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Airborne Robotics GmbH Airborne Robotics GmbH - Full Profile

Developer & Manufacturer of Flying Robots
and Drones for Professional use

Automated flights for film production, industrial applications, photography, measurement and much more

Flying robots are drones used in industrial applications and professional film shoots. They fly pre-programmed routes, saving the pilot a lot of extra work. Automatic flight control is a sensible solution when, for example, identical areas must be regularly inspected from the air to create documentation or measure changes (as in raw materials extraction, agriculture, and environmental applications).

Since 2005, AIRBORNE ROBOTICS has been focused on developing and manufacturing sophisticated flying robots, and today our aircraft are used by a growing number of satisfied customers.

AIRBORNE ROBOTICS drones are delivered worldwide as a complete package, including all the relevant software as well as flight training. The moment one of our customers receives his new AIR6 or AIR8, he can immediately get down to business. The carrier system of an AIR6/8 can accommodate a variety of cameras: Film and photo, thermal imaging cameras, infrared, and diverse measuring sensors for environmental analysis. The system can therefore be adapted to the widest array of applications. Designed as an open platform for developers, specialists from many different fields can program an AIR flying robot for their own purposes and flight jobs, since the interfaces and software are freely accessible.


Airshoot technologie is a french blimp manufacturer specialised in hight quality aerial imaging systems.
Our blimp are able to carry heavy load (from 3 to 12 kg) on gyrostabilized gimball.
We export in many countries in Europe, middle east and North America

Black Swift Technologies Black Swift Technologies - Full Profile

Black Swift Technologies is an engineering firm specializing in the development of next generation small unmanned aircraft platforms and technologies. A suite of proprietary modular products have been optimized for rapid customization to meet customer requirements for any usage scenario.

Founded in 2011, Black Swift Technologies is working towards providing innovative data gathering solutions to optimize process management in a host of end-user applications such as large scale agriculture, livestock ranching, and disaster relief. Our vision is to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs for end-users by providing targeted information that can be gathered via aerial surveillance without the need for skilled pilots or expensive conventional aircraft.

C-Astral Aerospace C-Astral Aerospace - Full Profile

C-Astral is an aerospace enterprise and solution provider based in Ajdovscina, Slovenia, the “hub” of advanced aerospace development and integration in this part of the world. The company is one of the market leaders in the small unmanned systems (UAS/UAV) and services field and has a global presence, a robust research and development program and advanced integration/customization capacities. The company, founded in 2005, is built around the fields of expertise and practical experience in aerospace, unmanned systems, electronics and sensor development, aerial based surveying and processing, remote sensing, telecommunications, renewable energy systems and extreme environment autonomous habitats and communications. C-Astral operates a software and hardware laboratory for aerodynamics and systems integration work and a prototyping CAD/CAM workshop facility for composite and metal materials work, modeling and systems integration.

CATUAV CATUAV - Full Profile

CATUAV is a private company dedicated to Earth Observation and Remote Sensing using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), also known as drones. Our multidisciplinary and experienced team has developed proprietary technology that has proven their effectiveness and reliability in a wide range of applications. Since 2003 we offer our customers comprehensive and flexible solutions that allow them to get the most out of UAV technology.

Cloud Cap Technology Cloud Cap Technology - Full Profile

Cloud Cap Technology is a world leader in UAV solutions with over 14 years of experience on the widest range of vehicles in the market. Cloud Cap’s products are led by the Piccolo Autopilot flight management system. The Piccolo is the industry standard and is flying on more types of aircraft than any other autopilot. It provides a complete solution in autopilot, navigation, flight management, and ground control offering the highest performance available. Cloud Cap also offers the lowest SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) stabilized camera payloads in the industry with the TASE product line. TASE payloads come in weight ranges from 1kg to 3.5kg with a variety of cameras and lenses for daylight and nighttime operations.

As a part of UTC Aerospace Systems we now have the ability to offer complete ISR imaging solutions for the rapidly growing small military UAV market. UTC Corporation is a global supplier of systems and services to aerospace, defense and homeland security markets.

