic and proficient specialists (engineers, telepilots, consultants and aerial imagery specialists) that share the same passion.

Whatever your specific requirements, we will be your partner to build together your solution.

We are proud of investing ourselves in Research and Development in order to propose always the most adequate solutions to your projects, with state-of-the-art materials and designs.

Among our commitments, we guarantee a reliable and responsive customer-oriented service, remaining always available when you need support.

Our experienced advice and availability towards customers are among the assets that made our reputation.

AltiGator, a team at your service.

Black Swift Technologies Black Swift Technologies - Full Profile

Black Swift Technologies designs and deploys specialized small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) for user-specific, customized applications. BST offers a complete flight management solution, called the SwiftCore, that includes an advanced autopilot, ground control station, and an intuitive tablet based interface.

Cleveland Aerial Media Cleveland Aerial Media - Full Profile

Cleveland Aerial Media is your “one stop shop” for all of your aerial photography and videography needs. In an age where UAS photographers are a dime a dozen, and news headlines cover irresponsible UAS pilots, it is increasingly important to choose a SAFE, responsible, and professional company. CAM utilizes specialized quality equipment, customized to suit your specific needs. At CAM, safety is always our main priority, that’s why our UAS feature numerous failsafes to ensure the protection of personnel and property.

Cleveland Aerial Media was founded by young professionals with an insatiable craving for entrepreneurial excellence. Our fresh and innovative approach to business, tenacity to deliver the highest quality service, and love for what we do makes CAM the obvious choice for your projects aerial needs. Cleveland Aerial Media utilizes a variety of multirotor UAS capable of immortalizing your projects in stunning 4K resolution.

In addition to quality service, CAM aspires to lead the industry in safety. We’ll be the first to admit, we are not trained aircraft pilots, and we have made our share of mistakes. However, we do work closely with the local FAA, and we have been trained and certified to integrate safely in the National Airspace.

Doheny Drones Doheny Drones - Full Profile

Doheny Drones sells, rents and rents to purchase the most advanced drones for commercial use. We also offer custom drone solutions in the form of custom ground control stations, custom vehicles for easy drone and ground station transport, and custom sensor options.

Drone Solutions Drone Solutions - Full Profile

Drone solutions nace con la finalidad de poder ofrecer soluciones integrales con drones al alcance de todos los públicos, para ello ponemos a vuestra disposición toda nuestra flota de multicopteros, dotados con la última tecnología en vuelo y navegación, equipados con las cámaras y estabilizadores adecuados a cada trabajo.

Entre nuestros clientes podemos encontrar empresas grandes y pequeñas del sector privado como pueden ser inmobiliarias, productoras cinematográficas, fotógrafos, periodistas, agricultores, seguridad privada, construcción de obra pública y privada, peritos….

Empresas públicas como ayuntamientos y organizaciones gubernamentales, servicios de emergencias.

Privados para video y fotografía aérea.

Para las empresas que precisen de un servicio continuado de vuelos, ponemos a vuestra disposición nuestro departamento de I+D que en constante evolución diseña y construye drones adaptados a las necesidades especificas de cada empresa. Realizamos el mantenimiento y nos encargamos de la formación al personal de la empresa en las instalaciones de Drone Solutions o en en sus propias instalaciones. Sin escatimar en seguridad y calidad ofrecemos los mejores precios del mercado.

DroneBoy DroneBoy - Full Profile

DroneBoy is based in the Toronto, Canada area, and we have a team of highly skilled drone pilots, camera operators and support personnel who are ready to help you get the shot you want right now. We have worked extensively throughout Canada and many locations worldwide.

Our passion is shooting high quality video and still images from a variety of flying platforms. We create spectacular aerial content for film and television, the corporate market, sporting events, industry and even private events. No job is too big or too small.

Behind the scenes we have a complete operations team who work hard to obtain the insurance, permits and all the paperwork required for this new realm of aerial filming. We carry $5 million in liability insurance specifically for film production work with drones. In addition to this we have a 'blanket' Special Flight Operations Certificate (S.F.O.C.) from Transport Canada. This is a huge advantage as it enables us to fly almost anywhere in Canada on very short notice. We can also obtain approvals to fly and film in most other countries as well. - Full Profile, is a webshop where we sell high quality drones for consumers. We sell all kinds of drones from DJI products till XIRO drones and all kinds of accessories which you can use to make that perfect shot with your camera.

We offer different kind of services such as repairs, rental and video editing services. If you have any questions then don't hesitate to visit our site at or send us an e-mail at - Full Profile

On, dutch people can compare prices for quadcopter vendors, we also support people in building their own drone and inform about our countrys set of rules regarding flying.

EYE Remote Solutions SA EYE Remote Solutions SA - Full Profile

EYE Remote Solutions is an Unmanned air - ground - maritime systems integrator and provider for operations, data and leasing services. Our mission is to enhance business efficiency and reduce job risks by supporting field operations and inspections with unmanned technologies.

EZDrone EZDrone - Full Profile is a RC Multi-Rotor Drone Company. Whether you want professional aerial photography/video or you're a hobbyist, we're the company for you!!!
We are drone people. We are here to utilize this innovative technology to provide the highest caliber service for all your multi-rotor drone needs.
Description is a commercial and hobby drone company. We bring you the highest quality and most popular multirotors on the market today.

We offer professional aerial photography and video for all types of needs. We can promote your real estate, help you get that great action sports shot or you may just want unique shots for a wedding. Whatever your needs are, we can accommodate. Visit our website at for contact information.

Also, we are a multirotor dealer, assembler, programmer, and calibrator. We do the hard stuff so you just fly. If you want to be the one behind the camera, we can set you up with anything to suit your needs. Whether you are just starting out or looking for a high-end professional rig, we have you covered.

Visit today for more information!

