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4xDrones 4xDrones - Full Profile

MapperR4 is the quad copter for the professional users to carry out the UAV aerial surveying and aerial mapping applications. It provides the reliable, heavy-duties, mobilibility, scaleable, openness and cost effective solutions.

Aeromao Inc Aeromao Inc - Full Profile

Aeromao Inc is a well known manufacturer of the fixed wing mapping drones, which are currently being operated in more than 40 countries by many clients including private companies, government institutions, universities and research organizations.

Address : 6033 Shawson Dr Unit 27, Mississauga, ON L5T 1H8, Canada
Phone : +1 647-928-4747

Airborne Robotics GmbH Airborne Robotics GmbH - Full Profile

Developer & Manufacturer of Flying Robots
and Drones for Professional use

Automated flights for film production, industrial applications, photography, measurement and much more

Flying robots are drones used in industrial applications and professional film shoots. They fly pre-programmed routes, saving the pilot a lot of extra work. Automatic flight control is a sensible solution when, for example, identical areas must be regularly inspected from the air to create documentation or measure changes (as in raw materials extraction, agriculture, and environmental applications).

Since 2005, AIRBORNE ROBOTICS has been focused on developing and manufacturing sophisticated flying robots, and today our aircraft are used by a growing number of satisfied customers.

AIRBORNE ROBOTICS drones are delivered worldwide as a complete package, including all the relevant software as well as flight training. The moment one of our customers receives his new AIR6 or AIR8, he can immediately get down to business. The carrier system of an AIR6/8 can accommodate a variety of cameras: Film and photo, thermal imaging cameras, infrared, and diverse measuring sensors for environmental analysis. The system can therefore be adapted to the widest array of applications. Designed as an open platform for developers, specialists from many different fields can program an AIR flying robot for their own purposes and flight jobs, since the interfaces and software are freely accessible.

Bionic Eye Bionic Eye - Full Profile


Using our bespoke aerial, ground and cable remote control vehicle technology THE BIONIC EYE undertakes unique 360 degree survey data capture and visual inspection in the most hazardous environments with specialist knowledge of Rail and Construction needs.

THE BIONIC EYE approach avoids costly infrastructure closures, reduces Health and Safety constraints and speeds data gathering with 100% availability surveying.

Combining high definition imagery or cloud point LiDAR capture along with our rail industry knowledge, THE BIONIC EYE’s provides an fully immersive software environment allowing surveyors and contractors unprecedented interaction with the asset be it for visual inspection to BIM integration via our scan-to-BIM solutions.

By combining the best cameras, bespoke rigs and image technology, unmanned vehicles (aerial, cable and ground based) and our own pin point modelling technology we produce 3D visualisations of infrastructure to construction accuracy.

Our approach, our technology and our deliverable to you is unique within the rail industry. Please read our case studies to see examples of how we have worked and/or register to experience BE.3DAM.

As you would expect we are both BNUC and CAA licenses but were invited to work with Network Rail back in mid 2013 to test and develop the use of UAV technology for use within the Rail Sector

Bulldog Aerials Bulldog Aerials - Full Profile

Bulldog Aerials specializes in aerial cinematography/photography for real estate, school campuses, golf courses and landscape. My 15 years of experience in network news gives me the advantage of know what broadcast and viewers are looking for in your videos.

dolph dolph - Full Profile

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Drone1aerialphotography Drone1aerialphotography - Full Profile

Over 25 years experience flying small UAV platforms. I have clients in TV/Movie, Real-Estate, Event Managers, Contractors, Inspectors and many more. Safety is the primary goal and your 100% satisfaction. I can capture video in 4K and produce a final edited product or hand the raw data to you for processing by your in-house staff. I have not had one client in my experience that has not been 100% satisfied. - Full Profile

At we review drones for specific needs to make it easier for new drones flyers to cut through the jargon and understand which drones to buy.

EZDrone EZDrone - Full Profile is a RC Multi-Rotor Drone Company. Whether you want professional aerial photography/video or you're a hobbyist, we're the company for you!!!
We are drone people. We are here to utilize this innovative technology to provide the highest caliber service for all your multi-rotor drone needs.
Description is a commercial and hobby drone company. We bring you the highest quality and most popular multirotors on the market today.