Cloud Cap products are proven designs with thousands of units in production and many thousands of hours operating in theater locations around the world under the harshest conditions.

CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd. CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd. - Full Profile

CONTROP specializes in the development and production of Electro-Optical and Precision Motion Control Systems. The company’s specialists have over 35 years of experience in EO / IR products for Surveillance, Defense and Homeland Security. CONTROP’s main product lines include: Automatic passive Intruder Detection Systems for coastal surveillance, port and harbour security, border surveillance, the security of sensitive sites, perimeter security surveillance and ground troops security; High performance Stabilized Observation Payloads used for day and night surveillance on board UAVs, mini UAVs and aerostats/balloons, helicopters, light aircraft, maritime patrol boats and ground vehicles; Thermal Imaging Cameras with high performance continuous Zoom Lens and state-of-the-art image enhancement features, and more. CONTROP’s products are in daily operational use in many of the most critical homeland security and defense programs worldwide.

Delair-Tech Delair-Tech - Full Profile

Delair-Tech is an unmanned aerial systems manufacturer based in Toulouse, France providing complete small, long range, industrial-grade, fixed-wing UAV systems; airframes, ground control stations, sensor payloads, and autopilots.

Our UAVs specialize in linear infrastructure monitoring (oil & gas pipelines, electric transmission lines, railroads, highways, etc.), GIS, precision agriculture, surveillance, post-disaster inventory, and more.

Currently, we are the only UAV manufacturer in the world with a UAV certified for BLOS operations (the DT-18) from an official rule-making body; in our case, the French DGAC.

Delair-Tech was founded in 2011. Currently, in July of 2014, Delair-Tech is composed of a team with over 30 individuals.

Draganfly Innovations Inc. Draganfly Innovations Inc. - Full Profile

sUAS Industry Experts.
World leading multi-rotor manufacturer with 17 years' experience.
World renowned with dozens of industry firsts, the team at Draganfly bring a wide range of experience and expertise to the table meaning that, with our many years of sUAS experience we can immediately add value to your project, your business, your team or to each and every individual we do business with.

Original manufacturer.
Superior quality and passion for design will exceed your expectations.
Our Draganfly systems are 100% designed by our team including all hardware, electronic systems design, and software. And it doesn't stop there. The systems are handmade in North America and each system is burned in, calibrated, and flight tested before packing and shipping.
And what's the value of being an original manufacturer? Very simply we have control over the product quality, we've written every line of code, and our technical team is intimately familiar with the systems allowing us to consistently provide high quality systems and professional systems support.

Professional customer service.
Get professional service, support, and professional advice from Draganfly.
Whether it's a hardware problem, software problem or you're just looking for an opinion on how to approach an aerial project, our technical team has the experience to tackle the problem head-on. The goal is to get you flying again as quickly as possible and help you learn something along the way.
Draganfly systems include a 60 day return-to-factory warranty with the option of purchasing an annual Draganflyer Protection Plan for extended service coverage and access to the latest tech tips, firmware updates and access to our technical team.

Professional flight training services.
World class instruction from the industry leader.
One-on-one professional flight training. Draganfly Innovations has been in the sUAS business over 14 years designing, building, operating and providing in-depth training.
Our well designed two day training curriculum is a combination of book learning and extensive hands-on flight training. Fully insured and Transport Canada approved, our experienced instructors get you flying safely while passing along first hand flight experiences learned over the years.

Real mission experience.
Our systems save time, money, and most importantly lives.
Years of professional experience worldwide. Our systems, Draganfly team, and extensive customer base, are operating daily in the applications of industrial inspection, professional aerial photography, videography, research and public safety. Thousands of hours flown and to date, one of the greatest achievements was a life saved by the RCMP, operating a Draganflyer X4-ES system.
Our Draganfly systems are mission proven, our people are mission capable, and clearly, our customers are mission focused.

