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ACES Systems ACES Systems - Full Profile

"Creating Better Aviation Maintenance Solutions"
ACES Systems vibrant aviation diagnostic instruments are recognized worldwide by users and manufacturers as easy-to-use, versatile, and affordable. Aviation maintenance tasks become virtually effortless with our ACES Systems solutions.

ACP Composites ACP Composites - Full Profile

customer – and their customers – take advantage of the phenomenal capacity of composite materials to add value and help differentiate products.


ACP Composites is a manufacturer that delivers high quality composites from prototype to production by offering a complete range of services from design, to prototyping, to production of composites.

Primary focus is on developing and manufacturing products for the medical, aerospace, military and defense industries. As is a woman-owned small business, ACP Composites qualifies for small-business set-aside programs.

In addition, ACP Composites distributes a wide variety of lightweight composites to customers around the world. Known for its high quality composites, affordability and proven track record of meeting deliveries and productions schedules, ACP Composites is driven to go beyond basic product needs.

ACP Composites follows the simple principle called ‘customer-centric innovation’, helping to create what is best for the customer, not just what is convenient or conventional.

AerialMetric AerialMetric - Full Profile

Topography and aerial imagery in Madagascar, Eastern Africa and Indian Ocean

AeroComposites Innovations - ACInnov AeroComposites Innovations - ACInnov - Full Profile

Aero Composites Innovations is specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of unmanned composite aircrafts from 1.5 to 8 meters wing span.

The specialists’ dynamic team of Aero Composites Innovations thrives to push the traditional boundaries to create unique and innovative aircrafts.

Aero Composites Innovations, thanks to its small structure, offers affordable high quality products with maximal reactivity.

Aerofoundry Aerofoundry - Full Profile

Aerofoundry designs and manufactures Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for advanced air photogrammetry and remote sensing. Aerofoundry's UAV are designed specifically to perform frequent, repetitive missions with long, precise, and stable flight lines, along extended periods of operation. Our UAV can operate in very harsh environmental conditions - humidity, dust, heat -, using unprepared runways, rural roads and compacted soil, following flexible and reliable operational and maintenance procedures. The Yaro SR were developed with the extreme environments of the Brazilian Amazon and Cerrado savannah in mind.

Aerofoundry has three UAV model lines:

1. Hewë: AF-90 and AF-130 (98cm and 130cm wingspan; 6 and 24km telemetry radio link): Kevlar reinforced extruded polystyrene airframe with a 20.1MP calibrated camera.

2. Watupá LE-210 and LEX-300 (210cm and 300cm wingspan), gasoline boxer engine with a very low vibration mounting, carbon/aramide fiber fixed wing, auto takeoff and landing, optional catapult launching, INS/GPS, up to 10 hours flight autonomy, 40km radio link.

3. Yaro SR-450 and SR-650 (450cm and 650cm wingspan) single and twin engine, carbon/aramide fiber and aluminum built, designed for the advanced remote sensing market.

Hewe and Watupá autopilot, INS-GPS and camera controls are developed by us.

We do not have export restrictions.

Aerosight / Invictus US Aerosight / Invictus US - Full Profile

Aerosight Civilian UAS is an Oregon, USA company offering specialized unmanned aircraft and services for the civilian market. By being innovative and forming many alliances and partnerships, we are able to provide the client with customized services and products. Recently our company was chosen to be one of two US distributors for the Infotron IT-180-5 Coaxial helicopter. Our team is unsurpassed in customer service and followup to your needs. We take on the goals of our clients as if they were our own!

AirKraft Productions AirKraft Productions - Full Profile

AirKraft Productions specializes in catering to the motion picture, television, music video, and commercial industries. We also have experience flying for commercial and residential real estate, environmental, search & rescue and action sports applications. With nearly a decade of experience working in film and television production and post production, we can offer our clients, not only aerial services, but full production and post-production, all-in-one solution to produce high end, attention-grabbing media.
If you are interested in purchasing a multirotor platform, we also specialize in custom builds and flight training. We also build our own brushless, direct drive camera gimbal, stabilizer systems, rewind and repair brushless motors for use on camera gimbals of all sizes and custom make our own carbon fiber parts. Virtually anything you may need, we have you covered!


