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Where are the UAV jobs?

  • I get calls about 3 to 4 times a month from people looking for work in the UAS / UAV industry. The question is always the same "Where are the UAV jobs?". At this point hiring for new UAV jobs is at a standstill in the USA but those that are hiring are in two areas.

    The first group that is hiring is tied to the old line military suppliers looking for people. I would not classify what they are doing as commercial but I thought we should mention it anyway as it is employment. It is still the same series of skill sets you would employ for pure commercial operations. 

    The second area that has some life is in software development for control systems. This appears to be tied to the need for better flight contols and data processing for safer, more efficient operations. Even in this area the hiring is limited at this time with fewer than 10 positions at any one time. The real growth right now is in people deciding they are going to start and grow their own businesses and then using their personal network to supplement the skills they need. The US commercial UAS / UAV industry is about to undergo a period of rapid growth in self funded companies, much like the computer industry in the early 1980's before the consolidation. 

    That said we do have quite a few companies that look through our resume database but don’t post jobs yet. From my talks with these employers they are getting ready for the day when the industry has more clarity and they decide to invest in growth. So for now our advice to those looking in the USA is to do two things. First, post a resume in our employment section as companies are looking even if they aren’t posting and second, post a classified in our classifieds with your offering (skills etc) as there are people looking for project based help.

    UAS Career Central is in the process of building out a project based tool to connect people so we have identified the need to help fill those UAV jobs as they come up.


    We look forward to hearing from you as to where you see the UAV jobs. So drop us a note with any comments or thoughts. 


    2014-09-16 10:58:52 | Comments (1)

Comments (1)

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