Incredible value.
Typically less than half the cost of comparable industry-leaders.
We encourage potential customers to take a close look at our competitors. All we ask is that you compare apples-to-apples and as you evaluate the systems, take an extra few minutes to understand the complete solution, appreciate the value of an original manufacturer like Draganfly, examine the fine details, craftsmanship, support, service, training, and years of experience in the sUAS market.
Over the last 14+ years we've learned it's important to provide a very robust and capable aircraft but of even greater value, is the data quality delivered. High resolution imagery, precision 3D mapping, or that perfect photo or video.
We believe our pricing is very competitive, and when you make a Draganfly purchase you're buying more than a helicopter system, you're becoming part of the Draganfly team.

Our legacy is one of innovation...

We don't have the iconic garage similar to the Hewlett Packard story, but in many ways our beginning mirrors that of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and countless other entrepreneurs. Like many businesses, it started with a dream, with a vision, and the guts to make a go of it. And that's just what we did in 1998, when Christine and Zenon Dragan launched Draganfly Innovations Inc.

From the very beginning, innovation was the driving force; and it's innovation that continues to drive the products, services, and support at Draganfly Innovations today. Zenon Dragan says, "I like to create things that haven't been done before", and that couldn't be more true with their first introduction of the radio controlled (RC) blimp, and most notably, the 1999 development of the RC quad rotor helicopter called the Draganflyer.

The new little helicopter was kind of hard to fly, but the unique design and price point captured the imagination of thousands. The design philosophy of "keep it simple" and providing premiere customer support set the foundation for the core culture that drives everyone at Draganfly Innovations today. With the instant success of the Draganflyer came a series of successive designs to improve flight characteristics, ease of operation, and improve video down-link performance.

Our success speaks for itself...

It's really all about the customer. Often the design team will start with an idea for an interesting application or a business problem to be solved, and they develop a really clever payload, vehicle, or aircraft system. But in the background throughout the design process they are thinking of the target market and how they will use the new product. After extensive bench and field-testing the product is announced. And that's when the real fun begins — because it's the customers who really make our products what they are.

With the announcement of a new product, Draganfly plants the seed of imagination; and from there the phone starts ringing, and the e-mails start coming in with customer applications and amazing ideas of how the products can be used. It's this interaction with our customers that drives us, makes us better and leads to new and more creative solutions down the road.

The success of Draganfly Innovations Inc. has strengthened our entrepreneurial spirit, which leads to more innovative, creative solutions and very honestly, we don't see that slowing down, changing, or getting side-tracked any time soon.

The future is bright and we all know that together, we can make a difference.

Dragon Circuits | Dragon Drones Dragon Circuits | Dragon Drones - Full Profile

We build circuit boards, UAVs, robots and DIY kits in the heart of Texas. We are AS9100 and Mil-spec certified. We work with plenty of aerospace and defense companies such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, NASA, BAE Systems, L3 Communications, Texas Instruments, Bell Helicopter, and more. We manufacture rigid and flex boards, including assembly entirely in the USA.

Eagle Eye Innovations Ltd Eagle Eye Innovations Ltd - Full Profile

Eagle Eye Innovations Ltd are a team of professional aviators who specialize in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Nationally or Internationally EEI can help your business utilize this exciting, growing new industry. Whether it is training, advice or consultation EEI can provide your company with the tools needed to operate UAV's effectively, safely and successfully.
Eagle Eye Innovations Ltd also offers a new concept in aerial photography and industrial inspections. Already award winning in this field, EEI use small unmanned air vehicles and state of the art digital cameras which material and footage can be used to design a bespoke promotional media package that will literally put you above your competitors. Using different technologies such as infrared cameras EEI also has the ability to film and analyze industrial sites such as wind farms, cellphone towers and oil installations to detect faults without putting anyone in harms way. In addition EEI can use its operational experience to create security and surveillance solutions.

Embention Embention - Full Profile

Embention offers both, complete systems and high reliability components for UAV and Drones.

Veronte Autopilot is the ultimate Plug 'n Fly UAS/RPAS Flight Control System / Autopilot. Including main key features: RTK positioning, Digital video, Computer vision (See & Avoid), DO178B/C, DO254, DO160G, Adaptive control, Configurable phases & channels, Path tracking, FDR, 64 UAVs, FTS, Dual & triple redundant… Core of 1st European RPAS Airworthiness Certificate

Other Veronte components included on company catalog are: control station, brushless motor controller, DC/DC, gimbal, tracking antennas...

