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4xDrones 4xDrones - Full Profile

MapperR4 is the quad copter for the professional users to carry out the UAV aerial surveying and aerial mapping applications. It provides the reliable, heavy-duties, mobilibility, scaleable, openness and cost effective solutions.

ADVIZOR Solutions ADVIZOR Solutions - Full Profile

ADVIZOR Solutions is unique in offering business analysis software with integrated predictive modeling. Our customers are able to understand their data and analyze information without relying on others to prepare or interpret the results. Let ADVIZOR transform your data to help you track the progress towards your goals. Visit our website today!

AerialMetric AerialMetric - Full Profile

Topography and aerial imagery in Madagascar, Eastern Africa and Indian Ocean

Bionic Eye Bionic Eye - Full Profile


Using our bespoke aerial, ground and cable remote control vehicle technology THE BIONIC EYE undertakes unique 360 degree survey data capture and visual inspection in the most hazardous environments with specialist knowledge of Rail and Construction needs.

THE BIONIC EYE approach avoids costly infrastructure closures, reduces Health and Safety constraints and speeds data gathering with 100% availability surveying.

Combining high definition imagery or cloud point LiDAR capture along with our rail industry knowledge, THE BIONIC EYE’s provides an fully immersive software environment allowing surveyors and contractors unprecedented interaction with the asset be it for visual inspection to BIM integration via our scan-to-BIM solutions.

By combining the best cameras, bespoke rigs and image technology, unmanned vehicles (aerial, cable and ground based) and our own pin point modelling technology we produce 3D visualisations of infrastructure to construction accuracy.

Our approach, our technology and our deliverable to you is unique within the rail industry. Please read our case studies to see examples of how we have worked and/or register to experience BE.3DAM.

As you would expect we are both BNUC and CAA licenses but were invited to work with Network Rail back in mid 2013 to test and develop the use of UAV technology for use within the Rail Sector

CloudVisual CloudVisual - Full Profile

CloudVisual provide CAA Approved Unmanned Drone & UAV Aviation Services for TV, Broadcast and Media.

Drone Research Inc Drone Research Inc - Full Profile

The Mission of

Drone Research Inc. seeks to share knowledge of building and using low-cost unmanned aerial vehicles for conservation,Agriculture,Environmental,Disaster,Search and Rescue-related applications with researchers/Nonprofits worldwide. We will work closely with all groups to help them understand the use of drones for their particular applications. We also work with children with disabilities allowing them a chance to fly and explore without leaving the ground.

Drone1aerialphotography Drone1aerialphotography - Full Profile

Over 25 years experience flying small UAV platforms. I have clients in TV/Movie, Real-Estate, Event Managers, Contractors, Inspectors and many more. Safety is the primary goal and your 100% satisfaction. I can capture video in 4K and produce a final edited product or hand the raw data to you for processing by your in-house staff. I have not had one client in my experience that has not been 100% satisfied.

Galaxy Media Co. Galaxy Media Co. - Full Profile

Galaxy Media Co. is the South Florida and Orlando areas' premier real estate aerial photography and video production company that focuses on enhancing traditional marketing strategies. Our interior and exterior photography, and videos have been proven to attract more customers and increase sales. We utilize HD 4K aerial drones, top of the line cameras and equipment, and will be the one-stop shop for any real estate brokerage, resort, or country club. We have served customers in Miami, Orlando, Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and many more beautiful Florida cities!


JPDrone JPDrone - Full Profile

Lewanui Lewanui - Full Profile

Hawaiian owned and operated UAS firm that operates on the Big Island of Hawaii. Each operator is a high time commercial helicopter pilot each with over 20 years RC experience.


Creating compelling imagery using drone.

Monterey Drone inc. Monterey Drone inc. - Full Profile

FAA Exemption:
Exemption No. 11271
Regulatory Docket No. FAA-2014-0919
Agency: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Parent Agency: Department of Transportation (DOT)

Monterey Drone aerial video platforms are state-of-the-art UAV/Drones and built for hi-resolution video and photography. In the air at 400ft and on the ground at eye level, our aerial platforms and pilots will get the shots you need to promote your business, organization, or event. We have the ability to save your production both time and money.