Airshoot technologie is a french blimp manufacturer specialised in hight quality aerial imaging systems.
Our blimp are able to carry heavy load (from 3 to 12 kg) on gyrostabilized gimball.
We export in many countries in Europe, middle east and North America


Construction and production of unmanned vehicles (fixed wing).

C-Astral Aerospace C-Astral Aerospace - Full Profile

C-Astral is an aerospace enterprise and solution provider based in Ajdovscina, Slovenia, the “hub” of advanced aerospace development and integration in this part of the world. The company is one of the market leaders in the small unmanned systems (UAS/UAV) and services field and has a global presence, a robust research and development program and advanced integration/customization capacities. The company, founded in 2005, is built around the fields of expertise and practical experience in aerospace, unmanned systems, electronics and sensor development, aerial based surveying and processing, remote sensing, telecommunications, renewable energy systems and extreme environment autonomous habitats and communications. C-Astral operates a software and hardware laboratory for aerodynamics and systems integration work and a prototyping CAD/CAM workshop facility for composite and metal materials work, modeling and systems integration.

Carbon by Design Carbon by Design - Full Profile

Carbon by Design brings together the experience and skills typically found at large defense primes but with the agility and low overhead operations of a small business. Carbon by Design engineers, managers, and executives have worked on almost every UAV program of significance in the last 15 years. The technical and managerial roles have covered the gauntlet of subsystems from structures to avionics to advanced materials to unmanned vehicle design. Our team member’s process driven approach to development of unmanned structures have proven to be a winning combination for nearly every major defense prime.

Our services include, unmanned systems development, design, and productions capabilities combined with the experience to lead engineering efforts including weight reduction campaigns, aircraft component updates and complete aircraft redesign.

Our manufacturing ecosystems includes the capabilities expected in any established composites facility with the valued added core competencies of additive manufacturing, a substantial CNC machine shop, mechanical assembly, electrical assembly and aircraft flight testing.

CATUAV CATUAV - Full Profile

CATUAV is a private company dedicated to Earth Observation and Remote Sensing using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), also known as drones. Our multidisciplinary and experienced team has developed proprietary technology that has proven their effectiveness and reliability in a wide range of applications. Since 2003 we offer our customers comprehensive and flexible solutions that allow them to get the most out of UAV technology.

composite components composite components - Full Profile

Composite components is a leading edge manufacturer of advanced composite parts for industry, government, small business and research groups.

Our products are currently used in land, sea and air based applications all over the world. Every component made is evaluated individually, the construction and method of construction based on the clients requirements, budget and project application.

We use technical fabrics such as carbon, Kevlar and glass fibres. Closed moulding methods like RTM (resin transfer moulding) and vacuum infusion, oven cured pre-impreganted (pre preg) hand laminating.

Our experience comes from over a decade in the advanced composites industry. Managed by Glen Oldfield, who has worked locally and overseas, gaining experience from world renowned companies such as Jordan Formula 1 (2002) - building the racing car chassis and body parts and McLaren - building components for the all composite SLR Mercedes Mclaren sports car. McLaren were also involved with part production for the Mars explorer 'Beagle 2' spacecraft.

Composite Components is a company dedicated to utilising the best manufacturing standards and technology to create the very best composite part for our customers. We work closely with our clients respecting their need for confidentiality and treat their intellectual property with due sensitivity. We stand behind every part we make and strive to achieve ‘worlds best standard’ in our field.