NM& is the ready to fly systems section on the company where highlights the W200 fixed wing aircraft, available for mapping and surveillance applications. NM& also manufactures custom systems, adapted to the most demanding requirements.

Eurolink Systems Group Eurolink Systems Group - Full Profile

Eurolink Systems Group has been founded since 1993. His first mission and core business have been and still are the electronic solutions for mission critical applications like, radars, sonars, ECM, SDR systems. Since 2009 the Group diversified his activities in the Unmanned Robotics, also called "DRONES" design, research and development, mainly in micro and mini classes, even if the skills are available for bigger systems.
Today, Eurolink Systems Unmanned Robotic solutions , aerial and ground ones, are used by the Italian Army in operative theaters as well as from Police, Carabinieri and Special Forces.
Eurolink just delivered the first micro tethered/towed VTOL on the market, called COBRA ( ), as well as is offering a wide product portfolio:
UGV: Leopardo A, wheeled light weight mini UGV for urban security and cIED applications;
Leopardo B, wheeled or tracked for cIED applications;
Leopardo BEE.R, tracked for research Labs, Universities and mainly for swarm/authonomous applications;
PRIAMO, soon released....for cIED and Urban security;
Custom robots on request;
UAV-VTOL: X1, rugged light micro VTOL;
EKSI family, 6,6,12: mini VTOL up to 10Kg Payload
UAV-VTOL Wired: Cobra family
Custom VTOL on request;
UAV: Bramor-I : Improved version of the Bramor with 3hrs endurance/30Km LOS <4Kg take off weight;
Maveric: A micro UAV from Prioria Robotics;
Colibrì family: low cost mini UAV for commercial applications
Custom UAV on request;
Trainings, pilots school, simulation, services based on Unmanned Robotics for any field

Event 38 Unmanned Systems Event 38 Unmanned Systems - Full Profile

Event 38 designs and manufactures drones, (unmanned aerial systems), specialized optical sensors, and a precision analytics data platform for small and medium sized businesses. Today we have customers in 49 countries using our products for agriculture, surveying, construction, environmental preservation, and other applications. For more information please contact us at

ING Robotic Aviation ING Robotic Aviation - Full Profile

ING Robotic Aviation delivers airborne sensing solutions and much more. We developed our skills through extensive operational surveillance work with the Canadian military, and our flights added up would circle the globe 81 times.
From these military beginnings, we are now providing mapping, inspection and monitoring services in key sectors such as oil & gas, mining, utilities, forestry and precision agriculture.
In addition to providing services, ING Robotic Aviation has designed and sells 2 robotic aircraft systems. The Responder, a small helicopter, has a cruise operational endurance of 40 minutes with a 1.2 kg payload in the gimbal, and a range of 10 km. It is able to carry up to 12 kg in total. This platform is ideal for localized mapping and critical infrastructure inspections, such as tailings ponds, flarestacks and offshore oil platforms. Serenity is a fixed-wing aircraft with an endurance of 8 hours and a 100 km range, and is ideal for monitoring extensive areas such as pipelines and transmission lines.
Our clients are getting the right information, in the right hands, at the right time. We are at the forefront of a disruptive technological and operational change, focused on reinventing aviation.

intelligentUAS intelligentUAS - Full Profile

intelligentUAS provides Professional radio controlled Systems for Aerial Photography, for businesses and Hobbyists alike.

L'Avion Jaune L'Avion Jaune - Full Profile

Founded 2005 by three associates, L’Avion Jaune started as a development and service company based on UAV technology. Reality and opportunities made it evolve to a full aerial imagery service company using manned planes and helicopters as well as UAVs. Since the beginning, our commitment to fulfill high resolution and high quality radiometric requirements has fueled our research and development department.

For its own surveying services but also for other professionnal-grade data providers, l’Avion Jaune company has created YellowScan, an ultra-light laser scanner intended for UAVs and other ultra-light aircrafts.

