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Drones and Commercial Construction

  • I was speaking with an old friend and colleague over at Construction Executive Magazine and we got onto the topic of drones to help improve efficiency and safety in the commercial construction industry. His magazine has written a few drone articles over the past year and will be doing updates in 2015 so if you have any comments or thoughts regarding the use of drones in the construction/industrial sector please let us know (in the comment section below).

    His information/thoughts to date:

    ·     UAV’s for construction are in the early adopter phase

    ·       Drones are being used to provide real time reconnaissance and surveillance from the jobs site

    ·       Data is delivered currently as High Definition (HD) video, Still Images, and Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) to create 3D models.

    When the data is collected it is superimposed over existing plans and surveys (as well as over each other) to provide construction managers with:

    ·       Information to identify changes

    ·       Provide evidence

    ·       Proactively prevent mistakes/issues

    ·       Communicate more effectively in real time

    ·       Track and report cost, time and energy saving

    While these drone applications will help improve the construction industry the real saving will come from lower costs for maintenance/repair and increased safety for industry professionals.



    A quick view of our online directory showed that most of the service providers were more focused on industrial inspection rather than construction monitoring. As someone who came out of the industrial and construction data industries I can tell you that the demand for uav services for the construction industry will be exponential once it is allowed. The name of the game in construction is to transfer risk. By using drones the industry can minimize risk across all parties; owners, architects, GC’s, subcontractors and manufacturers. 

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