We offer professional aerial photography and video for all types of needs. We can promote your real estate, help you get that great action sports shot or you may just want unique shots for a wedding. Whatever your needs are, we can accommodate. Visit our website at for contact information.

Also, we are a multirotor dealer, assembler, programmer, and calibrator. We do the hard stuff so you just fly. If you want to be the one behind the camera, we can set you up with anything to suit your needs. Whether you are just starting out or looking for a high-end professional rig, we have you covered.

Visit today for more information!

Flow Motion Aerials Flow Motion Aerials - Full Profile

Flow Motion Aerials is an expert aerial photography and cinematography production company. We have mastered the technical skills and film knowledge necessary to capture the previously unachievable shots.

We offer Aerial Photography, Aerial Cinematography, Full Video Production and Industrial Drone Services.

Flyby Photography Flyby Photography - Full Profile

​Flyby Photography is based in Ashford, Kent, operating throughout the UK, and provides stunning 4K broadcast quality aerial filming and Stills offering a new perspective on your project.

We specialize in TV & Promotional Filming, and have a list of prestige clients, we come as a dual operator crew, with one pilot flying the craft, and the other solely focusing on controlling the camera gimbal for more accurate and cinematic shots.

We also offer services for the Insurance and Construction industries, including aerial asset inspections- a state of the art safe, and cost effective access solution., Site progress photography as well as site mapping.

Please go to to find out more

Flytem Flytem - Full Profile

Flytem est un service d'imagerie aérienne par drone. En simplifiant l'accès aux photos et vidéos aériennes nous mettons en valeur votre société, espace ou événement grâce à nos solutions drone photo et drone vidéo HD et en 4K.

Galaxy Media Co. Galaxy Media Co. - Full Profile

Galaxy Media Co. is the South Florida and Orlando areas' premier real estate aerial photography and video production company that focuses on enhancing traditional marketing strategies. Our interior and exterior photography, and videos have been proven to attract more customers and increase sales. We utilize HD 4K aerial drones, top of the line cameras and equipment, and will be the one-stop shop for any real estate brokerage, resort, or country club. We have served customers in Miami, Orlando, Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and many more beautiful Florida cities!

JPDrone JPDrone - Full Profile

Kinex Media Kinex Media - Full Profile

Kinex Media is a professional name in Toronto's top web design list as we have partnered with world leading brands Our highly engaging web developments can boost the rate of conversion and enhance your business visibility, productivity and sales.

Address: 25 Watline Ave #302, Mississauga, ON L4Z 2Z1, Canada

Phone:+1 416-907-4030

Lewanui Lewanui - Full Profile

Hawaiian owned and operated UAS firm that operates on the Big Island of Hawaii. Each operator is a high time commercial helicopter pilot each with over 20 years RC experience.

Lumenier Lumenier - Full Profile

Lumenier was announced in June of 2013. The Company consolidates all of the high-end FPV products produced by FPV Manuals LLC including the QAV400, QAV500, and QAV540G fpv airframes. FPV Manuals was created as a blog to consolidate fpv information and manuals. Out of the passion for FPV the first fpvmanuals products were designed and brought to market. With the creation of Lumenier, we will consolidate these products under the Lumenier brand and are going to release many more innovative fpv products in the coming months from motors to cameras, lipos, accessories, airframes, and a lot more.


Creating compelling imagery using drone.

Monterey Drone inc. Monterey Drone inc. - Full Profile

FAA Exemption:
Exemption No. 11271
Regulatory Docket No. FAA-2014-0919
Agency: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Parent Agency: Department of Transportation (DOT)

Monterey Drone aerial video platforms are state-of-the-art UAV/Drones and built for hi-resolution video and photography. In the air at 400ft and on the ground at eye level, our aerial platforms and pilots will get the shots you need to promote your business, organization, or event. We have the ability to save your production both time and money.

If you want unique, breath-taking dynamic aerial video and images for your next production or marketing campaign, Monterey Drone can get you what you want. While still being able to deliver shots similar to traditional methods, Monterey Drone can go further to get your shots from angles previously thought impossible. Our innovative technology built into our aerial video platforms provides several advantages over traditional aircraft.

Prairie Sky UAV, LLC Prairie Sky UAV, LLC - Full Profile

Aerial Imaging and mapping service specializing in Construction & Engineering Projects, Agricultural Applications, Golf Course Mapping & Turf Management, Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Lake Property, Insurance Claims Documentation, 2D & 3D Mapping, Promotional, Advertising & Marketing Items, and more. Contact us today for more information. At Prairie Sky UAV, we are your Aerial Imaging Experts.

