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2015-02-17 11:27:06
Niceville, FL
Weather for UAV Pilots
Weather for UAV Pilots is an introductory weather course for model aircraft/small unmanned aircraft pilots and operators. It is based on the same content and methodology used for students attempting to obtain their private pilot's license. The course, however, has been tailored to meet the unique flying environment small UAVs will most likely encounter in visual range operations.

Weather for UAV Pilots is ideal for anyone new to model aircraft and UAVs. It is particularly beneficial to hobbyists that do not fly in conjunction with a flying club as well as civil and commercial operators who do not require licensing or a specified education. For those students with a licensing requirement, this course may be used as a preparatory course or as a study aid in conjunction with their approved materials.

The cost of the course is $60 , but we offering a 10% discount through the end of February (Use discount code: bd3zl5v9).

A free trial is also available with signup. A full syllabus (without signup is available at
2015-02-11 15:08:08
Barcelona, CT
UAV remote sensing course
One week course about state of the art remote sensing techniques using UAV aerial images. A broad board of top level UAV professionals and researchers has been invited to share their knowledge and experience on a wide variety of topics related with UAV technology and remote sensing.
The theory will be combined with real case studios related with precision agriculture, sea monitoring, energy efficiency and environmental studies, explained by the professionals that carried them.
Furthermore, during the full week, a parallel practical UAV mission will be carried out in order to give to the students a representative real case view of all topics discussed. This will include UAV flights, orthophoto generation and image post-processing with remote sensing techniques.

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