Eurolink Systems Group Eurolink Systems Group - Full Profile

Eurolink Systems Group has been founded since 1993. His first mission and core business have been and still are the electronic solutions for mission critical applications like, radars, sonars, ECM, SDR systems. Since 2009 the Group diversified his activities in the Unmanned Robotics, also called "DRONES" design, research and development, mainly in micro and mini classes, even if the skills are available for bigger systems.
Today, Eurolink Systems Unmanned Robotic solutions , aerial and ground ones, are used by the Italian Army in operative theaters as well as from Police, Carabinieri and Special Forces.
Eurolink just delivered the first micro tethered/towed VTOL on the market, called COBRA ( ), as well as is offering a wide product portfolio:
UGV: Leopardo A, wheeled light weight mini UGV for urban security and cIED applications;
Leopardo B, wheeled or tracked for cIED applications;
Leopardo BEE.R, tracked for research Labs, Universities and mainly for swarm/authonomous applications;
PRIAMO, soon released....for cIED and Urban security;
Custom robots on request;
UAV-VTOL: X1, rugged light micro VTOL;
EKSI family, 6,6,12: mini VTOL up to 10Kg Payload
UAV-VTOL Wired: Cobra family
Custom VTOL on request;
UAV: Bramor-I : Improved version of the Bramor with 3hrs endurance/30Km LOS <4Kg take off weight;
Maveric: A micro UAV from Prioria Robotics;
Colibrì family: low cost mini UAV for commercial applications
Custom UAV on request;
Trainings, pilots school, simulation, services based on Unmanned Robotics for any field

Event 38 Unmanned Systems Event 38 Unmanned Systems - Full Profile

Event 38 designs and manufactures drones, (unmanned aerial systems), specialized optical sensors, and a precision analytics data platform for small and medium sized businesses. Today we have customers in 49 countries using our products for agriculture, surveying, construction, environmental preservation, and other applications. For more information please contact us at

Flying Tech Flying Tech - Full Profile

Flying Tech is a multirotor specialist based in the UK. We supply, build, manufacture and fly all things multirotor related. Not only do we stock the best multicopter products at a great price, we also offer, 3D printing, laser cutting, vacuum forming and CNC machining services so that you can build the ultimate multirotor! Whether you are just setting out in the hobby, or even if you require a custom build professional spec drone, our experience in the industry makes us well placed to help, so give us a call or send us a message.

MLB Company MLB Company - Full Profile

MLB Company manufactures a range of turn-key UAV systems. We have been selling UAV systems since 1999. Our aircraft are usually sold fully tested and ready to fly but we also perform R&D and build custom UAVs for customers. Our Super Bat UAV weighs 47 lbs and can carry a 7lb payload for 10 hours. Our V-Bat design (available 2015) is a VTOL UAV with 8 hour duration and 8 lb payload capability. MLB also provides UAV flight training, flight services, and filed support. We are located in the heart of Silcon Valley, California and all of our products are made locally.

MooringAerospace MooringAerospace - Full Profile

MooringAerospace develops a wide range of leading edge sUAS and UAS platforms across a broad and diverse customer base. We have platforms suitable for Aerial Photography, Photogrammetry, Aerial Mapping, Real Estate, Agriculture Crop Analysis, Aerial Surveillance, Search and Rescue, Fire and Emergency Services and Law Enforcement. Our Platforms are the marriage of the best commercial and proprietary technologies available today in the sUAS & UAS field. We focus on bringing the best price performance to market for our customers by utilizing a broad partner and IHV ecosystem of products available across the globe by strong Industry leaders. Our sUAS & UAS Systems utilize state of the art Open Source & Commercial Autopilots & Stabilization Solutions provided from a multitude of providers such as 3DR Robotics APM, Paparazzi, Piccolo, Feiyutech, OpenPilot, AutoQuad, Zero UAV, DJI Naza and we utilize and customize many OpenSource GCS solutions from Mission Planner for APM and QGroundControl as well as OpenPilot and uGCS. All our sUAS and UAS Systems come with Telemetry solutions, GCS - Ground Station Command and Control solutions, Integrated IMU and Inertial Navigation, Fly By Wire and Point to Navigation as well as different Sensor solutions packages such as Sonar, Lidar, Optical Flow Sensors, Barometric Sensing, FLIR Day/Night Camera Gimbal Platforms and Multiple GPS options.

