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Antonelli Law Antonelli Law - Full Profile

The Drone/UAS Practice Group at Antonelli Law is a group of attorneys with deep knowledge of law, commerce, and aviation that supports innovative and flexible thinking about the rapidly developing commercial drone/Unmanned Aircraft Systems industry. In addition to our nationwide federal practice, our attorneys are licensed in numerous states from California to New York and many in between.   


Law firm. Focus in law of drones and unmanned vehicles on contracts and export controls/ITAR in international commerce.

Clark & Company - Regulatory Lawyers Clark & Company - Regulatory Lawyers - Full Profile

We provide regulatory advice and assistance in obtaining Special Flight Operation Certificate (SFOC) for commercial operation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). In addition, we provide companies in the aviation sector with commercial and contractual advice as well as transnational legal services.

For over a decade Clark & Company has assisted airlines and tour operators navigate the regulatory waters of civil aviation in Canada. Our experience in overseeing regulatory approvals is unparalleled and we have acted for the majority of the world’s largest airlines. Our firm offers the unique ability to both represent our clients’ legal interests as well as being able to offer commercial insights thanks to our many years of involvement with the aviation industry.

We regularly advise clients on matters of insurance, ownership, and operating procedures which must be satisfied before a regulator issues licenses allowing for commercial services. With respect to drones, our extensive understanding of the regulatory process, including the working structure of Transport Canada, allows us to efficiently represent the interests of our clients pursuing commercial UAV operations and associated licenses.

Drone Solutions Drone Solutions - Full Profile

Drone solutions nace con la finalidad de poder ofrecer soluciones integrales con drones al alcance de todos los públicos, para ello ponemos a vuestra disposición toda nuestra flota de multicopteros, dotados con la última tecnología en vuelo y navegación, equipados con las cámaras y estabilizadores adecuados a cada trabajo.

Entre nuestros clientes podemos encontrar empresas grandes y pequeñas del sector privado como pueden ser inmobiliarias, productoras cinematográficas, fotógrafos, periodistas, agricultores, seguridad privada, construcción de obra pública y privada, peritos….

Empresas públicas como ayuntamientos y organizaciones gubernamentales, servicios de emergencias.

Privados para video y fotografía aérea.

Para las empresas que precisen de un servicio continuado de vuelos, ponemos a vuestra disposición nuestro departamento de I+D que en constante evolución diseña y construye drones adaptados a las necesidades especificas de cada empresa. Realizamos el mantenimiento y nos encargamos de la formación al personal de la empresa en las instalaciones de Drone Solutions o en en sus propias instalaciones. Sin escatimar en seguridad y calidad ofrecemos los mejores precios del mercado.

DroneLaw.Pro DroneLaw.Pro - Full Profile

www.DroneLaw.Pro is the drone website for the professional law firm Traverse Legal, PLC that has been specializing in technology company representation since 1994. Our team of drone attorneys and experienced UAV pilots/industry professional can get you flying fast. DroneLaw.Pro specializes in Section 333 Petitions for Exemption and FAR/AIM Compliance. Traverse Legal has office locations in Traverse City, Michigan, Los Angeles, California, Austin, Texas and Encino, California. The firm also specialize in trademark, copyright, patent, internet, and business law. The lead UAS attorney, Enrico Schaefer, understands UAS technology, software, hardware, navigation, payloads and components, as well as the legal requirements to operate one as determined by the FAA.

Gerber Injury Law Gerber Injury Law - Full Profile

At Gerber Injury Law, we have been successful in recovering more than $45 million in verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients since 2001. With more than 22 years of legal experience, we have proven that we can be trusted to protect the rights of our clients with even the most complex of cases.

Helix - Aerial Drone Videography and Photography Helix - Aerial Drone Videography and Photography - Full Profile

Professional Aerial Drone Photography and Videography Company Service in Southern California, Orange County and Los Angeles County.

Drone services, capture aerial photography, aerial videography, and cinematography for any occasion. From real estate listings to events, HELIX will promise to produce high quality professional work at an affordable, cost-efficient price.

Kenneth J. Allen Law Group Kenneth J. Allen Law Group - Full Profile

Kenneth J. Allen Law Group is a personal injury law firm with offices in Illinois and Indiana. Call today for a consultation and visit our website to learn more about our practice areas.

LaBarge Weinstein LLP LaBarge Weinstein LLP - Full Profile

LaBarge Weinstein LLP is a leading business law firm that has been successfully operating since 1997. With an emphasis on knowledge-based and technology companies, our areas of practice range from corporate finance to tax planning to mergers and acquisitions. Headquartered in Ottawa, we also have offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Waterloo.