Resource Group Unmanned Aviation Services (UAS) Resource Group Unmanned Aviation Services (UAS) - Full Profile

Resource Group's Unmanned Aviation Services (UAS) division has been accredited by UK CAA as a National Qualified Entity (Small Unmanned Aircraft) - NQE (SUA). This approval permits us to assess for pilot competency and verify that organisations meet the UK CAA requirement for Permissions For Aerial Work (PFAW).

We are proud to announce a new initiative in Remote Pilot Aircraft Systems (RPAS) training. The Remote Pilot Qualification-programme (RPQ-p) is designed to reduce those risks inherent in operating RPAS to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP). This is achieved by providing Remote Pilots with the Airmanship skills, the underpinning knowledge, the procedures and processes required in operating any RPAS (regardless of its weight classification) in todays’ demanding operating environment, with a magnitude of differing requirements, in testing situations and potentially against considerable resource constraints. All courses within the RPQ Programme are developed and taught by professional, specialist RPAS instructors with extensive experience of emergency service, security, military and commercial operations.

We offer market leading training provision and service delivery to the RPAS industry in both the military and commercial sector. We utilise state of the art technology including a portfolio of RPAS platforms and simulation technologies to deliver the effect our customers require. Our staff have many years of experience operating RPAS platforms both in emergency service, security, civilian and military arenas. Harnessing this experience has allowed us to offer manufacturer and bespoke training development to meet a specific customer requirement and all training is developed within an ISO 9001 framework and in accordance with the Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT).

Resource Group UAS have the ability to deliver optimum training and service delivery solutions that give our customers the edge in a competitive world.

Royal Mail Tracking Royal Mail Tracking - Full Profile

Welcome to Royal Mail TrackingTracking Track Royal Mail TrackingCouriers & Parcels By Entering the Royal Mail TrackingTracking Number Track Royal Mail TrackingCourier Online
Royal Mail TrackingCourier Features Features
Security :- Security accessed by Royal Mail Trackinghas a very good security and the information of each and every customer will be kept very personally.By the Royal Mail Tracking will also verifies the customer identity so that they are genuine or not. The company accepts only genuine customers.
Manage Notifications :- You can easily manage the notification by using the Royal Mail . So that you will get the notifications directly to you. Based on your choice the notification can be send to mobile and email.
Track and Trace :- Royal Mail Trackinghas a track and trace facility in which the customer will know the delivery status of the package. So it will send the tracked information to the customer.
Re delivery Facility : If there is nobody to receive the package at the location specified by the customer. Then the Royal Mail Trackingwill take the responsibility to redeliver the shipment to the desired location safely.
Best Customer Care support :- Royal Mail Trackingprovides good customer support so that they will know each and everything very clearly.The customer care is available 24 by 7 to help the customers.

senord senord - Full Profile

Everything looks better when they are viewed from the top. It is going to provide a different perspective – one that people could not normally have when they see a place personally. With this, at Senord, we are offering our expertise in aerial photography. Whether it is for boat photography or video drone, you can trust us! Our guarantee is to provide you with stunning shots that you can use to promote your business or for whatever purpose it may serve. We are focused on real estate photography. With our photography services, your satisfaction is guaranteed!


Indoor/ Outdoor HD video / HD still photography.
Company Overview
SKY VIEW HSV can meet all your indoor / outdoors aerial video/image needs.
Getting into places where it’s virtually impossible or even to dangerous to go and seeing everything live or recording it in HD video or even take HD still image.

Marinas / Leisure facilities
Use the perfect photograph or video to sell your service and attract new business, with impressive photographs, great overviews of the entire marina. Bring that classy Riviera feel to your advertising.
...See More
General Information
SKY VIEW HSV can meet all your indoor / outdoors aerial video/image needs.
Getting into places where it’s virtually impossible or even to dangerous to go and seeing everything live or recording it in HD video or even take HD still image.

Skycam UAV NZ Ltd Skycam UAV NZ Ltd - Full Profile

Established in 1991 Skycam has lead the industry in NZ developing fixed wing RPAS for both domestic and export use. We design, manufacture, maintain and provide support/training on our systems and provide aerial survey services to the commercial market.