GetFPV GetFPV - Full Profile, your world-wide supplier of quality FPV gear. GetFPV retails the finest in RC parts and specifically focused on FPV flight (First Person View).

Got Heli RC LLC Got Heli RC LLC - Full Profile

Got Heli RC is dedicated to the hobby of RC rotor-craft.

We got your MultiRotors needs, with the biggest selections of Propellers, Gimbal motors and much more.

Brand: Laheli, Rotorshape Autogyro, Y-UFO, DJI Innovation, Walkera, Elite Power, Tarot, FlySight, Gaui, Hitec, IFlight Motor/Esc custom brushless gimbal motors, Brushless Gimbal for Sony Nex. Graupner, GemFan, APC propellers, HQProps. FPV FatShark, Immersion and much more...

Harris Aerial Harris Aerial - Full Profile

Harris Aerial specializes in custom heavy-lift UAVs capable of carrying a multitude of stand-alone payload packages for professional cinematography, geo-spatial surveying, search and rescue, thermal imaging, as well as architectural, construction and law enforcement applications. Powered by our PowerPack Lithium Polymer batteries, our custom ready-to-fly UAVs are fitted with the best components on the market. In-house CNC and 3D printing capabilities fill in the gap for unique application-specific modifications.

We offer our clients custom solutions for rapid response on-site aerial capture and heavy payload manipulation capabilities. Additionally, we offer consultation for this cutting-edge technology and its direct impact on your current or prospective business model.

Heli Flight Center Heli Flight Center - Full Profile

Heli Flight Center is a retailer / manufacturer of remotely piloted airframes including Aerial Photography platforms, UAV's both multirotor and fixed wing, RC hobby vehicles and supplies.
We offer kits, custom builds as well as flight and technical training. We design and build our own line of products as well as offer other commercially available systems.

HY Innovations, Inc HY Innovations, Inc - Full Profile

HYInnovations is committed to helping enthusiasts and professionals find the right Unmanned Aerial Vehicle product. Learn more about us at

HYInnovations is a resell/distributor of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle products. Our commitment is to cater towards our customer's needs and satisfaction. We dedicate ourselves to ensure that all our customers receive a satisfying experience through our products. Finding you the right Unmanned Aerial Vehicle product to fit your needs is only the first step in our commitment to you.

Kopterworx Kopterworx - Full Profile

Kopterworx aerial solutions is a provider for all multirotor aerial video / photo or industry applications. Our online store offers the industries vastest selection of multi-rotor and aerial related products.

We offer configuration that can be ordered as complete builds (RTF) that include everything you need to start flying right out of the box, spare parts, parts to build your own multirotor, DIY kits ....

Our heavy lift edition Kopterworx Hammer x8 are designed from 6 to 15 kg payload with flighttimes from 10 to 15 min.

Kopterworx also builds and designs fully customized multirotor platforms for Military, EMS, Fire, Police, Search and Rescue and scientific applications. From FPV flying to advanced range RC, thermal imaging components or enhanced flight times, we are here to help!

Provide us with needs and we will provide you solutions. Give us a call, we are here to help!!!

MyFPV MyFPV - Full Profile

My FPV provide drones and other RC equipment.

NMotion UAS, LLC NMotion UAS, LLC - Full Profile

NMotion UAS was founded by Public Safety Professionals & Veterans who saw a need for improving the safety and situational awareness of First Responders. With our field experience, we have uniquely designed systems that focus on ease of use, practicality, durability, and an affordable price tag. We have since tuned into the developing FAA Regulations & engineered a hassle free COA Process which enables Public Agencies to be operational quicker than anyone else.

Our services include consulting, proper FAA documentation & and required training, certification, maintenance, and a hassle free program unlike the rest. Our mission is to decrease unnecessary risk while improve situational awareness of First Responders.

NMotion UAS is committed to quality and affordability for Public Safety Agencies & Municipalities. Our UAV’s are engineered and customized by uniquely qualified personnel with experience and industry knowledge. Our systems require minimal training and are easy to use in the field. With a highly modular design, they adapt with technology and don’t get left behind like other systems.

QuestUAV Ltd QuestUAV Ltd - Full Profile

QuestUAV Ltd is a UK manufacturer of small modular fixed-wing drones that are designed to carry multiple airborne sensors and payloads for surveying, precision agriculture, and research applications.

QuestUAV have developed Q-POD UAV technology – an ultra- tough, high endurance and accurate, multi-sensor solution. Hot-swappable sensor pods carry up-to 2kg payloads that may include single or multiple sensor options such as high resolution RGB cameras, NDVI solutions, multispectral and thermal sensors. Combining class-leading sensors, with intuitive flight planning + control, plus powerful image-processing software powered by Pix4D, this complete, fully autonomous solution is built around quality of data and ease of use.

RC Aerial Platforms LLC RC Aerial Platforms LLC - Full Profile

RC Aerial Platforms has over 25 years of Remote Control experience and 18 years of flying manned helicopters with a combine total flight time of 4500+ hours. We have worked with SF Bay Area News agencies such as KGO, KPIX, KTVU, and KNTV. Our services include but are not limited to Drone and Gimbal building, servicing and repair (of equipment made by RC Aerial Platforms), Aerial Photography and Videos, Survey and Mapping, as well as Consulting and Training. We strive to make your experience with us the best that it can be.

TaylorMadeUAS, Inc. TaylorMadeUAS, Inc. - Full Profile

Heavy Lift Helicopter's. TAGUS. Agricultural,Government,Security,Cinema

Troy Built Models Troy Built Models - Full Profile

Troy Built Models in Sarasota Florida, builds, customizes, services, repairs, warehouses, distributes, markets, sales, leases, finances, insures and provides certified factory training for global manufacturers of commercial, public and industrial sUAS.