Loiter Systems Loiter Systems - Full Profile

Loiter SyStems provides R & D services to all companies that are constantly adapting their business through integranción and technology development, thereby achieving automate and optimize their production processes.

*Hi-Tech UAV Solutions:
Loiter Systems extend the UAS (Drones) applications with Hi-Tech product development. Such as the following products:

GimbalCAM - Academics is a testing and development giro-stabilized and robotic platform, with 2 degrees of freedom (DOF), equipped with a video camera to capture images in real time.
IISFL designed system for learning in the field of imaging and remote sensing.

GimbalCAM - UL is a stabilized, robotic, lightweight and compact Gimbal, designed to equip all types of aircraft, EO, NIR, IR, camera-based.
ZCAM - Drone Zoom is a video camera developed for users who need real time anti-jittering while applying optic zoom during UAV (Drone) operation.

*Aerospace Engineering Services:
Loiter Systems provides professional services to define the UAS you require for your business model. We provide a strategic professional service for your business, under confidentiality and ongoing support, we take care of the complex technical issues from the technological point of view, leading to a high level decisions that will define your investment and concluded in success of its business model. This company integrates a specialist team in Aerospace Engineering, Electronics, Control and Mechanics, who face the challenges of each project based on knowledge, experience, commitment, professionalism and excellence.

Lumenier Lumenier - Full Profile

Lumenier was announced in June of 2013. The Company consolidates all of the high-end FPV products produced by FPV Manuals LLC including the QAV400, QAV500, and QAV540G fpv airframes. FPV Manuals was created as a blog to consolidate fpv information and manuals. Out of the passion for FPV the first fpvmanuals products were designed and brought to market. With the creation of Lumenier, we will consolidate these products under the Lumenier brand and are going to release many more innovative fpv products in the coming months from motors to cameras, lipos, accessories, airframes, and a lot more.

Mast & associati Srl Mast & associati Srl - Full Profile

Advanced UAV services: precision agriculture with UAV, aerial mapping & surveying, industrial Inspection, photography & video productions

MLB Company MLB Company - Full Profile

MLB Company manufactures a range of turn-key UAV systems. We have been selling UAV systems since 1999. Our aircraft are usually sold fully tested and ready to fly but we also perform R&D and build custom UAVs for customers. Our Super Bat UAV weighs 47 lbs and can carry a 7lb payload for 10 hours. Our V-Bat design (available 2015) is a VTOL UAV with 8 hour duration and 8 lb payload capability. MLB also provides UAV flight training, flight services, and filed support. We are located in the heart of Silcon Valley, California and all of our products are made locally.

NMotion UAS, LLC NMotion UAS, LLC - Full Profile

NMotion UAS was founded by Public Safety Professionals & Veterans who saw a need for improving the safety and situational awareness of First Responders. With our field experience, we have uniquely designed systems that focus on ease of use, practicality, durability, and an affordable price tag. We have since tuned into the developing FAA Regulations & engineered a hassle free COA Process which enables Public Agencies to be operational quicker than anyone else.

Our services include consulting, proper FAA documentation & and required training, certification, maintenance, and a hassle free program unlike the rest. Our mission is to decrease unnecessary risk while improve situational awareness of First Responders.

NMotion UAS is committed to quality and affordability for Public Safety Agencies & Municipalities. Our UAV’s are engineered and customized by uniquely qualified personnel with experience and industry knowledge. Our systems require minimal training and are easy to use in the field. With a highly modular design, they adapt with technology and don’t get left behind like other systems.

Octocam Octocam - Full Profile

Paralinx Paralinx - Full Profile


Paralinx delivers Full-HD wireless monitoring solutions from camera to monitor. With products like the Tomahawk, you can send an HD video feed from 2,000ft with standard antennas. Visit us at: for more information.

Quest Innovations Quest Innovations - Full Profile

Quest Innovations is a high tech camera producer of hyperspectral and multispectral cameras and software. Quest cameras have been at the forefront of doing research in precision agriculture and vegitation monitoring. Applications vary form crop monitoring, plant desease research, fire control, golfcourse and park monitoring, etc.