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2015-05-22 19:12:49
Berkeley, CA
Supplier Quality Engineer @ 3D Robotics
About 3D Robotics:
We're North America's largest personal drone company, known for pioneering advanced and easy-to-use consumer drone technology, and for the Pixhawk, the world's most popular autopilot platform. We're also an all-around awesome, super exciting place to work. Help us define the next wave of flying machines! These products are totally changing the way we see our world, understand our environment, and get things done. THIS IS ONE OF THE COOLEST THINGS HAPPENING ON THE PLANET RIGHT NOW - JOIN US! ALL CAPS!

Yes, this is a position in a startup!
We're well funded, and we can pay you. But if the two main priorities in your life are inherent security and the ability to rely on things planned months ahead, please stop reading this now and do something else. If curiosity, resilience and clear sense of individual responsibility get you going, please continue reading. You'll find and we expect a sense of truthfulness (towards oneself, each other and reality, learned the hard way), being demanding (is this the best you can do?) as well as extensiveness (have fun really grasping things in their entirety).

The Role:
In this role you'll have a lot of autonomy and control over how you execute on this project. You will own supply quality engineering from the time products are in development through final production. Also, you get to work on flying robots! What's not to love about that? We're one of the biggest drone manufacturers in the world and we're growing fast. We're setting up our supply chain for high quality consumer products at high volume using tier 1 contract manufacturers, whom you'll partner with daily.

You Will:
* Own product quality
* Help to evaluate potential suppliers
* Understand current supplier readiness

Our Ideal Candidate Has:
* A depth of understanding of quality engineering. For us this means at least 2+ years of Supplier Quality Engineering experience.
* The ability to evaluate product and production quality and work with the factory for improvement.
* The ability to work closely with our services team to understand customer product issues and work quickly to resolve them.
* Ability and willingness to travel internationally as needed.

Bonus Points For:
* 5+ years of experience in developing quality plans, designing test methods and gauges, validating test methods and gauges, and driving corrective actions and failure analysis efforts required.
* Knowledge of quality and reliability concepts, supplier management, and general manufacturing operations. An area of expertise such as a specific process, material or industry is key to show depth of knowledge base.
* Project management experience and a solid understanding of problem solving tools including design of experiments, root cause analysis and statistical process control principles preferred.
* Experience with any of the following: mechanical enclosures, castings, plastic parts, injection molding, tooling, jigs, fixtures, or automotive high volume quality manufacturing engineering.
* Ability to act on real-time market quality data from our customer service team and quickly drive improvements in our factories in Asia
* Ability to produce quality plans and work with our suppliers to roll them in
* BSME, or similar. MBA is a +.

Why you should work here:
* We'll trust you to do things right.
* You'd be getting in early in a company going through a massive inflection point.
* You'll feel satisfied that you're creating something that people love.
* We are working on something awesome! Join us!
* We'll pay you a competitive salary plus equity, along with all the traditional benefits and some not-so-traditional ones, like a vacation policy that's on the honor system.

How To Apply:
* The Sourcery will be the first point of contact.
* All applications receive a response.
* All applications are kept strictly confidential.
* To apply, visit:
2014-06-22 22:56:18
Chandler, AZ
DJI Phantom 2 FPV LCD system with Premade cables for Plug N Play
Want to be able to frame your shot from your DJI Phantom or Multicopter? Here's a full high end package that will get you going and provided everything you need to see what you're filming. Don't mix this up with the GoPro wifi video transfer that have seconds of delay, this will give you live view. This 400mw transmitter and upgraded cloverleaf antenna will give you up to1.5 miles of distance.


High performance 7" LCD for FPV flying with dual diversity receiver built in for portability. Including 3 piece solid plastic hood attached to monitor for sturdy performance.

* Built in battery 3s 1100 (included)
* Light weight (350grams)
* High resolution
* HDMI input
* Matte screen with sunshade offer the brightest and highest picture quality
* No blue screen if signal intermittent

1x 7" monitor
1x 3s 1100mah battery
1x 400mw FlySight TX5802 transmitter (up to safely2 mile range)
3x NEW style CloverLeaf antenna, allow a 360degree of signal coverage (2x receive, 1x transmitter)
2x stock antenna
1x shade hood
1x PSU (charge for the monitor)
RCA cable and power in and out cable.
1x GoPro 3 USB cable to output video into transmitter
1x LCD bracket mount with extension for Phantom TX. (Silver color)
2014-05-11 15:37:40
Denver, CO
World's Cost Effective UAV Technology for Multi-Role Energy Projects
ShadowAir Ltd. focused on providing state-of-the-art leasing, sales, consulting and operational services regarding airborne Image Defined Measurement and Signature Intelligence (IDMASINT) & Intelligence / Surveillance / Reconnaissance (ISR) platforms.

