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2014-07-11 05:36:07
Chuuk, FM
Advanced Imaging Systems, Small Form Factor
We sell, design, develop, manufacture the most advanced digital imaging systems on the market today. Systems cover from UV to LWIR(200nm to 14um). Custom digital imaging sensors, cameras, & camera lenses designed and built to your application requirements, including Military & Space standards. Multi-Spectral, Hyper-Spectral, Visible/SWIR, Extended SWIR, MWIR, LWIR, SWIR/LWIR Fusion, High Dynamic Range CMOS sensors, Low Light CMOS Sensors, High Speed CMOS Sensors & Cameras, 180-220-360 degree continuous imaging, plus many other products & services for OEM's-Engineers-Systems Integrators. No Gimble systems for Sense & Avoid.

Contact: Kevin Busto~Vega
Vega Technology Group LLC
1967 E Maple St, #315
North Canton, Ohio 44720