If you want unique, breath-taking dynamic aerial video and images for your next production or marketing campaign, Monterey Drone can get you what you want. While still being able to deliver shots similar to traditional methods, Monterey Drone can go further to get your shots from angles previously thought impossible. Our innovative technology built into our aerial video platforms provides several advantages over traditional aircraft.

SOAR Oregon SOAR Oregon - Full Profile

SOAR Oregon is a statewide, not for profit Economic Development organization focused on the development of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) industry in Oregon. SOAR Oregon's mission is to foster growth in this rapidly evolving industry, connecting diverse industry sectors such as aviation, advanced manufacturing, high tech, software development, education and more.

Southeast Drone Southeast Drone - Full Profile

We use the most sophisticated radio and gps controlled drones to capture images from eye-level to 400 feet, providing full HD 1080p resolution images and video. Our services are customized to the unique needs of the individual clients. We will work closely with our clients to achieve maximum satisfaction, whatever the occasion may be. We are fully insured and FlySafe certified. Our team at Southeast Drone prides itself on delivering personal professional service. We are efficient, skilled, and reliable.

UAS Unmanned Systems Consulting UAS Unmanned Systems Consulting - Full Profile

UAS Unmanned Systems Consulting (Clearview) is a Philippine-based company that develops, integrates and operates small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) for Aerial Mapping, Aerial Photography and Scientific-related applications.

We also specialize in ‘fixed-wing’ UAV Systems Integration and Support Services for a wide variety of UAV autopilots. Such as MicroPilot MP20xxg, CloudCap Piccolo and Procerus (now Lockheed-Martin) Kestrel autopilot systems. As well as “open-source” autopilots like the ArduPilot Mega and Papparazi autopilots.

First in the Philippines to import and operate the Micropilot “MP-Vision”/”CropCam” Small UAV System (SUAS) – which is capable of on-demand aerial mapping in 2009. We provide support and maintenance services for this platform and other commercial UAV systems to local and regional UAV operators. We have offices and workshops in Makati City. We also provide hands-on UAV flight training in recognized flying locations.

We have offices and workshops in Makati City.

VDOS Global VDOS Global - Full Profile

VDOS Global is a safety focused vertically integrated inspection service company providing the systems, software, personnel, and data for our clients. VDOS Global is the leader for unmanned inspection services and is approved by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in all 50 states. We are actively looking to incorporate generational leaps in systems and software enabling us to automate our processes and help our clients transition into the coming new technologies. VDOS Global LLC was founded in 2011 by CEO Brian Whiteside after a distinguished career in both the military and private aviation industry. The VDOS team travels to locations in the US and abroad to provide strategic UAV support through operations, data collection and consultation. VDOS Global has provided oil and gas inspections, environmental research, aerial surveying and other services using aerial robotics and remote sensing to clients in the Arctic, Middle East, Gulf of Mexico and more. US Headquarters in Oregon with offices in Houston, Lafayette. International Divisions: Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria


WESTEX SKYCAM performs aerial video production via radio controlled aerial vehicle (drone). We work with real estate companies, ranches/farms, provide archeological services, produce promotion videos for all types of commercial businesses. We also conduct cell tower audits and work with insurance companies. We provide full end-to-end production. We hand you a completely finished production—professional editing, background music, logos, etc. We can also provide high quality overhead still images. Videos will be in MP4 video format for immediate viewing via any media viewer. We can provide via USB, dropbox or set you up with youtube channel for linking from your website. We can work directly with your website maintainers if you are using a contracted website development company. We are completely self -contained for onsite production, to include trailering of our own electric cart for transportation, RV trailer and full generator for multi-day filming at remote locations. We can assist in websites for optimal viewing.
See our website and videos at:

X-craft Enterprises X-craft Enterprises - Full Profile

Specialists in custom solutions to difficult challenges. Design, development and operation of robotic craft, launch and recovery systems. X-craft contains a specialist division called X-spex for Advanced Sensor Surveys. Craft designed and built for operational zones from Antarctica to the tropics. Special consideration of environmental and humanitarian missions.