We integrate equipment to provide turnkey asset systems including aircraft, storage, transportation and communication systems to each Customer and Client. Our particular area of expertise is utilization of manned and dual mode Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in engine-off glider mode for highly covert surveillance and interdiction missions.

Very discreet missions can be made (in engine-off "glider mode") as our 5-second engine re-start capability and electric backup propulsion system provide ample safety margins for silent glider ops. We maximize and capitalize upon the element of surprise to provide a better, safer and more cost-effective solution to address airborne IDMASINT, ISR, and weaponized interdiction needs.

One very unique feature of our aircraft is that they can be quickly disassembled, shipped or airlifted via standard container, and rapidly redeployed at destination.

Our group includes other highly experienced personnel with similar military and law enforcement backgrounds. We have direct access to a pool of former/retired SOG, military and law enforcement professionals who are available for deployment worldwide.

The group provides leasing, sales, consulting and operational services for state-of-the-art Image Defined Measurement And Signature Intelligence (IDMASINT) and Intelligence / Surveillance / Reconnaissance (ISR) assets.

Our 2 Manned and "Dual-Mode" Aircraft Systems Include:

1- ShadowAir Observer:

The ShadowAir Observer comes equipped with a dual-sensor, belly-mounted, stabilized camera system that is easily removed for mounting on other fleet aircraft. Observer can be equipped with microwave, Wi-Fi, or SatCom links. Observer is ideal for those budget-conscious airborne law enforcement agencies and news media networks seeking to cut expenses or replace an aging aircraft fleet.

2- ShadowAir Talon:

The ShadowAir Talon is a "Dual-Mode" aircraft system capable of manned or Optionally-Pilot Vehicle (OPV) & Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) flight.Talon comes equipped with hard points that can carry two 60Kg loads. Talon is equipped with state-of-the-art sensor packages designed to meet all mission requirements. It is the platform of choice for clients who require persistent situational awareness for maritime and border patrolling or military missions.

The HAVOC System:

HAVOC is a turnkey system comprised of three ShadowAir Talon UAVs and one Ground Control Station (GCS). HAVOC is designed to meet the need for persistent situational awareness along a border, above an ocean or overhead a battlefield. HAVOC can be upgraded for conducting conventional or asymmetrical threat interdiction missions.

The GCS can be upgraded to withstand repeated assaults from RPGs, LAAWS rockets, C4 Plastic Explosives, 50 pounds of military-grade TNT and .50 caliber armor-piercing rounds.

The WAASS Technology (Wide Area Aerial Surveillance Systems):

We offer special WAASS (Wide Area Aerial Surveillance System) cameras for each base airframe: the S10-VT and S6-RT.

WAASS coverage area: Single Band EO Day-time Operations = 25 square miles for tracking people and 36 square miles for tracking vehicles. Dual-Band EO/MWIR Night-time Operations = 4 square miles coverage.

WAASS pixel resolution: Day-time = 192 megapixel, 1 image per second, orthorectifed and time-stamped recording for real-time and forensic analysis. Dual-Band Day & Night Operations = 16-64 megapixel MWIR and 88 megapixel EO Visible (Monochrome) resolution.

Level 1 overnight analysis provides complete subject tracking info. Level II analysis (1-3 days) determines subject's contacts and provides tracking information regarding all parties concerned. Level III Network Analysis (1 Week) provides complete tracking information regarding the subject and all associates recorded during the entire time period of the aerial surveillance coverage.

We design for your success!

Our Special Services Division (SSD) provides covert air/ground surveillance teams for deployment worldwide. SSD also acts as liaison for executive protection and transportation services furnished by our select group of service providers.

ShadowAir can provide complete Security & Surveillance to Nuclear Power Plants, Refineries, Atomic Reactors Sites, Gas Pipelines and many other Sensitive Areas for Civilian & Borders Intelligence as well as Environmental Monitoring, Patrolling, Research, Development & Geographical Mapping are most prominent expertise of us.

Our motto perhaps says it best of all: "To Protect & Serve From Above". We will deliver, what we commit !

Please request for complete brochures if you are interested in our Joint-Venture / Partnership Offers for all Oil & Gas Operations regarding Leakage Detection, Pipelines Surveillance, Monitoring, Anti-Poaching, Wildlife Conservation, etc.

Umer Manzoor
V.P. Business Development

ShadowAir LTD.
Airborne ISR Solutions
300 Center Street, Suite G-214
Superior, CO 80027

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+1-303-731-3092 (Direct)
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