MooringAerospace is active with the AUVSI organization as well as AOPA. We are a locally owned company in Washington State and we have over 37 years of Remote Control experience between our team and over 20+ years of computer science and software development and marketing excellence having many of our team leaders coming from Fortune 100 - 500 companies. To learn more give us a call, let us help you along your path to utilizing sUAS and UAS Systems in your industry. Together we can achieve great solutions and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your company.

MTC MTC - Full Profile

For over 35 years MTC has designed, developed, customized and manufactured highly accurate motion control components and sub-systems for our customers in the Aerospace, Defense and Industrial sectors. We have gained unique technical expertise through close collaboration with leading industries. Through our highly-experienced R&D and Engineering divisions, our products continually evolve to meet new challenges faced by our customers.

All MTC products undergo tough environmental and ageing tests to ensure exceptional quality reliability and robustness. MTC is AS9100 Rev C certified, ISO 9001:2008 accredited, conforms to MIL-STD and is a Ship-to-Stock supplier to major customers. MTC is currently pending a NADCAP audit.

MTC develops and customizes Thermal Spray Coatings for the overhaul, enhancement and repair of mechanical components and assemblies.

Complete Solutions Under One Roof from Design through Manufacturing, Reviews and Testing to the Final Product.

PMG Multi Rotors & Gimbals PMG Multi Rotors & Gimbals - Full Profile

*Professional Gimbals and Cine Equipment
*Complete Professional Aerial Platforms
*Aerial Photography and Cinematography Solutions
*Search and Rescue, Police and Fire
*Consultation, Sales and Rentals

PMG is extremely pleased to announce release of a series of octo-copters that blow the competition away.
Our Cinematic Stabilization Drones (UAV’s) can now fly any camera, longer than any other rival boasts for a fraction of the cost.
We also have interchangeable arms and props to customize each bird’s size, flight time, speed and payload.
Our new gimbal, as well, is super lightweight (about 6 lbs.) and can carry almost 20 lbs.
Lastly, we have now released the Tyto M, which is a one-handed gimbal for a smart phone or Go-Pro.

RapidMade Inc. RapidMade Inc. - Full Profile

RapidMade is a 3D Printing, Engineering and Manufacturing company that helps clients create products, accelerate development, reduce costs, improve quality and increase sales.

We excel at rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, product design, low-volume production and tooling, sales and display models, and customized promotional items.

Using 3D scans and CAD files, we custom print parts, prototypes, tools, models and molds, with turnarounds as short as one day.

Unlike traditional manufacturers and online service bureaus, our personalized service and broad range of 3D technologies allow us to be rapid and responsive.

RaptorUAS RaptorUAS - Full Profile

RaptorUAS manufactures unmanned solutions with a strong emphasis on airframe robustness and aerodynamic performance.

Using state of the art composite design and manufacturing techniques we make systems to last harsh field operations, because we think even the best avionics can have a bad day.

Skycam UAV NZ Ltd Skycam UAV NZ Ltd - Full Profile

Established in 1991 Skycam has lead the industry in NZ developing fixed wing RPAS for both domestic and export use. We design, manufacture, maintain and provide support/training on our systems and provide aerial survey services to the commercial market.

TaylorMadeUAS, Inc. TaylorMadeUAS, Inc. - Full Profile

Heavy Lift Helicopter's. TAGUS. Agricultural,Government,Security,Cinema

UAV-Assistance, LLC UAV-Assistance, LLC - Full Profile

UAV-Assistance is a consulting company that provides its customers with 14 years of UAV knowledge, experience and abilities. We offer consulting and temporary services for all aspects of Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) including, Program Guidance, Systems Solutions, Flight Operations Safety, External PIloting and more! In addition, we will adding UAV flight services early summer 2014 !