LaBarge Weinstein is positioned to address the unique legal challenges and issues associated with the emerging fields of drones and robotics. Our Unmanned Aerial Systems and Robotics Practice Group provide strategic advice to a growing clientele of drones and robotics manufacturers and service providers. We advise on a variety of issues including pertaining to:

- Flight operation regulation and certification;
- Intellectual property;
- Privacy;
- Export controls; and
- Commercial contracts

Litigation Services Litigation Services - Full Profile

Litigation Services is very unique in its focus on creating exceptional value and cost efficiency through centralized discovery management for complex litigation matters. Litigation Services is a rapidly emerging industry leader, providing services that include: - Document processing - Court reporting - Legal video - Trial services - Complex case management - ESI collection, processing and production - eDiscovery - Transcriptions

Rupprecht Law, P.A. Rupprecht Law, P.A. - Full Profile

Proven Authority on Drone Law.
Drone Analyst, Forbes, Newsweek, Politico, NPR, Marketwatch, The Independent, Motherboard, and many other sources have cited or quoted Jonathan B. Rupprecht on the topic of drone law. His legal analysis of drones has been sought after by major media networks and drone industry specific media. Not only have the networks reached out to him for his analysis, they have cited his legal works when reporting on major drone-related stories.

Proven Commercial Drone Law Experience.
He has successfully obtained 333 exemptions, including closed-set tv/movie filming exemptions, for many of his clients. As of 12/31/2015, Rupprecht Law, P.A. was ranked second in the U.S. by the number of 333 clients. A large majority of “drone law firms” and drone attorneys assisting commercial drone companies lack the experience needed to help you reach your goals.

Proven Manned Aviation Experience.
He is a FAA-certificated commercial pilot with single and multi-engine aircraft ratings and is also a current flight instructor for airplanes and instruments. Other drone law firms implicitly admit they don’t know aviation because they have to hire commercial pilots and flight instructors to help. Why settle for posers when an attorney who is a pilot can help you soar?

Proven Legal Author.
Prior to graduating law school, Jonathan did research on Japan’s integration of unmanned aircraft. From that research, Jonathan authored a book on the law in the United States pertaining to unmanned aircraft called Drones: Their Many Civilian Uses and the U.S. Laws Surrounding Them. This book is currently being used as a textbook at multiple universities around the U.S. as part of their UAS degree programs. He later was an adviser for one of the amicus briefs for the highly publicized Huerta v. Pirker case. The first book led into him being requested to be a co-author on an American Bar Association book, while still in law school, called Unmanned Aircraft in the National Airspace: Critical Issues, Technology, and the Law. Jonathan wrote on administrative law, the FAA rule making process, and the special rule on unmanned aircraft.

Proven Knowledge.
The chapter on the FAA rule-making process for the American Bar Association was instrumental in giving him the foundation to assist in the three Taylor v. FAA cases at the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals challenging the FAA’s drone registration regulations.

Proven Academic Excellence.
Jonathan obtained a Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Magna Cum Laude, and a Juris Doctor from Florida International University School of Law. While in law school, he worked his way through law school by continuing to fly during the day and going to school at night. Jonathan gained valuable courtroom experience from an internship from the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida’s Judge Beatrice Butchko and also Judge Jorge Cueto at the downtown Miami courthouse. He also gained valuable criminal law experience prosecuting cases at the State Attorney’s office in West Palm Beach, FL as a certified legal intern.

SOAR Oregon SOAR Oregon - Full Profile

SOAR Oregon is a statewide, not for profit Economic Development organization focused on the development of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) industry in Oregon. SOAR Oregon's mission is to foster growth in this rapidly evolving industry, connecting diverse industry sectors such as aviation, advanced manufacturing, high tech, software development, education and more.

Taggart, Rimes & Graham, PLLC Taggart, Rimes & Graham, PLLC - Full Profile

The Olive Law Firm The Olive Law Firm - Full Profile

Since 1957, The Olive Law Firm has been dedicated to standing up for victims of negligence and fighting for the rights of all people. Our mission is to win compensation for our clients and improving the public safety of our community. Contact us today for more information.

Varnum LLP Varnum LLP - Full Profile

Weyhrauch Law Group, LLP Weyhrauch Law Group, LLP - Full Profile

Principal and majority owner of WEYHRAUCH LAW GROUP, LLP is Brent S. Weyhrauch who felt compelled by personal experience to provide substantive legal support to the aviation community through personal involvement, transparency, and inspired action. In the span of five years, beginning in September of 2009, WEYHRAUCH LAW GROUP, LLP evolved into a network of individuals with the same passion for legal action that was born out of Mr. Weyhrauch’s involvement with the Human Intervention Motivation Study (HIMS).

It is one of the Law Group’s intentions, among other legal interests, to ensure that pilots entering the HIMS program are afforded proper legal representation –should they so desire– as they apprise themselves of the real opportunity for recovery that the HIMS program can provide. In addition, the Group intends to ensure participants in the HIMS program are able to exercise their right(s) to choose among medical providers, as appropriate, and to do so free from the personal biases of program administrators.