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The New Commercial Drone Associations

  • Over the past few weeks we have been in touch with more and more people who are looking for a new voice for the commercial UAV industry. We have been in touch with several groups looking to raise awareness regarding the benefits of commercial UAV's (and the jobs they would create) so we thought we would pass that along.

    The most encompassing of these is the Drone Pilots Association ( They were founded in mid 2014 and already have over 1500 registered members. Their focus to date has been on clarifying the legal status of commercial UAV operations. 

    "The DPA's mission is to be a single entity that represents the interests of all small commercial and non-hobbyist drone pilots. There are several entities that represent specific sectors of commercial drone operations. The intent of the DPA is to represent all of those sectors, regardless of the type of commercial or non-hobbyist operations."

    So if you are a commercial UAV firm looking to be updated on the latest legal status we would recommend you join them (there was no charge as of the time of this note). 

    The 2nd industry advocacy group is the UAV Systems Association (UAVSA.ORG). They are a broad industry group as well but with a focus on the film and real estate industry. Their background and expertise is coming more from the tech and demand side (film). They state their goals as. 

    Promote, protect and commercialize the safe operation of UAV’s, provide UAV pilot-owners with important flight information and build a National UAV registry of pilots and aircraft. Additionally, UAVSA will provide an electronic system that will protect UAV pilot-owners, the civilian population and private property.”

    The 3rd group is the United States Association of Aerial Videographers (UAVUS.ORG). This group is focused specifically on Aerial Filming for commercial applications (Movies, TV, Commercials, Real Estate etc.). They have a similar mission as the others 

    Our mission is to foster safe use of airways by small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) to create a vibrant economic opportunity by responsibly using sUAS for videography, photography, and other individual civilian uses without violating or infringing on the safety and privacy rights of others.

    We have spoken with each group and they each have their merits. As an industry resource UAS Career Central is neutral and works with all of these associations on some level. We just wanted to make you aware of their existence and to encourage our US based members to reach out and see how these commercial UAV associations can work for you.  The goal for all of us is to create UAV jobs and grow the commercial UAV industry. 




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