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From: embra

Date: 2015-10-14 06:30:18

Heavy lifter 8X drone for aerial cinematography cameras and lenses

we have up for sale a heavy lifter drone specifically made to lift heavy cinema cameras and lenses.
It's a very hot deal.
The drone was built by our company Aeroriprese to satisfy a particular production that was later cancelled.
Our company, based in the north of Italy, specializes in aerial work since 2005. At first we used helicams moving on in the later years to drones. Through the years we gained a great, and professional, experience in design, built and maintenence of drones having been employed also as drone thecnical support on many movie productions.
The drone we are selling and each of its components are absolutely brand new and they only passed a very succesful first flight test. The design has been based on the particular need of a very reliable machine having a great redundancy for heavy payloads. The components selection has been based on this requirement.
The motors, the ESCs and the power distribution system have been oversized to allow the flight also in high temperature climate conditions with no worry of components overheat.
It is equipped with 8 motors from T-Motor, model U7 and T-Motor 18 inch propellers.
The ESCs are Hobbywing FLYFUN 100A - High Voltage 432hz refresh rate. During construction we performed a strict selection of the best ESC to be employed, doing also bench tests
to best suit the U7 motors. The Hobbywing emploied are quite big and expensive ESCs but they demonstrated to be the best choiche having realibilty as main focus.
This is probably the best machine out there able to handle great and continuous power demands with great redundancy.
During the flight test we even did a lift power test performing a takeoff with the autopilot set to “manual” and we got a very good demonstration of payload capability having a lift off at about ¼ of gas.
Since we are quite busy on other projects our intention is to sell this machine to someone, operator or technician, that would take care of installing his own radio and camera gimbal and that should take care of dialing in the autopilot parameters for his particular needs to make it opartive. For this reason our moderate request is € 5.800 + shipment and it regards only part of the costs of components and materials that we invested in the project.

We are also offering a brusheless camera gimbal that is perfect for the Red Epic or similar cameras.
Even the gimbal is brand new and was never installed, in this sale the gimbal request is € 900 and it comes with accessories even for hand held use (see picture).

Some thecnical details:
- CNC cut 4mm, 3mm and 2,5mm thick carbon fiber frame with spacers and arms in anodized alluminium
- Foldable arms for easy transport (just remove 4 srews)
- Double led lighting on every arm (see photo)
- Led lighting activated from Rc
- DJI retractable landing gear
- n. 8 T-Motor U7 brushless motors
- n. 8 ESC Hobbywing FLYFUN - 100A - HV
- DJI Wookong M autopilot
- Very high power distribution board with 4 indipendent battery inputs having 8sqmm gauge wires
and XT150 connectros
- DJI Mini IOSD telemetry module
- Swithes and fuse pannels for service electronics
- Antyvibration camera plate
- At request JR DSM R1221 2.4, 12 Ch, for JR users
- Alluminium stand for servicing and transport
We are based in the north of Italy.


For any further details and requests please contact us at the address:
Or you can contact: +39 - 334 3901001

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