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UAV Trade Shows

  • Over the past few months we have been approached regarding new trade shows that might be launched in 2015. These trade shows are in response to the growing dissatisfaction with AUVSI and their perceived (real or otherwise) focus on the large industrial wing of the commercial UAV industry.

    The US commercial UAV industry appears to finally be ready for a show that focuses on the entire customer/supply chain. These trade shows would connect end customers (plant owners, real estate firms etc) with commercial UAV operators, and the commercial UAV operators with suppliers. This changes the focus of the show from a supply side (MFG heavy) to a customer side (consumer heavy). If one of these new trade show operators can pull this off it would provide the industry with the boost that it needs to get to the next level.

    These new trade shows are all focused on the fast moving high tech sector that is developing the next generation of commercial UAV’s so there would be new, innovative, affordable products on display for the sector.


    We encourage anyone who is interested in learning more to drop us a comment here or to email us for more information. UAS Career Central is dedicated to helping grow the US commercial UAV industry and any chance we have to help one of these shows grow is a benefit to the entire sector. 

    2014-12-02 12:38:35 | Comments (1)

Comments (1)

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